August 29, 2015

Huffington Post and Bill Maher Attack Herman Cain… In Error

Posted on October 24, 2011 by in Articles

The Huffington Post, and the Politically Inept… oops… I mean, er… Incorrect, Bill Maher, both attacked Herman Cain’s intelligence regarding Cain’s statement that he’d sign a constitutional amendment to make abortion illegal if he were President.

While the President doesn’t have a constitutional role in amending the Constitution, former Presidents, starting with Johnson, ironically, a Democrat, started signing constitutional amendments ceremonially. From the National Archives, the entity responsible for administering the ratification process:

In recent history, the signing of the certification has become a ceremonial function attended by various dignitaries, which may include the President. President Johnson signed the certifications for the 24th and 25th Amendments as a witness, and President Nixon similarly witnessed the certification of the 26th Amendment along with three young scholars. On May 18, 1992, the Archivist performed the duties of the certifying official for the first time to recognize the ratification of the 27th Amendment, and the Director of the Federal Register signed the certification as a witness.

Someone might wanna clue-in these errant leftists. A lot of us 53%’ers actually know the history of how things work here in America.

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