October 9, 2015

SKDKnickerbocker’s O-Bots : Jill Zuckman and Rachel Racusen

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Clearly, Rachel Racusen, in pink, is the typical 99%'er.

Apparently, for some, the collusion between high powered PR firm SKDKnickerbocker and the Obama White House still hasn’t been illustrated clearly enough. Cause, y’know, Hilary Rosen’s 35 trips to the White House, or Fluke’s connection, prove nothing, apparently.

Well. Okay then.

Funnily enough, TWO of SKDKnickerbocker’s higher-ups have been members of Obama’s federal government. The first is journalist sell-out Jill Zuckman, who took a communications director role with the Department of Transportation (DOT) under Ray LaHood back in 2009. The second is Rachel Racusen, who was the mouthpiece of FEMA under Obama for the last couple of years.

Now color me silly if it makes sense that having two people high up in your executive structure who used to work for the current administration means something, but I might just be old-fashioned. Who knows?

Jill Zuckman

Zuckman is an interesting case, in that it appears she was actually a journalist who believed in trying to be objective for much of her career. From covering Capitol Hill to being ride-along reporter for John McCain’s campaign in 2008, and all points in-between, Zuckman seemed to have forged a reputation for herself of being that rarest of creatures in the media anymore: a non-biased reporter.

In this 2009 post from Politico, Zuckman talks about her decision to take a job with Obama’s DOT, and acknowledged how the move would make people perceive her:

That’s included some friends saying that they now know where she stands politically.  But Zuckman, a registered independent, said that when beginning a job search last month, she “did not set out to go in the administration.” With critics throwing around the “in-the-tank” label, Zuckman noted that when she covered McCain in 2008, “lots of people were convinced I was a Republican.” And it’s harder to make the claim about Zuckman when even the McCain press team talked up her fairness, while granting her Palin’s first newspaper interview.

Unfortunately for Zuckman, it doesn’t appear that her rationalization worked for most, with even crazy leftist blogger Wonkette questioning her motives.  And this blog post gives a rare insight into Zuckman’s time at the DOT, showing the former reporter to be full of snark when dealing with her former colleagues:

Now this gets interesting. Halsey actually included the email from Jill Zuckman, the Director of Public Affairs at the Department of Transportation, who wrote to Halsey: So, we put out actual news yesterday, and you decide to a) not show up, b) not call, and c) focus on the non-news. Very odd.

Curious way for a Director of Public Affairs to communicate, but again, maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

While she was able to play up the objective idea for awhile, it appears, by Zuckman’s own words herself, that she’s all-in for Obama now. With Zuckman active on Twitter, a few fun ones popped out in The Graph’s research.  See for yourself :

Tis funny, that the once self-described “independent” now seems all-in for Obama. Perhaps most telling is the tweet you see featured to the left about going on Mr. “Tingles Up My Leg for Obama” Chris Matthews’ show to talk about “birth control and the highway bill.” Because, curiously enough, Zuckman’s colleague, Emily Lenzner, has close ties to George Stephanopoulos, who most now believe was responsible for firing the first shot in the Left’s manufactured “War On Women” meme. Must be some kind of strange alignment of circumstances that made that happen!

Now, on to Zuckman’s colleague, the aforementioned Racusen.

Rachel Racusen 


Listed as a Vice-President on SKDKnickerbocker’s website, Racusen is a capitol hill insider. Working on the Hill since ’06, Racusen topped off her time by being the Director of Public Affairs for FEMA under Obama, and had to deal with Hurricane Irene, the Texas wildfires and a bevy of other incidents.

While most of search results come back from her time at FEMA, a few interesting bio’s of her pop up as well. In this bio, it makes note of the fact that she “developed and executed the press and communication strategies for key pieces of legislation…including the  Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act…(and) the historic health reform law signed by President Obama in early 2010. ”

Oh really?

This bio notes much of the same information as the one above, with one fun little addition:

“She has also done press work on several campaigns, including the Obama presidential campaign, as well as Senate and House races.”

Curiouser and curiouser. The Seal Team Six of Democrat/Lefty messaging has a vice-president that helped develop the messaging for ObamaCare and other silly pieces of legislation, PLUS did work for the Obama campaign before the President was elected?

Nothing to see here folks. These aren’t the Professional Leftists you were looking for who are completely in the tank for the current administration. *waves hand*

Alright. Time for a quick recap. So far, we know one of SKDKnickerbocker’s executive directors, Karen Olick, headed up a fun and shady 501c4 called Americans United for Change, and has been friends with MoveOn.org for quite some time now and other various Leftist causes. Emily Lenzner, as mentioned already, has close connections to George Stephanopoulos and other parts of the Clinton White House machinery still existant today. And now, we have Zuckman and Racusen, who have both worked under the Obama administration.

And we haven’t even gotten to the two managing directors of SKDKnickerbocker who once claimed how proud they were to put an Obama-connected disgraced governor into office!

As Sun-Tzu once said, “Know thy enemy.”

This is WAR!









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