October 6, 2015

Drama Queen Alert: @steviejwest

Posted on August 5, 2012 by in Opinion

Over the past several months, there has been a lot of drama in the conservative circles on Twitter. If I had to pinpoint a timeframe, I’d say it all began when the news of Brett Kimberlin using SWATting and law fare against conservatives broke. You can read up on that story here:  http://theothermccain.com/category/neutral-objective-journalism/the-kimberlin-files/  However, over the past month or so, sh*t has really hit the fan.

A lot of the sh*t being lobbed is aimed at one Brooks Bayne (@brooksbayne), his website, www.thetrenches.us, and his known “associates”. Why? A quick google of this man produces a mixed bag, if you will, of blogs by and about him. What we can gather is that he has been rather consistent with everything he blogs about and tweets about. He assisted in organizing the first Tea Parties and has been extremely vocal for quite some time in defense of America’s founding principles.  Public perception, especially as seen by those who don’t know Brooks or haven’t interacted with him in any way, is that he comes off as “boorish”.  But that’s hardly an excuse for intentional smears and defamation of him, his endeavors, and his associates.

People are out there in the twitter-verse ‘taking sides’, ‘defending’ so-and-so, ‘threatening’, ‘smearing’, etc.,  As for me, I am on the side of American Liberty, I am defending the truth and those so brave as to tell it plainly, threatening no one, and certainly not smearing anyone. It is not my intention to drag anyone’s name through the mud that has been slung from all corners.  But I find it only fair, only appropriate, to make an attempt at clearing up some things that a lot of people seem unaware of or misinformed about.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Mr. Bayne founded this website, but no longer has any affiliation with it whatsoever, save for still being on a rarely-used email group.  He did not ask me to write this. He has never paid me for anything I’ve written, nor has he had a direct hand in any of my content.


Let’s start with the website. Thetrenches.us has been up and running for less than a year.  (I really don’t know exactly for how long. You know, because I’m not involved with it.)  The staff at The Trenches has covered topics ranging from #twittergulag to Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser to exposing some ties that certain people have with certain other radical people. And for the most part, the group received no animosity for their hard work and diligence in holding people accountable.  But when they posted this: http://thetrenches.us/2012/06/breitbarts-last-night-wherein-he-prepared-for-war-in-the-trenches-against-neal-rauhauser/ all Hell seemed to break loose. “Ooh! Did you see that?!” “What do they know about Andrew Breitbart?”  “How DARE they mention Breitbart?!” And so on.  That was the tipping point for a great many conservatives.  This post, not even written by Brooks, ended up pissing a lot of people off. And for what?  The point that was made was that Breitbart, despite everything else on his plate, was ready to combat the crazies behind the SWATtings.

Brooks Bayne, the individual, regardless of where he posts his blogs, has taken a lot of flack for far too long. The first instance that I can remember him taking any major “friendly-fire” for was his article on this site connecting Sandra Fluke to some pretty radical leftists who just happen to be big-time supporter of President Obama, and who also happen to be Jewish. And Socialist.  Some Jews on ‘our side’ took great offense to the fact that there are other Jews out there who support and endorse socialism. And so Brooks became an anti-Semite overnight.  I defended Brooks against those charges, and was subsequently blocked by @keder and @kesgardner, among others, I’m sure.  I thought the conservatives were the tolerant ones? Sadly, Brooks seems to face a barrage of hatred from ‘conservatives’ on an almost daily basis. But when he defends himself, he’s the crazy, irrelevant, Twitter-terrorizing, anti-Semitic asshole.

Everyone associated with Trenches, or anyone who is even considered friendly with them, has been subject to varying forms of harassment, incivility, smears, and vitriol.  Myself included, lately.  I tried to avoid the sh*t-throwing at first. I’d chime in when someone told a blatant lie, but otherwise, focused on my own endeavors.  I even went on a Twitter rant (#flbr) one day calling on ALL PARTIES involved to just walk away. Take a chill pill and call me in the morning, ya know? I have interacted, on and off Twitter, with  several members over at The Trenches, and I am willing to vouch for their credibility and their characters.  And so there came a point in time where I had simply seen enough.

Two people in particular have focused way too much time on smearing Brooks, The Trenches organization, and anyone who dare attempt to stand in the middle: Lee Stranahan (@stranahan) and Stevie J. West (@steviejwest).  Both have gone so far as to to post libelous smears of Greg Howard, a United States Marine veteran, whose life was turned upside down a few years ago by none other than Neal Rauhauser and his ‘beandogs’.

So, why would these two have such animosity for Brooks and his pals?  Well, both are former writers for The Trenches, for starters.  I don’t know much about Lee’s departure, but I’ve heard that it was kind of messy, at least for him.  As for Ms. West’s departure, she wasn’t happy with certain aspects of the organization, but she left on perceived good terms.  She received well-wishes from all of the major writers there.  It has always been The Trenches policy that writers may come and go as they please, barring the sharing of confidential information received during ‘employment’.   Lee is a ‘former’ leftist while Stevie, as far as I know, has always been a conservative.  No connection there.  Maybe there is no connection between the two, and it’s just a coincidence that both have engaged in similar smear tactics after severing ties with The Trenches. We may never know.

Lee’s insidious behavior has been well documented, and you can see it here: http://thetrenches.us/2012/07/the-chronicles-of-strandedhan-part-1-of-n/ and here: http://thetrenches.us/2012/07/the-chronicles-of-strandedhan-part-2-of-infinity-the-dark-side/, so I won’t waste time rehashing that psycho.

For some reason, Ms. West found it necessary to to make it very public about her break-up with The Trenches.  She tweeted it to public domain, and then began to play the victim card for some reason.

Now, Brooks and his pals at The Trenches were all under the impression that the break-up was mutual. She didn’t want to participate with them any longer, and they weren’t going to try to force here to stay.  So, needless to say, they were completely taken aback when they saw her smears, as was I.  I always had viewed her a strong independent woman who would not hesitate to school the Marxist lefties, so this was odd behavior.  She began (as far as I know, this was the beginning) with accusing @foolishreporter of “bringing her kids into it”.  Foolish is a father of one, and is expecting another, so he would know better than to stoop that low, right?  Well, Ms. West is apparently so vain, so obsessed with her own popularity, that she assumed that this was about her, and lashed out because someone was “bringing her kids into it”.

Foolish naturally defended himself, and several others backed him up as well.  But Stevie is unrelenting (just like Lee), and still holds to this day that he started it by even mentioning her kids, nevermind that as a father, he sympathized with her about what she was going through at the time.

Even an innocent observer understood what was going on.

Her attacks and smears have only escalated since. Anytime one of her followers asks, she is happy to drag every single one of these patriots through the mud.  She has even stooped so low as to share a beandog-produced video with her followers, warning them to avoid Greg Howard.  Greg’s only connection to the Trenches is that they have been ardent defenders of him when he is attacked by the Left, and now, even by some on the Right.

What could cause someone to carry such a grudge?  Why the axe to grind, Stevie?  Why do you continue to pursue this sick vendetta of yours?   I asked Stevie to email me her side of the story over a week ago, before I even considered writing this.  To date, she has made no effort to contact me, only to double-down on her malicious smears.  It’s sad, really. I’ve always liked her.  Truly sad.

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  • http://twitter.com/kimvy Kim Roy

    It’s all about the popularity. That’s why we all had the opportunity to witness it. Denounce one side, get in with the other. So very high school.

    As a comparison, see how another person left, I believe, the next day. Quietly and respectfully, like an adult with a different perspective and viewpoint that was no longer shared. However, that generally doesn’t get you to be the center of attention, however fleeting.

    It’s all about the publicity and “getting ahead” (if you believe that twitter popularity is “getting ahead”). BB and gang were just a means to an end.

    And will continue to be so if interest wanes.

    You do realize this posts feeds the beast and will give at least two days of mileage of victimhood?

    Of course, imho.

    • jtownejeff

      I am aware that this is ‘fanning the flame’, so to speak. However, there’s been a lot of misinsformation out there that I fealt needed correction. I am finished with this issue going forward.
      Also, thank you for your comments

      • http://thegraph.com/ Ben Froland

        Great post Jeff. I agree, the falsehoods needed correction for closure. The Trenches and The Graph would like to move on if the other parties will allow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikemadden59 Michael K Madden

    Or you could fund raise playing the victim Whatever…..