August 30, 2015

George Zimmerman Is An Hispanic Democrat? Does Spike Lee Know? #TeamDueProcess Does And We Don’t Care

Posted on March 25, 2012 by in Articles

Please tell Spike Lee, a black Democrat, and the other leftists who’ve been trying to paint George Zimmerman as a racist white Republican, that Zimmerman’s an Hispanic Democrat. Spike Lee is the irresponsible celeb who shared Zimmerman’s address on Twitter, twice. Inciting lynch mob violence, Shelton (Shelton is Spike’s real name, btw)?

The news shares Zimmerman’s political affiliation:

Here’s a couple screenshots of the bigotry and tyranny being sent Zimmerman’s way (for more that we tagged and retweeted see this, or search the #TeamDueProcess hashtag on Twitter):

We federalists and conservatives will continue to defend George Zimmerman’s right to Due Process. The irony here is that my political brethren are defending one minority’s constitutional rights from another minority’s lynch mob mentality. The latter of which, the GOP freed from slavery 150 years ago! An interesting, but telling aside, is that zero democrats voted for the 14th Amendment back then. Today, there’s no major outcry of support for Zimmerman’s constitutional rights from the left. Let that fully sink in. It’s as if things haven’t changed at all in 150 years within the Democrats’ ranks. Please don’t lynch that Hispanic, Democrats!

Here’s what’s most important: my side are so passionate about American liberty, that we’ll staunchly defend the constitutional rights of those who don’t share our political ideology. We believe that Due Process is greater than tyranny and lynch mobs. Not much has changed for us in the last 150 years either.

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