October 10, 2015

Updated – Occupy Wall Street: “Improve your station by demanding the property of others!”

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Some misguided people are now trying to claim that the Teaparty movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement have a lot in common, or are similar.

This assertion is absurd.

The Marxist “occupation” (apropos name for a collectivist movement) was organized and funded by hardcore leftist organizations and international socialists. The Teaparty movement, that I helped start, was grassroots, and we didn’t take outside money. Hell, I don’t even know the Koch brothers. Additionally, it’s been 2.5 years since the Teaparty movement started and no Teapartiers have ever been arrested at a Teaparty event, unlike this Marxist “occupation” movement, where thousands have already been arrested in just a couple weeks.

It was reported that big labor and its money is also in the game:

In just the last week several large labor groups have officially announced their support for the occupation. The NYC Transit Workers Union, with nearly 40,000 members, voted to back the protesters on September 28. And the SEIU’s massive 32BJ union, which claims to represent over 120,000 property service workers, recently decided to use an upcoming rally to show “solidarity” with the Wall Street occupiers.

The International World Workers union is also endorsing this action (Read more about the criminal, treasonous, and subversive history of this organization here in an earlier piece of mine).

This occupation on Wall Street calls into question the very foundation in which the capitalist system is based, and its relentless desire to place profit over and above all else.

Throughout the world, from Egypt to Greece, from China to Madison, Wisconsin, working class people are starting to rise up. The IWW welcomes this. We see the occupation of Wall Street as another step – no matter how large or small – in this process.

And now the illegal hacker group “Anonymous” has vowed to attack the New York Stock Exchange to support the Marxist occupiers.

The group posted a video message on YouTube declaring war on the world’s largest stock exchange in retaliation for the mass arrests of Wall Street protesters, and posted a link to the video on one of several Anonymous Twitter feeds.

International socialists, felonious union organizations, and hackers? Is that the best you can do, Marxist occupiers? Probably. I know, it sucks to be you.

See the occupiers’ list of idiotic Marxist “demands” here (Which they’ve since amended, stating that it isn’t an “official” list of demands – now that they’ve been blasted by every rational non-Marxist on the planet. But from all the other groups and individuals involved, you can easily see that these things are what they really want). $20 minimum wage? Forgiveness of all debt? Free (read: financed by those who actually produce in this country) college for everyone, a living wage regardless of employment, etc… all Marxist tropes.

Leftists in America (you remember Obama’s buddy Van Jones, right?) are referring to this as the “American Fall” (fall of America? ironical or intentional?) playing off the name given to the Arab Spring uprisings earlier this year. And who started the Arab Spring uprising? Marxists and socialists. Read my earlier piece on that here.

Don’t waste your time lecturing us on the similarities between our grassroots Teaparty movement and these Marxist fools, who are bought and paid for by international socialists and union goons. If these leftist demands were met, you’d see the insolvency of America in relatively short order. However, the Teaparty has been pushing for fiscal responsibility since day one.

I can break down the difference in ideology like this:
#TEAPARTY: Improve your station by hard work and perseverance.
#OCCUPYWALLSTREET: Improve your station by demanding the property of others.

Not AT ALL the same as the Teaparty movement, so spare me, and the rest of the country, your ignorant indignation if we thumb our noses at this very anti-American occupation.

UPDATE: Here are the Marxist, socialist, and trade unionist organizations that the occupiers are proud to be protesting with (hardly the 99% – more like 1%):

  • United NY
  • Strong Economy for All Coalition
  • Working Families Party
  • TWU Local 100
  • SEIU 1199
  • CWA 1109
  • Communications Workers of America
  • CWA Local 1180
  • United Auto Workers
  • United Federation of Teachers
  • Professional Staff Congress – CUNY
  • National Nurses United
  • Writers Guild East


  • Community Voices Heard
  • Alliance for Quality Education
  • New York Communities for Change
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP)
  • The Job Party
  • NYC Coalition for Educational Justice
  • The Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center
  • The New Deal for New York Campaign
  • National People’s Action
  • Human Services Council
  • Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State
  • Citizen Action of NY
  • MoveOn.org
  • Common Cause NY
  • New Bottom Line
  • 350.org
  • Tenants & Neighbors
  • Democracy for NYC
  • Resource Generation
  • Tenants PAC
  • Teachers Unite

From New Zeal:

Videos Exposing How ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Was Organized From Day One by SEIU/ACORN Front – The Working Family Party, and How They All Tie to the Obama Administration, DNC, Democratic Socialists of America, Tides and George Soros

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