September 5, 2015

Conservative Retards

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There are a considerable number of conservatives currently camped out in social media who are painfully slow on the uptake. Before the fauxfended word-police begin chiming in, from


– A person considered to be foolish or socially inept.

Now, with that bit of housekeeping out of the way we can proceed.

After the enormous gains in the 2010 elections and the equally embarrassing showing in the 2012 elections, one would think conservatives would have come away a little wiser. Alas many continue to engage in the same unproductive and unbecoming behavior that gave us progressives like George W. Bush and Barrack Hussein Obama.

I can think of no better example of this than the mindless drones of the Twitter Gulag Defense Network. (#TGDN) These folks aren’t just acting stupid, they’re ENTHUSIASTICALLY stupid. #TGDN is the contrivance of South Carolina lawyer and reprobate (but I repeat myself) Todd Kincannon. This single endeavor is like a diamond with its multitudinous facets of errancy.

Let’s start with the name “Twitter Gulag Defense Network.” The idea is to have conservatives get on lists and follow each other, thereby increasing a person’s follower count and rendering them immune to having their Twitter account suspended. Unfortunately follower count does absolutely NOTHING to prevent being one from being sent to the gulag. Conservatives should know this given the excellent series on #TwitterGulag posted on the Trenches website MONTHS ago.

Gosh. If hashtags, copious amounts of followers, and membership lists don’t prevent one from being sent to the gulag, why would Kincannon create #TGDN? Well, it does make for a spiffy crisis that an unsavory character could use to prop himself up as a savior, n’est-ce pas? Todd is in fact a small, vainglorious individual that constantly craves attention from others.  Now he has it.

And why would so many people follow Todd without questioning his motives or the effectiveness of #TGDN? Clearly we what we have is a cult of personality. Todd is very careful to use his best photo in his avatar, position his motives as pure, and demonize and block anyone who dares to question TGDN. This type of narcissistic and charismatic authority has been well documented by Jerry Wilson’s writings regarding  Ali Akbar. Principles be damned, Todd is exciting, bombastic, and bawdy. A perverse Pied Piper to lead the unquestioning masses.

If anyone would actually take just a moment to scrutinize Mr. Kincannon’s personal behavior I doubt very seriously that he would be selected to shepherd the conservative movement. A quick perusal of his timeline will find it laced with gratuitous profanity and sexual comments. Not that there aren’t plenty of boorish timelines on Twitter, but this just seems to be the tip of the iceberg with Kincannon. The Piper also appears to enjoy sexting young women photos of his “flute.” It doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident either.

Now that Todd has amassed an unthinking horde that would make ACORN proud, he is turning them against anyone he sees as a threat and purging his list of dissenters. Initially his calls were to spam-block the targets that he specified with the intent of sending the offending account to the Twitter gulag. (irony?) More recently in his benevolence he has called to simply block the offending accounts (selected by him of course) rather than spam-block them. How noble.

Ultimately one has to ask, how does any of this activity relating to TGDN help conservatism and promote our founding principles? If #TGDN is trending, does it reduce the deficit? If you block enough liberals or dissenting voices, will it balance the budget? Can you gain enough followers to repeal Obamacare? Can you play enough hashtag games to get the Federal Reserve audited? Of course not. You’re all just fiddling while the Republic burns.

Conservatives need to shed the current neocon paradigm, reconnect with their founding principles, and expand into other outlets to share those principles. They did it briefly in 2010 with the fleeting Tea Party movement and lost it again in 2012 when that movement was co-opted. It’s time to move on from the Tea Party and juvenile Twitter circle-jerks to bigger and better venues.

Unfortunately too many conservatives are back playing hashtag games, idolizing perverts and squelching free speech. None of which will restore the Republic. Retarded.

Personalities vs Facts

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In case you haven’t noticed, butt-hurt people abound online, particularly on Twitter in “conservative” circles. If you haven’t been paying attention, you may be wondering what it is that offends their sensibilities and causes them to lash out en masse. Surely there must be concrete reasons for their collective wrath. Certainly the facts must support their righteous rage. You’d be wrong. Nothing. Just a cult of personality and conflicts with infidels who dare to question their golden calves. Facts be damned. It’s all about the personalities.

I don’t pretend to get along with everyone and let’s face it, why should I or anyone else? What kind of individuals would we be if we all marched in lockstep? If you don’t like someone, fine. If you hate someone’s guts, fine. If you don’t like their modus operandi, fine. You’re free to do your own thing.

Now, if you don’t like them and you want to lie about them, not fine. You want to cherry pick their timeline to fit a particular meme, not fine. You want to make wild accusations and place the onus on them, not fine. You want to use Twitter, your blog or your paid writers to libel them, not fine.

Unfortunately that is precisely what is happening. The fauxfended do not suffer dissent lightly. Once you draw their ire you can expect to be labeled and marginalized in ways that would make Saul Alinsky blush.  “How do I smear thee? Let me count the ways.”

  • Pointing out someone using minority status as a crutch becomes bigotry or anti-Semitism.
  • Question the facts in a shooting and you’re a conspiracy kook.
  • Stating a lawsuit is unproductive means you’re a criminal’s ally.
  • Considering census numbers transforms you into a holocaust denier.
  • Disagreeing with a conservative blogging icon makes you anti-capitalism.

On the flip side, many devotees are so enamored with big name “conservatives” that they’re willing to ignore any facts and rationalize their hero/heroine’s actions. Lie about your involvement in a felony…no problem. Shoot some rape-fetish art…who hasn’t? Hire people to attack other conservatives…completely understandable. These rationalizations are so Clinton-esque it’s downright frightening.

Ultimately, after all the attention that you will have drawn to yourself, they will proclaim that you’re nobody anyway. Really? Because “nobody” has done more for the conservative movement than any of the big name charlatans or their acolytes. That’s a fact. And “nobody” is going to tell you about it in his next post…

Socialist Origins of Labor Day

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Much like Memorial Day, the origins of Labor Day have been lost to most Americans and it is simply another 3-day weekend. This is unfortunate, because there is a great deal to be learned from both in very different ways. While Memorial Day has its origins in the Civil War to honor fallen veterans, Labor Day traces its roots to the progressive-era socialist movement.

Don’t take my word for it. The following video is from last year’s Labor Day broadcast by RTAmerica, a Russian state-sponsored propaganda network. (RT literally stands for Russia Today) The segment features guest Jihan Hafiz, a correspondent for Soros-funded Democracy Now! giving a performance as a faux journalist. It also interviews Sarah Sloan of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a US-based group that promotes the “validity of Marxism and Leninism.”

Obviously they still cling to their “socialism is responsible for the 8 hour work day” nonsense, but you get the point. The holiday didn’t originate to celebrate honest labor, it was created to celebrate socialist labor unions. Note also that uber-leftist Barack Obama isn’t collapsing the country and socializing it fast enough for these folks.

Enjoy your cookout, but be informed and stay vigilant. The collectivists are congregating today as well, and they hunger for power. If you let history fade into obscurity, their movement will continue to gain a foothold.

Those who have been once intoxicated with power and have derived any kind of emolument from it can never willingly abandon it. – Edmund Burke

Back to Basics

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I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine who fancies himself a thoughtful conservative. We were on a boating trip and I was doing my best to avoid politics on a beautiful, sunny day. He was doggedly persistent and I’m not known for a lack of opinion. Now, this particular friend has a tendency to over-analyze a given topic and work himself in circles so I was prepared to try and steer him back. As the discussion got underway, I found that I was indeed prepared to champion America’s first principles. I just didn’t think I would have to defend them from a self-proclaimed conservative at a tiki bar today.

For starters he was starstruck by the perfect hair of the duo of Romney and Ryan. This is fairly typical of most casual conservatives who get into election mode and leave their scruples at the door. I burst his bubble by reminding him of  the tandem’s history with Romneycare, TARP, Auto Bailouts, and Medicare Part D. Hardly conservative positions and hardly an indication that these men were the saviors he felt they were. Of course any criticism of the GOP ticket instantly draws the accusation that I want Obama to win. Hardly. I told him I would certainly vote for the Mormon over the Black Liberation Theologian.

Then he slid a little more to the left and began to talk about the health care legislation that the GOP should pass after repealing Obamacare. He had accepted the liberal premise that there was a health care crisis that must be dealt with at a federal level. I told him when you put out a fire, you don’t replace it with anything else. Just repeal it. This sent him into a tirade about all the poor, unfortunate people of this world that needed our help. Uh oh. He’s really going down the rabbit hole.

He stated that we had a moral obligation to help those less fortunate. As a practicing Christian, I wholeheartedly agreed. Just not via the Federal government. I asked if it was OK that he was holding gun to my head and forcing me to be “charitable.” This caused him great concern and he walked away only to return one drink later with his retort. It was no longer an obligation in his mind, but an “opportunity,” as if that was any more sensible. Things were really starting to slide.

I asked him what authority within the United States Constitution gave Congress the ability to pass such legislation? “General Welfare Clause” he responded. Ugh. Logic right out of a liberal playbook being played by a “conservative.” I tried in vain to explain the enumerated powers of Congress and the role of the General Welfare Clause as a modifier rather than a stand alone power. He responded that he didn’t know what the enumerated powers were. (Facepalm) Maybe I could use another drink myself.

I politely explained the limited powers of the Federal government and how the remainder was left for the states. He was fine with that as long as the Federal government could force the states to “uniformly” implement their own policies. What?!?! “If the Federal government can force the states to all be the same, you lose the ability to vote with your feet” I replied. “That’s not practical” he shrieked. “People can’t just pick up and move!” Of course they can and do. For jobs, relationships, lower taxes, etc… That freedom to escape poor policies and find greener pastures is a hallmark of American Federalism.

Ultimately our wives separated us and we went on with enjoying our day although the conversation continued to bother me. It is clear at this point that the left is winning. They have pounded their message so effectively over the last century that Marxism is now engrained in many facets of society. The uninformed and even the well-intentioned have been indoctrinated. The argument begins at the far left with the liberals and ends up compromised on the not-quite-so-far-left with the neo-conservatives.

We have a lot of work to do just to even begin to reverse this trend. Those who should be our allies are too wrapped up in politics and policies to realize they’ve been compromised. We need a revival of America’s first principles to cleanse its very soul. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get back to basics.

The Aurora Shooting: Tragedy Compounded by Falsehoods

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When I first heard about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado last week, my first thought was to pray for the victims and their families. I could only imagine the pain both physical and emotional for those directly affected. 12 people killed and 58 others wounded. My God. My heartbreak for the people savaged in that theater then turned to anger at the individual who had committed the terrible crime. What kind of disgusting coward does this to innocent men, women and children who went to a movie to see larger than life heroism?

Unfortunately there are a good number of individuals out there who misplace their focus during these trying times. For some it is blind ideological ignorance. They are unwilling to look at facts because it doesn’t support their worldview. For others it is even worse than that. They know what the facts are, but they willfully omit them and/or replace them with their own narrative. This is the crowd that never wants to let a crisis go to waste.

This combination of ignorance and purposeful social engineering immediately fostered numerous falsehoods and factual errors about the shooting. We, as a country, were also robbed of our time to mourn by opportunists pushing their political agendas.

Here are just a few examples of the lies and subterfuge:




Of note, this was the FIRST comment that Morgan had about the tragedy in Aurora. More significantly, he never once offered prayers or condolences for the victims and their families in his timeline. What a parasite. A pompous, preening foreigner taking advantage of our American liberties while seeking to eliminate them. Disgusting.

Then there was this jewel from Larry King:




Sorry Larry. Despicable shooter James Holmes used a Smith and Wesson manufactured AR-15, not a “machine gun.” The Federal government clearly defines machine guns as  being capable of firing fully automatic with a single pull of the trigger. The rifle in question is a simple semi-automatic variety and functions no differently from many hunting rifles, which the AR-15 is for thousands of sportsmen. Pull the trigger once, it shoots once.

The Associated Press, unsurprisingly, continued the amped up rhetoric by referring to the weapon as a semi-automatic “assault rifle.” Much like a machine gun, a true assault rifle must be capable of firing fully automatically. The term comes from the German WWII era Sturmgewehr 44, which literally means Storm(or Assault) Rifle Model of 1944. It was a moniker given to it by Hitler himself and a term leftists continue to demonize firearms with. Unfortunately this is a designation that conservatives allowed to be applied to perfectly legal firearms in various pieces of legislation, such as Bill Clinton’s infamous “Crime Bill,”  so while erroneous,  it is unlikely to go away.

Then we have someone who fancies themselves an expert in body armor:




Actually this is just a regurgitation of a New York Times article. (shocker) The body armor angle is supposed to indicate to supporters of lawful concealed carry that their weapons would have been useless.

First of all, this is pure hogwash. Body armor ranges from soft and lightweight Level II-A up to the extremely bulky Level IV ceramic and ballistic steel plate armor. Armor in many cases is NOT rated for taking multiple strikes and even if the bullet is stopped, the wearer still suffers painful blunt trauma from bullets slamming into their body at over 1000 feet per second. This blunt trauma can include broken bones, internal bleeding and even death. Regardless of the type of armor worn, there are always areas left unprotected such as the head, arms, sides, and legs. A final Achilles Heel for body armor is it’s inability to stop pointed weapons such as knives. No body armor is truly bulletproof.

The above is all moot however, because it doesn’t appear that Holmes was even wearing body armor! It’s now being reported that he purchased “a folding knife and gun magazine pouches including an M-16 magazine pouch and an urban assault vest” online for a grand total of $300. The only “urban assault vest” listed on on the company’s website is this model which has no provisions for body armor at all. If this is truly what Holmes was wearing, it was essentially the vest equivalent of cargo pants.

The company that sold the items is now the victim of threats and further lies:

In the wake of the tragedy, we have done our best to cooperate with the media and law enforcement agencies by passing on any relevant information. We have since been inundated with countless phone calls, emails and interview requests. Much of this communication has been quite hostile and threatening in nature. We have been falsely accused of selling Mr. Holmes firearms and ammunition over the Internet illegally without conducting the mandated background checks. Some members of our customer relations team have been brought to tears by people insisting that we have “blood on our hands.”

All of the deceptions above are bad enough, but adding to the problem are “conservatives” who are unwilling or uninformed and do nothing to combat them. They fall into traps such as “that rifle has no sporting purpose” and proceed to argue in favor of the hunting or target use of the firearm. Others simply want nothing to do with the topics of God, guns or gays as if these shouldn’t be significant positions held by conservatives. Shame on their cowardice.

Get out and proclaim the truth:

  • The police do a fine job, but when seconds count, they will be there in a matter of minutes.
  • It is personal liberty and individual responsibility, including concealed carry, that would lessen tragedies such as Aurora.
  • Increased government regulations are the reason we see more shootings like this, not the solution to avoiding them.
  • The Second Amendment is about keeping government in check and preserving freedom, not hunting and target shooting.
  • Evil people will always exist and use whatever means they can to harm the innocent.

May God comfort those who are suffering in Aurora, Colorado.

Friday Lunch Break Rant (#FLBR) – June 15th, 2012

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You’ll have to begin reading from the bottom. (It is a Twitter timeline after all)

Scott Walker Victorious in Wisconsin: The Takeaway

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Last night my Governor, Scott Walker, made history by becoming the first Governor in U.S. history to survive a recall election. Not only did he survive it, but he amassed even more votes than he did in the 2010 election. To do so in the state that is the birthplace of the progressive movement and hosts the “Fighting Bob Fest” is beyond impressive. Here are the takeaways:

Conservatives need to be fighters and fighters need to be sufficiently ruthless. “Sufficiently ruthless” is a term coined by Green Bay area talk show host Jerry Bader and it refers to having the will to do what is necessary. It doesn’t mean giving up your principles as the left does. Just do whatever you can legally and in good conscience to defeat the failed policies of Marxism/progressivism wherever you find them. Walker didn’t win because of position papers, he won because of the troops who went head to head with the unions and their minions.

The foundation for success hasn’t changed in over 200 years. Scott Walker reaffirmed this when he began his victory speech by thanking God and the Founders. With faith and wisdom like that, how could he loose?

Conservative politicians need to be aggressive. Walker didn’t wait to enact reforms, he immediately began implementing the changes necessary to return fiscal sanity to the state, and power to the taxpayers. But he didn’t stop there. Walker also signed bills protecting the unborn, providing lawful concealed carry, limiting unnecessary lawsuits, and establishing voter ID. Getting this work done early meant taxpayers started to realize the benefits and the left’s machine couldn’t keep enthusiasm up through the recall.

Push leftists to expose their true identities. When they finally reveal themselves it is not pretty and the average citizen will shy away from them. When feeling threatened, the left resorted to outrageous tactics such as interrupting Special Olympics ceremonies and blood drives dressed as zombies, occupying and trashing the Capitol building, fleeing to Illinois, shouting threats at fellow lawmakers, dumping drinks on politicians, and death threats.

The left is emotionally driven and dumb. They started the recall too soon, backed a loser in the primary, ran on nothing, and wasted millions of dollars. Nothing more than spoiled children having an unfocused temper tantrum. How conservatives ever let this minority group of codependent losers ever establish a power base baffles me. Be smart and be victorious.

The forces of collectivism are on the ropes here in Wisconsin and across the country. Let’s use this victory as a training tool and a springboard. Keep the heat on.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Ben Froland Assumes Editorial Duties for The Graph

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Yeah, I know. Who is this guy, where did he come from and why should we care? Well, allow me to regale you with my story.

I’ve always been something of a “gut conservative” but I wasn’t always a fighter. I grew up in a house where the principles of hard work and accountability were taught by my family. My Grandfather served with the 702nd Tank Destroyer Battalion in WWII and my Dad served in the 173rd Airborne in Vietnam. The love of country and sense of duty they instilled in me compelled me to join the Navy’s Attack Squadron 85 just out of high school. Following service I got married, earned two degrees and worked my way from a metal fabrication job, up the corporate ladder through engineering and product management. Despite a successful career and adequate income, we managed to spend more than we earned but saw no red flags because we could afford the payments. My life was paralleling that of our country.

The wheels came off in 2009 after the economy tanked and I lost my job. George W. Bush had “abandoned free market principles to save the free market.” He saved nothing. I collected unemployment for a while, telling myself I was entitled to return to my previous station in life but nothing materialized. I hated feeling like a ward of the state. It robs you of your dignity and your ambition so I took jobs doing whatever could to keep the lights on. I can tell you that working in a home improvement store after managing several hundred-million dollars in product was a very humbling experience and one that would change my life. My limited income became very precious and the excessive spending in Washington by the supposedly thrifty Republicans was really starting to piss me off. Here I was selling off everything I owned just to scrape by while the beltway boys flushed my taxes down the toilet.

With Republicans having lost their way, the country doubled down on stupid and elected a full-blown Marxist in Barack Hussein Obama. His unprecedented spending and pending power grabs through Cap and Trade and Obamacare prompted me and others like me to form a local Tea Party to fight back. I had no money to contribute but I could give time to emcee events, host Constitutional seminars, protest Obama’s visit to Green Bay, and write blog posts for our website. My wife and I wanted desperately to attend the 9/12 march on Washington but we were still penniless. A week before the march, our Tea Party took up a collection to send us to represent our group. We packed up our motorcycle (to save some gas) and made the long ride from Wisconsin to join a million other patriots and fighters.

I returned energized, excited to learn more about our founding principles, and eager to fight. Our Tea Party group helped radically change our representation, ousting numerous progressives and contributing to a paradigm shift nationwide. I began to devour every book I could about the Founders, Federalism, Natural Law, and Conservatism. As I renewed my mind I found that far too many former fighters were quickly being corrupted by the successes of elections, money and popularity. Branding and blog hits had replaced their principles. Rather than continue the fight, they became content to have a seat at the political table, on the radio, on television, or in print.

A few firebrands remained true to their principles. The most famous of course being the late Andrew Breitbart who built his internet empire around those principles coupled with a complete disregard for political correctness and not just a little bombastic showmanship. Sadly much of his empire has begun to atrophy without his drive.

Another rabble-rouser who caught my attention on Twitter was Brooks Bayne. A transplanted, bourbon-drinking, foodie Tennessean living in California following careers as a rocker and a tech entrepreneur is enough to peak anyone’s interest. What really stood out to me however was his biting satire, vast depth of knowledge, calculated feigns, and ardent love of country. I started interacting with Brooks online and determined that in many ways we were kindred spirits. When he launched this very website he asked me to write for it and I gladly accepted.

Never one to sit idle, Brooks recently launched another cutting edge website over at The Trenches. To help offset some of his workload he tapped his pool of writers looking for someone to step up and assume editorial duties here at The Graph. I’m back on my feet with a new job, drinking bourbon and looking for a fight so here I am. If you want PC bullshit with anonymous writers, you’re on the wrong site. The Graph is here to continue its full frontal assault on collectivism with our arsenal of liberty. Buckle up.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Ben Froland

Forget Earth Hour, Celebrate Human Achievement Hour

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Edison and his Light Bulb

This Saturday the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organized “Earth Hour” will take place.  According to WWF their mission is “to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.” And just who is degrading the Earth’s natural environment? WWF claims that it is we developed nations that are responsible through “climate change.” (the artist formerly known as global warming) To raise awareness they would have you turn all of your lights off for an hour to show your solidarity with other enlighted individuals.  WWF proudly recalls previous Earth Hours where “Global landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, CN Tower in Toronto, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Rome’s Colosseum, all stood in darkness, as symbols of hope for a cause that grows more urgent by the hour.”

Les Paul's Electric Guitar

There you have it folks. The greatest joy these green collectivists have is snuffing out the bright lights representing the progress of mankind. Each subsequent generation of people have sought to improve their standard of living and WWF would like to have you sit in the dark. Rolling back the clock on civilization would certainly be harmful to us as Americans and do nothing for the environment.


It is a myth that lesser-developed countries are somehow more “eco-friendly” than prosperous nations such as the United States. If you doubt I’m right, just pick a third world country and see how clean and “green” they are. Their water sources double as their highways, bathtubs, and sewers. Garbage is piled up outside of the home with no sanitation system. (and certainly no recycling program) Raw materials are inefficiently burned in massive quantities to produce modest amounts of heat and energy. In early America the plains Indians would stampede an entire herd of buffalo off of a cliff just to harvest what they could eat before it spoiled.

Jarvik Artificial Heart

It is also a myth that man is the only “animal” that alters its environment. All animals do. Birds build nests, beavers build dams, and whitetail deer shred trees with their antlers for example. For food herbivores devour plants, carnivores devour herbivores, and omnivores consume both. To paraphrase author Christopher Horner, the only animal that doesn’t alter its environment is the winged unicorn.

Wozniak's Apple II Computer

Rather than feel guilty about our wealth and prosperity we should celebrate it. Each year to coincide with Earth Hour, the Competitive Enterprise Institute promotes Human Achievement Hour. They use the same hour to reflect on the great advancement of mankind and enjoy the fruits of free-market success. They invite you to do the same by leaving your heat on, going to see a movie, or having dinner out. All things that undeveloped nations would love to be able to do.

We as Americans should feel particularly proud of the prosperity springing from the freedoms of this great republic. Free enterprise, ingenuity, and hard work have lifted millions up from poverty and created a lifestyle that other countries envy. We are living longer, healthier lives and remaining active throughout them. We’ve explored areas from the bottom of the sea to the surface of the moon itself. We carry the internet and GPS around in our pockets. This is a magnificent time to celebrate the marvels of the age and the country we live in.

Has it been an hour yet? Hello? Guys?

Or you can sit in the dark and hold your breath.

Cairo to Madison (to Rockford?): Egypt-style Revolution in the Midwest?

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We pointed out previously that Wisconsin’s incoming Governor Scott Walker was facing a daunting task in fixing the state’s out of control spending. In addition to lowering taxes and courting new businesses, Walker introduced a budget adjustment bill targeting public union benefits. Highlights include asking union members to contribute 5.8% towards their pension, 12.6% towards their healthcare, and restricts collective bargaining to salary only. This approach helps shore up the budget shortfall while retaining all state workers and avoiding layoffs. The contributions also amount to roughly half of what the average private sector worker contributes.

This didn’t sit well with the public unions, particularly WEAC, the very powerful Wisconsin Education Association Council. Their Madison-area teachers orchestrated a “sick-out” on Wednesday with nearly 40% of them absent, forcing the closing of schools.  Amazingly many of these same teachers showed up at the capitol to protest while they were “sick.” (Can you imagine calling in to work sick and then showing up in front of your place of business to protest your employer?) The “sick-outs” have now extended to Milwaukee and other areas for Thursday and are expected to continue through Friday. This isn’t sitting well with parents, even those who support the teachers’ cause.

Governor Walker had anticipated that the unions’ response would be, let’s say, “vociferous.” He alerted the Wisconsin National Guard to be ready in case things got out of hand. Of course the unions seized on this as an opportunity to demonize both Walker and the National Guard as a dictator with jack-booted storm troopers.

As if blowing off work and abandoning kids wasn’t bad enough, some of the teachers who did show up forced their classes to attend the protests in support. Many of the students had no idea why they were even there.

Unsurprisingly, an angry group of unions and clueless students has also attracted Madison’s local chapter of socialists who are always looking for useful idiots to nudge in the “right” direction. They’re holding  an event next Wednesday titled “From Cairo to Madison” aimed at teaching people to organize against the Republic.

While union members may have congregated in the state capital of Madison to protest, many apparently neglected to vote in Tuesday’s primary election. In the race to replace the conservative Walker as county executive in very liberal Milwaukee County, it was another conservative, State Representative Jeff Stone, who garnered 44 percent of the votes in a 5-way race. He now faces liberal millionaire philanthropist Chris Abele who took in 25 percent of the vote in the general election. In the statewide primary for supreme court, sitting Justice David Prosser, another conservative, also coasted to a win and will square off against Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg.

In a showing of their true colors, the minority senate democrats fled the capital today in an effort to prevent senate quorum. That is, 20 members of the senate must be present to proceed with the proposal and the republicans number 19. The capital police and state troopers were sent to retrieve the AWOL senators but they had fled out of state to Rockford Illinois. It is ironic that a party that sprung a member from jail in an attempt to push through union legislation just last December would find themselves skirting the law to prevent passage of the same. Even more amusing was the fact that this cadre of fiduciary fugitives fled a bastion of liberalism only to be sent packing by Rockford’s Tea Party.

New Tone

As I write this, I am receiving text messages from a state representative that read: “All hell is breaking loose down here! Someone tried to storm the assembly chamber” followed by ” We have huge numbers of officers here helping. We have to be escorted everywhere.” And finally “In this room I am watching history being made. Not just Wisconsin history, this will ripple nationwide and could just change the course of our country.”

He has good reason to be cautious. Unlike the Tea Party movement that has been a model of civil discourse, there have been at least 9 arrests at Wisconsin’s capital. Signs clearly equate Walker to Hitler, Mussolini, and Mubarak and some read “Death to Tyrants.” (with the word ‘political’ scribbled above as an afterthought.) Imagine how the media would react if a Tea Party rally looked like this:

Not everyone came to support the unions though. This young man is dynamite!!!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Governor Walker held a press conference at the end of Thursday to chastise the absent senators and ask them to return to the work the citizens of Wisconsin pay them to perform. He also reemphasized that he was holding firm to his original proposal and would not compromise. If Walker succeeds, he just may spark a grassfire that sweeps across other states strangled by public sector unions. Furthermore, with the unions spending copious amounts of resources defending themselves at the state capital, will they have anything left in the tank for 2012? Buckle up and stay tuned.