October 10, 2015

There’s No Doubt, Socialists and Marxists Created America’s Unions

Posted on October 19, 2010 by in Articles

While engaging in a few recent pre-midterm election Twitter/Facebook skirmishes, I pointed out that American labor unions aren’t American in origin at all. The concept of labor unions was imported from Germany, via socialists and Marxists over 100 years ago. Whenever you assert this truth in the presence of American leftists, you will likely encounter the familiar unionist apologist caterwaul, “American unions aren’t socialist, they’re here to protect the workers!” I suppose their sideways admission is that socialism doesn’t actually help workers. However, the eagerness to which they enjoin a fight with someone who is critical of labor unions makes me believe the charge hits too close to home,  but maybe they’re simply ignorant.

My eyes were opened to this issue when I read a book a few years ago titled, “The Double Edge of Labor’s Sword; Discussion and Testimony on Socialism and Trade-Unionism Before the Commission on Industrial Relations“. This book was originally published by the Socialist Party in Chicago (of course) in 1914, and was co-authored by Morris Hillquit (founder and leader of the Socialist Party of America), Samuel Gompers (Marxist and founder of the AFL, now known as the AFL-CIO, which, according to their website, represents 15 million American union workers – the largest collective of unionists in America), and Max Hayes (union activist, and socialist politician). These weren’t men whose socialist and Marxist leanings would be the least bit ambiguous.

After reading the bios of this trio and their collaborative work embedded below, the only people who could claim American unions don’t owe their former and current station to socialist and Marxist ideology, are flirting with the limits of ingenuousness. The following book is the compiled testimony from the 3 authors before the Commission on Industrial Relations, a commission set up to assuage the public after unionists began wreaking havoc across America with bombings, riots, and other violence.

It’s plainly laid out for you, America. These men who created the unions weren’t hiding their anti-American, collectivist worldview. They were open about it. Unions are indeed socialist vehicles, imported from Germany to pollute our continent. This book should be required reading in school, but as a warning, and definitely not as a guide. Enjoy your read, kids!

america 1914: testimony on socialism and trade-unionism – commission on industrial relations

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