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Septic Racism

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Last week thousands of people descended upon the small town of Sanford, FL with marches and rallies and outcries.  People came from all over to express their outrage at the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  Streets were closed, parking lots were over capacity and there were people everywhere.


Today I walked the streets of Sanford. The parking lot that was over capacity last week was virtually empty, as were the businesses and sidewalks.  Very few people walked the streets, shops were empty.  Even the 3 hairdressers and 2 nail shops were empty, no customers at all.  The library, which is usually brimming with people and students afterschool was eerily quiet.  Store owners are saying that business is down.  People have been scared away from Sanford.  Sharpton, with his septic racism comes in, creates havoc and in this case leaves a wasteland, all in a days work.

Today most of the people who were patronizing the shops in downtown Sanford are those that live in Sanford and there were very few of them.  Many of those who do not live in Sanford are choosing to stay away.  I spoke with a group of women who were deciding where to eat lunch.  One of them suggested a restaurant in Sanford, the others quickly dismissed the idea because they were fearful of going to Sanford.  “I’m not going down there, it’s not safe” said one of the women and the others agreed.  A shop owner told me that one of his customers called and cancelled an order because he wouldn’t be able to pick it up and he wasn’t going to send his wife or secretary to Sanford.  He said Sharpton was making things dangerous and that he wouldn’t be back to do business until Sharpton was gone for good.

Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café has become the focus of a channel 13 news story:

Sanford customers canceling reservations to avoid chaos

Owner Theo Hollerbach took to the café’s Facebook page in an attempt to reassure his customers that it is indeed safe for people to patronize his business and also to express dismay at the actions of Sharpton and his call for economic  sanctions and escalation of civil disobedience:

Sharpton has taken his circus traveling.  If his fight is solely with Sanford, why take the show on the road?  What does he hope to gain?  More importantly, why is he not scheduled to come back, especially in the light of recent events?  Last night a 17 year old was shot and an occupied car was riddled with bullets.  A white or silver vehicle was seen leaving the area.  Where is the reward for the capture of those who shot that boy?  Certainly people with knowledge would be more willing to come forward with information for a 10K reward.

What is the difference between this case and the Trayvon Martin case?  A 17 year old was shot, the Sanford police department is investigating and the shooter(s) have not been arrested.  Why is there no outrage that the police, the same ones who are being criticized by the Sharpton/Jackson camp, have not made an arrest.  Not a word has been uttered from the Sharpton or Jackson or any of those who have spoken in outrage at the shooting of Trayvon Martin by a Hispanic, who was first thought to be white and therefore is now being called a “white Hispanic” so as not to make those who mistakenly called him white look bad.    Could it be that it is not known at this time what the race of the boy who was shot is or the race of his attackers?  Does it make a difference?  It does if you are in the Sharpton/Jackson camp and looking to promote your racist agenda.  Trayvon Martin, especially the picture of him as a child, makes the perfect poster boy for their cause and “white” (oops) Hispanic the (almost) perfect scapegoat.  Unknown 17 year old and unknown shooter(s) won’t work.  They can’t be used to promote their racism war.

Sharpton, Jackson and the like are promoting themselves as victims to gain power.  it’s the poor pitiful me syndrome that even the non-black left is buying into because of presumed inequality and everyone has to be exactly equal at all times even if the inequality is fabricated.  They will say what they need to say to spread their hate and gain support.  Sharpton himself contradicted himself at the NAACP rally on Saturday, in one sentence saying that the police arrested Zimmerman and did not charge him and if they don’t charge him soon the time will run out when they can charge him and a short time later stated that Zimmerman was never arrested and that he should be arrested now.  It’s as if he’s making things up as he goes along, to say what he thinks will sway the audience even if it doesn’t make sense or is contradictory.

While the shooting of both Trayvon Martin and the unknown young man are both sad, one was deemed more useful and therefore exploited as an means to an end.  The real tragedy is that people like Sharpton and Jackson continue to use the grief of a family and play upon the sympathies of people for their own selfish reasons.  If it was solely about a boy being shot, then Sharpton would be right back in Sanford claiming outrage at the shooting of the 17 year old boy last night.  The story is really about Sharpton, Jackson and the like and their racist agenda.  As did Hitler did, using the Jews as scapegoats for Germany’s defeat in WWI, Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP  and the New Black Panthers are using the scapegoat George Zimmerman to unite the masses against a common enemy, the whites.  They make it about the Zimmerman who is “white” Hispanic and the white police who aren’t doing anything and all the white politicians and the white laws and they are using the face of a dead young man to do it.  These are hate-filled people care only for themselves and their racist agenda.  The whole thing stinks.  Meanwhile, Sanford remains a no-man’s land, a victim of Sharpton’s septic racism.

Ayers and Dohrn – America’s First Couple of Domestic Terrorism Visits with Occupy

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Like any good generals, it appears that domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn are making the rounds to various Occupy camps, trying to lift flagging spirits, and re-ignite the spark in the dwindling Occupy camps around the country.  On March 30, the Ward and June Cleaver of the Hardcore Left found their way to Union Square in New York City, to give a lovely little chat with the kids there.

With the look of a middle aged woman high on hormones and drugs, Dorhn started off doing a little recruitment for a protest aimed at a NATO summit to be held in Chicago in May.

Go away, you haggard crazy person!

“So we want to come here, and we want you to come there, but at least to tell them that NATO has to dissolve, and is really a threat to the planet,” Dorhn said.

Dohrn launched off into a lovely little tirade against NATO, calling it the “military force of the global one percent”, created only to help the “very rich and plunder the resources of the world.”

Ayers also hinted at the planned demonstration against NATO in May, saying it’s something that people who are organizing with them have trepidation over, considering Chicago’s history with mass demonstrations.

“Bernadine has been talking about, we’re organizing this NATO demonstration in Chicago. One of the things they’re saying is ‘It’s too dangerous. Don’t come.”…All of that is weakness speaking, we have to be clear about that,” Ayers said.

Outside of their shadowy references to their planned NATO demonstration in May, Ayers and Dohrn also touched on a polarizing figure from the recent past, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Wright was President Barack Obama’s pastor in his South Side Chicago church, and came to light when it was discovered the mostly anti-American message Wright preaches from the pulpit.

According to Ayers and Dohrn, a man who screams “GOD DAMN AMERICA” from the pulpit is really a lovely individual, who was simply the target of a (presumably evil) “Texas billionaire”.

“Just take Reverend Jeremiah Wright,” Dohrn said. “An incredible guy.”

“A lovely man,” Ayers chipped in.

“He’s self-educated, has a PhD, written a book, he’s literary, traveled the world, he took his congregation to South Africa to fight apartheid and fight racism at home,” Dohrn continued. “And what happens to him? He has this young couple come to his church, and they get involved in his church…He’s had this absolutely exemplary life. He’s demonized in a nano-second. Boom! Like that. He belonged to a very big community, and he’s a deep and fabulous guy.”

“So invite him to speak,” Dohrn added.

Frighteningly enough, their captive audience lapped all of this up. Ayers took the spotlight for a short time as well, saying that Occupy and the Far Left truly represent the “American Majority”.

“I’m convinced, and have been for a lot of years, and a lot of people, including Bernadine, think I’m delusional. But I’ve always believed we’re in the majority. I’ve always believed that. I think two-thirds of Americans want out of Iraq today, but what are the power ful doing? Talking about bombing Iran. Two-thirds of Americans want us out of Afghanistan, and yet permanent talk of war is everywhere,” he said.

Apparently, the Far Left worldview encompasses every American, according to Ayers.

“We are the majority on the issue of war. On gun violence. We are the majority on queer rights, women’s rights and human rights. We’re in the majority,” he said.

Dohrn chimed in on Ayers point, saying as the Left always does, education (see: indoctrination) is the key.

“I think part of the talking is education. Education lights up the truth, and what Occupy has done, by educating in it’s non-violent, beautiful, imaginative way, is to teach by by shifting the frame, really, by re-imagining what’s possible.”

Whatever she’s on, I want some. Because for anyone who’s followed Occupy closely, “non-violent, beautiful and imaginative” are certainly not terms that come to mind.  This footage from January 28th from Occupy Oakland shows those lovely kids advancing with a homemade barricade towards an unflinching police line. And, as always, it was somehow the police’s fault in that instance.

Or the photo below, of one of the “beautiful and imaginative” Occupiers taking a dump on a police car.

The now famous "Occupooper".

Outside of that bit of delusional perspective, Ayers also exhorted some of the young women who were in attendance to rise to the level of Dohrn, who J. Edgar Hoover once considered the most dangerous woman in the country.

“Which one of you young people will be called the most dangerous woman in America? I hope it’s you!,” he said to the delight of the crowd.

For the sake of brevity, just a few more points on these two and their insanity. At one point, Dohrn touched on the uprisings in Cairo, Egypt, and the focal point of those uprisings, Tahrir Square.

“Your generation has never seen a country with that much power and force, not go down, but at least the head got decapitated, right? A lot of the head got decapitated. That’s by popular power, literally by millions of people (claiming) a public space. And there’s still endless struggle to be had in Egypt, but nonetheless, that was popular power revealing the tremendous rot in the system, and that’s what we have here too.”

Pssst! Bernadine! Ask the Coptic Christians how they’ve liked Egypt since the monster got “beheaded”. Ask the regular citizens how it’s treated them, as even a year later, violence and disruption occurs in that country on a daily basis.

And much like the CrimethInc Anarchists recently argued,  Ayers says the key to Occupiers truly being an effective force is essentially expanding their horizons.

“The question is, ‘What’s the best way?’ No answer. We’ll see what works, but we have to keep trying. The arts opens up the imagination. We have to imagine a world without war, without prisons, without borders. And that’s a hard thing for people to imagine. People have often said we can imagine the end of the world because we’ve seen it on TV and in the movies, but we can’t imagine the end of capitalism. What the fuck would that look like? But, actually, I can imagine. And I want you to imagine it.”

Thanks Papa Ayers and Mama Bernadine, but no thanks. You failed the last time around, and you’ll fail this time around too. But, keep trying, assholes.

We’ll see you there.


Communist Occupiers Make Pretty Posters!

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Ah, the irony. In case you were unaware, Occupiers are planning a May 1st general strike as some sort of action against The Man. You know…May 1st. May Day, or International Workers Day as the communists of old used to call it.  Described as a “a focal point for demonstrations by various socialistcommunist and anarchist groups”, the irony seems lost when you tell Occupiers and their friends that they’re communists or socialists, even though it’s absolutely apparent that is what their movement’s ultimate aim is.

Regardless, as their 99% Spring approaches, it appears our communist friends over at Occupy have been making some totally rad posters for their Commie Day Celebration on May 1.  Here are some of the more fun ones they’ve cooked up so far:

A poster from Seattle for the Occupy Communist's May Day "General Strike"

Some lovely wording there! “Destroy what destroys you. A injury to the exploiters is a victory for all.” Oh, and “Shut down the city. Revolt for a life worth living!” Such shiny, happy thoughts from our “non-violent” friends, the Occupiers.

A totally awesome “SOCIALIST FIST!” dominates this poster, from an artist in Oakland:


I like this one, because they still insist on thinking they represent the 99 Percent. You just passed your sixth-month anniversary, jackasses, and the masses STILL haven’t risen up. But, whatevs. Keep at it I suppose.

Now we get to some fun Leftist academia times! Awhile back there was a pretty concerted effort by various factions within many of the Occupy camps to drop the name “Occupy” and switch to “De-colonize”, a favored term of the radical left, especially when it comes to Latino/Hispanic studies and whatnot.

Nice blood imagery there. Because, y’know, it’s only white Europeans that have ever exploited and killed other peoples for resources and land.

Finally, we have this VERY communist looking poster from Jakarta, India. Instead of a SOCIALIST FIST!, it’s a SOCIALIST FINGER!

Our STERN FINGERS will bring about the revolution! Just you watch!

Oh, Occupiers. People might actually be interested in you just a little bit more if you were honest about what you are, which is some weird blend of anarchist-communist-socialists. Keep up the good work though, I’m sure the masses will FINALLY join up on May 1.




CrimethInc: Anarchist “Ex-Worker” Collective Makes Case for Violence

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Those lovable kids from Occupy Oakland (photo via BusinessInsider.com)

As the weather warms, and the Occupy movement prepares to re-group for their new offensive, the “99 Percent Spring”, the anarchist collective known as CrimethInc posted an article on March 27 arguing that the Occupy movement in the U.S. needs to be willing to expand it’s horizons, if you will, in how it should go about attempting to bring change to the United States.  Titled “The Illegitimacy of Violence, the Violence of Legitimacy“, the post uses the high-minded wordiness typical of anarchists to explain, and then justify, the use of violence in protest movements within the United States.

The unnamed author explains how every relationship of power within American society is “violent”:

This is further complicated by the ways our society is based on and permeated by harm or threat that violates consent. In this sense, isn’t it violent to live on colonized territory, destroying ecosystems through our daily consumption and benefitting from economic relations that are forced on others at gunpoint? Isn’t it violent for armed guards to keep food and land, once a commons shared by all, from those who need them? Is it more violent to resist the police who evict people from their homes, or to stand aside while people are made homeless? Is it more violent to throw tear gas canisters back at police, or to denounce those who throw them back as “violent,” giving police a free hand to do worse?

In this state of affairs, there is no such thing as nonviolence—the closest we can hope to come is to negate the harm or threat posed by the proponents of top-down violence.

Those crazy kids at CrimethInc go on to complain about how the Black Bloc anarchists that made their way into various Occupy camps were made outcasts after a time, thanks to two writers who apparently have some influence within the various activist communities. The one shining light, the unknown author argues, was Occupy Oakland, which embraced a “diversity of tactics”, (that beloved catchphrase of the hardcore Left):

But it often happens that the preconditions for a movement become limitations that it must transcend: Occupy Oakland remained vibrant after other occupations died down because it embraced a diversity of tactics, not despite this. Likewise, if we really want to transform our society, we can’t remain forever within the narrow boundaries of what the authorities deem legitimate: we have to extend the range of what people feel entitled to do.

So what’s the answer for the collectivist anarchists of CrimethInc? Well, it’s not a happy one, even though they use vague terms to describe what they feel needs to happen:

Making nonviolence the central tenet of our movement makes good sense if our long-term goal is not to challenge the fundamental structure of our society…But if we really want to transform our society, we have to transform the discourse of legitimacy, not just position ourselves well within it as it currently exists.

In essence, those whacky anarchists over at CrimethInc are arguing that non-violence only works if one seeks to maintain the current structure and flow of power within our society. If that’s not your goal, if the goal is to tear it all down and build something new, then actions that might be considered violent need to be legitimized, and the only way to make those possibly violent actions legitimate is to change what ARE legitimate forms of resistance within people’s minds.  The reason this is important,  the unnamed author argues, is “that’s the the point of affirming a diversity of tactics: to build a movement that has space for all of us, yet leaves no space for domination and silencing—a “people power” that can both expand and intensify.”

As the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live used to say, “Well isn’t that special?”.





The Death of a Boy Makes Opportunistic Vultures Drool

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The case of Trayvon Martin, a black boy, has made the opportunistic vultures drool. These are the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who never miss an opportunity to take advantage of any situation that may advance their racist cause. To them everything is about race even when it’s not. As soon as they heard about the case of a black boy being killed by a white man (he’s not, he’s Hispanic, but let’s ignore that fact), they descended like vultures.

 The family of Trayvon Martin, with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton moved the location of their news conference from the church in Sanford, FL to a church in Eatonville, FL. All previous meetings and conferences were held at the Allen Chapel AME Church in Sanford or in locations nearby. Why, all of a sudden when Jesse Jackson comes to town does everything move to the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Eatonville? They moved it because location is important. Moving the location of the press conferences from racially diverse Sanford, to majority black Eatonville, one of the first all-black towns to be formed after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, allows them to join together in solidarity as black people. To present a united front as black people and in essence make this about race which was more difficult to do in more diverse Sanford. The plan is simple, rile up the locals, go to Eatonville, get the support of the black community locally and nationally and then bring the race hate back to Sanford. It makes it so much easier to play the race card with the support of the black community. There is no better place to garner support of the black community that than in mostly black Eatonville.

They descended upon the family and dragged them in to the race baiting and into their devious politics because the face of a little black boy is great publicity. Look at how they’ve used it to get the community and the country caught up in their whirlwind. There was not all this rallying and hoopla before Al Sharpton got here. There were no national news outlets, with their big shiny trucks blocking the roads before the vultures came to town.

Hundreds of people lined up in Sanford outside the civic center in the hopes of going inside to speak their minds to the council. There have been other council meetings held prior to the vultures, why now do hundreds wait in line? While hundreds waited in line for the council meeting, hundreds more took to the streets of Sanford with their signs and chants of “No Justice, No Peace” and “We want justice, we want it now” marching in a parade to the rallying point in Ft. Mellon park. Most of the marchers were calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman, with some even calling for his death or injury. Many supported the theory that it was a race related murder. Something must be compelling them to do this.

Of course, the media was there to nibble up every bit of the brouhaha. What makes better news than the martyrdom of a boy? Outside in Ft. Mellon Park, the people gathered and the news crews national, local and independent were mulling around interviewing people. Cameras were everywhere. Many of the national news organizations such as CNN and MSNBC were broadcasting, not from amidst the people, but from a sectioned off area set up just for them. Some of them were even barricaded off from everyone else. They’ve seen it before, send the photographers and videographers in to get some shots and sound bites, but not need to go out and actually talk to people, they already know the story they will present. The only news people out and about among the crowd were local and independent news and citizen journalists. This is why I generally recommend getting your news from local news, they tend to be less agenda oriented.

In racially diverse Sanford, the crowd was primarily black. Though I never felt uncomfortable, I was well aware that I was a small white woman in a big black sea. There were other white people there. Many of the journalists were white, and some of those rallying were white, but the crowd was mostly black. The black community was rallying. Busloads of people from other black communities showed up.

The New Black Panthers were in Sanford too, and they were cordial and respectful when addressed. When we mentioned, “It’s hot out there today,” their leader said, “Issues are hot, police and government are not doing their jobs.” They weren’t nasty or threatening, they did not say anything about “lynching” George Zimmerman. Their words were in contrast to the odd way the Black Panther members stood around their leader in a protective ring. Surely, the negative public sentiment about the Panthers has them on their guard. Even though the Panthers’ verbal statements weren’t threatening, there were chilling elements of the rally due to their actions. As reported at other local Trayvon Martin rallies, the Black Panthers were handing out shocking fliers (below) calling for George Zimmerman to be delivered to them “Dead or Alive” for the “murder-execution” of Trayvon Martin. It was very disheartening to see a modern display of lynch mob mentality, even if the Black Panther lynching threat was limited to a flier.


Here’s the New Black Panther leader I met being interviewed by CNNs Anderson Cooper:

“Bounty Put on Trayvon Martin Shooter”

The rally took on a strange, almost a carnival/party atmosphere. Many of people held colorful signs with pictures and sayings, each one trying to be more creative than the rest. There were skittles galore. There were even a few people in costume. There were large screens which showed the council meeting and later provided everyone a view of the speakers.

I ran in to this gentleman, dressed as a jester, who did not agree with the Black Panther reward. He felt that George Zimmerman should be arrested and go to trial.

It seems a bit odd that the one person who seemed to have a somewhat level head about the whole thing is the one wearing the jester’s hat. Most of the people were buying in to what Jackson and Sharpton were selling. As good little followers should, they were appalled that the police would report information that would make Trayvon look bad, even if it’s true. Jackson and Sharpton worked feverishly to denounce the reports. It is not helpful to their cause for the information that was reported in the Orlando Sentinel which the police released, that says witness statements say that George Zimmerman was heading back to his SUV and that Trayvon attacked him from behind, punching him in the face and breaking his nose, he continued beating on George Zimmerman and had him pinned to the ground. Sharpton, Jackson and the family are upset that reports are coming out that show Trayvon in a negative light. Yet, for days, they complained that the police had no proof that George Zimmerman had acted in self-defense. When the police then reveal the information that they had, Zimmerman’s statement backed up by statements from eye-witnesses, they complain because this information can squash their case. They lose ground in the race baiting they are doing. They don’t even acknowledge that Zimmerman is Hispanic. He is a “white-Hispanic,” whatever that is.

We don’t know if any of the information coming out is true or not, because we were not there. This is why a thorough investigation is necessary and if warranted, a trial – and only if someone is found guilty, punishment. Our society can’t skip ahead to punishment. This is what the 5th Amendment is all about, presumed innocence and due process, gathering the facts before passing judgment. Yet there are those who have already, such as the New Black Panthers, found George Zimmerman guilty of murder without an investigation and without a trial.

#TeamDueProcess Seeks the Truth and Justice For All

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Last night a new hashtag appeared on twitter thanks to @brooksbayne. The hashtag #TeamDueProcess is used to identify those who are seeking vigilante justice and forgoing due process as stated in the 5th amendment.

#TeamDueProcess seeks the truth and justice for all under the law and will not pre-judge either George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin as so many people have been doing. To do so is un-American and goes against the 5th Amendment which calls for due process.
The same lies/misrepresentations have been seen almost word for word in news reports, blogs and social networking sites (twitter, Facebook). I will not pass judgment on either George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin until all the investigations are complete and (if there is one) the outcome of a trial.

Fact or fiction, here’s the truth as I know it so far.

Fiction: Zimmerman was told by a 911 dispatcher to not follow Trayvon Martin, but he continued to pursue the young man.
Fact: The 911 dispatcher DID NOT tell George Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon:
Dispatcher: Are you following him
Zimmerman: Yeah
Dispatcher: We don’t need you to do that.
Dispatcher never told him not to follow Trayvon.
Being told that they don’t need him to follow Trayvon is not the same as telling him not to do it.

Fiction: The Sanford Police department told Trayvon’s parents that George Zimmerman did not have a criminal record.
Fact: Police did not tell Trayvon’s parents he didn’t have a criminal record, they told him Zimmerman described himself as “squeaky clean.” Police admitted Zimmerman had a record.

Fact twisted to mean something more than what it is: Trayvon Martin’s body tested for drugs and alcohol after his death and George Zimmerman was not?
More Important Fact: Trayvon had an autopsy, as is required when someone is shot; drug and alcohol screen is a part of every autopsy. They did not autopsy Zimmerman.

Fact twisted to mean something more than what it is: The police didn’t do a ballistics test on Zimmerman’s hands and weapon.
Clarifying fact: You don’t do ballistics tests on hands, you do gunshot residue. Gunshot residue test shows someone fired a gun and isn’t necessary to do if someone admits to firing a gun. The police know he has gunshot residue on his hands. Zimmerman also admitted to shooting Trayvon, why would ballistics test be necessary? Also, police seized and are in possession of the gun.

Fact twisted to mean something more than what it is: Zimmerman made more than 40 911 calls over the past year and should have been looked at as a red flag. The man was obviously a vigilante just waiting for the right victim.
Clarifying fact: George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch leader, of course he would make 911 calls if, as he made his rounds, he found something suspicious. It also means the area that Zimmerman patrols as part of his neighborhood watch is crime ridden.

Fiction: Investigators failed to look into cellphone records by Martin and Zimmerman, which would have shown them that the shooter’s version of events, etc. were not accurate.
Fact: They did look into the cell phone records. Trayvon’s girlfriend refused to talk to police. Also, they have an eyewitness to the events and others who also heard what was going on.

Unknown by public and used to incite anger: The police department refused to return the Martin family’s phone calls in the three days following their son’s death.
Who said they didn’t? It’s hearsay.

Fiction: The police did not follow protocol.
Fact: The police did follow protocol. The police reacted based on what the witness saw and corroborating physical evidence and 911 calls. This led the police to believe it was self-defense.

A witness stated that he saw Zimmerman on the ground being beaten by a much larger Martin. The witness heard Zimmerman crying for help, but could not help him. Zimmerman had scratches on the back of his head, grass stains on his back and a broken nose. The 911 calls that other’s called in you can hear Zimmerman yelling out for help and Martin’s father admitted that the voice wasn’t Trayvon’s to the police, he has changed his story now.  Friends of Zimmerman say the voice on the 911 tape is clearly Zimmerman.  The police, having evidence to support self-defense could not arrest Zimmerman because of FL statute 776. The police followed their protocol and forwarded the case to the state attorney’s office who is now investigating the case.

These are the things that you shall do: Speak the truth to one another
~ Zechariah 8:16

Al Sharpton and the like are trying to promote their own agenda as well as stir up trouble. This advances their agenda. The New Black Panther’s took it a step even further and called for vigilante justice. Their $10K reward for hunting down and capturing George Zimmerman. Leader Mikhail Muhammad’s statement when asked if he was inciting violence: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” can only mean they support capturing him dead and not alive. This has sparked rage and hatred.

Searching “George Zimmerman” or simply “Zimmerman” on twitter and you will be faced with the most vile, hateful, repulsive statements calling for the hunting and lynching, read dead, of Zimmerman bypassing all due process.
Here are just a few examples (it was not easy finding some that were not too vulgar or loaded with expletives to post here):

And those were the nicer of the ones I found.

The truth will come out, lets pray there is no further violence, brought on by racist hatemongers clamoring to advance their own agendas, before then.

Therefore, having put away falsehood let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor.
~ Ephesians 4:25


George Zimmerman Is An Hispanic Democrat? Does Spike Lee Know? #TeamDueProcess Does And We Don’t Care

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Please tell Spike Lee, a black Democrat, and the other leftists who’ve been trying to paint George Zimmerman as a racist white Republican, that Zimmerman’s an Hispanic Democrat. Spike Lee is the irresponsible celeb who shared Zimmerman’s address on Twitter, twice. Inciting lynch mob violence, Shelton (Shelton is Spike’s real name, btw)?

The news shares Zimmerman’s political affiliation:

Here’s a couple screenshots of the bigotry and tyranny being sent Zimmerman’s way (for more that we tagged and retweeted see this, or search the #TeamDueProcess hashtag on Twitter):

We federalists and conservatives will continue to defend George Zimmerman’s right to Due Process. The irony here is that my political brethren are defending one minority’s constitutional rights from another minority’s lynch mob mentality. The latter of which, the GOP freed from slavery 150 years ago! An interesting, but telling aside, is that zero democrats voted for the 14th Amendment back then. Today, there’s no major outcry of support for Zimmerman’s constitutional rights from the left. Let that fully sink in. It’s as if things haven’t changed at all in 150 years within the Democrats’ ranks. Please don’t lynch that Hispanic, Democrats!

Here’s what’s most important: my side are so passionate about American liberty, that we’ll staunchly defend the constitutional rights of those who don’t share our political ideology. We believe that Due Process is greater than tyranny and lynch mobs. Not much has changed for us in the last 150 years either.

For more on #TeamDueProcess, read this, and this. #TeamDueProcess > #TeamLynchMob

OWS “PR Firm” Started By Convicted Felon Andy Stepanian Threatens And Covers Up Crime

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With Occupy Wall Street celebrating their sixth month “anniversary” during the weekend of Mar. 16-18,  New York City’s occupiers got especially rowdy. Once more, they mostly made asses out of themselves, and ended up being surprised (once again) by the response of the NYPD. Revolution is a rough game, kids, and you really are lucky you’re trying to play here, in this country, than many other places on Earth where you’d all be riddled with bullets by now.

But I digress.

During the chaos that OWS managed to incite on Saturday night, one protestor was supposedly roughed up by the NYPD and subjected to all sorts of awful horrors. Unfortunately, for those who do a little digging,  Cecily McMillan’s story doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny. However, for once, at least some part of the Occupy team realized the control and flow of information might be an important thing.

Sparrow Media Project (@SparrowMedia) labels itself as “Publicity, PR, and creative direction for grassroots activists. We amplify marginalized voices”, on it’s Twitter profile. Over the weekend, those silly kids at Sparrow realized trying to push McMillan’s story (at least the way they wanted it pushed), would require a fine control of the information being sent out by the hundreds of protestors and thousands of Internet users following the action.

First off, Sparrow suggests the “correct” angle of McMillan’s altercation, and also suggests any non-approved footage be removed immediately:

After that, Sparrow then scolds fellow uploaders about the importance of “security culture” (a favored term of the Anarchist left):

An interesting conversation captured there at the bottom, as well.

Sparrow’s intervention here shows that OWS is certainly hardening up to be a movement of the hardcore political Left. Andy Stepanian, a member of the Sparrow team, is relatively well-known to both the professional activist Left, and to the law as a convicted felon.  Being the featured speaker at an event titled “Subverting Capitalism, Activism and the Media”,  along with being a member of yet another Leftist, “unjustly accused” and imprisoned “number” group (the SHAC 7), Stepanian’s lefty credentials are legitimate. And now, it appears he looks to be taking on the role of Spin Doctor for OWS as their spring “campaign” ramps up.

Here's Andy (front left) in federal prison showing us the "peace" sign - since he's so into peace, love and harmony.

Let this be of note. They realize that those who disagree with them in every manner possible monitor them relentlessly. Stepanian seemingly knows, at least, that the flow of information has to be closely guarded and filtered in order to create the proper narrative for the flagging movement, the correct sense of victimization and feigned righteous indignation to keep them moving forward. Andy’s even threaten to “dox” Brooks Bayne (screenshot below), the founder/editor of The Graph, and he even hints at potential violence. The term dox is typically used to describe criminal means to obtain and post personally identifiable information (PII) about people on the Internet. This would include things like a person’s home address, work address, credit card information, phone number, etc. However, dox information can also be “exploited by criminals to stalk or steal the identity of a person, or to plan a person’s murder or robbery, among other crimes.

Convicted felon, Andrew Stepanian, threatens Brooks Bayne. Probably not the best way to start off your PR business.

They’re getting more savvy. But…that’s alright. Even with an increased awareness of their image, the six months they’ve spent damaging it in fits of pique and rage means most people are already turned off to their message.  But, as we’ve seen before and saw again this weekend, that disconnect with the people they’re trying to influence has never seemingly mattered, a strange phenomena within the group as a whole.

Regardless, we will need to keep a closer eye on them than ever before, to make sure that the most complete picture of this “American Spring” is captured and shared with the world at large.

Good luck with that PR business, Andy. Looks like you’ll need a lot of it!

Leftist Matt Yglesias Wants More Tax Cuts… Not Really, But Girls Obviously Dislike Him

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Apparently, Matt Yglesias likes being “particularly rude” to women, who, in turn, throw their drinks in his face. I like how Matt consoles himself by holding a tiny tree branch in the aftermath, because he’s very much into eco-friendly “policy”, like high gas taxes. In fairness, Matt says he really is this sweaty in response to the girl.

Just a couple weeks after Slate hack Matt Yglesias wrote, “Obama really has hurt the oil industry by declining to approve  the Keystone XL pipeline…” (albeit, ruining his statement by following it with the idea that we need higher gas taxes), he started talking about general tax cuts, and zero interest rates today:

My theory is that if we’d acted more forcefully with tax cuts and aid to state and local governments while holding interest rates at zero, households and governments would have bought more stuff and firms would have invested more (buying more delivery trucks, for example) in order to fulfill that increased volume of orders.

Your theory? Sir James Steuart came up with that theory back in 1767, in his famous (well, famous to people who really read about this stuff) essay, “An Inquiry into the Principles of Political Oeconomy [sic]”. He wrote, in part: “…new demand will cease as soon as it is made, for want of a supply”. I believe James articulated this theory a couple hundred years before you, Matt. Not sorry to burst your sweat bubble, hope it doesn’t get infected.

And Matty’s notion of selective tax cuts and increases has all the logic of taking X dollars from one bank ATM, driving to another ATM, and depositing X dollars.

These leftist haters of women get paid to write this nonsense. That’s a subsidy we should all work to end. These poor beta males…

Sandra Fluke’s Boyfriend, Adam “Cutie Pants” Mutterperl, And His Radical Socialist Family

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Updated: Added link to the Jewish Encyclopedia for an explanation of “traditional Jewish socialism“, amongst those who’ve chosen the socialist/marxist ideology. It’s in the first paragraph about Adam’s parents. I assumed the readers could Google something if they had questions, but I was wrong. 

Update #2: Finally, The Washington Times is now asking the right questions. Like, “Hey, Anita Dunn, what role did the White House play in having Sandra Fluke appear before congress?” This is looking bad for SKDKnickerbocker, Anita’s PR firm.

Behold! Sandra Fluke’s boyfriend, Adam Mutterperl!

Recently, it was reported that Sandra Fluke is connected to none other than 1%’er, William (Bill) Mutterperl, through her boyfriend. However, it wasn’t reported who her boyfriend is. Everyone, meet Sandra’s boyfriend, wannabe producer, and amateur stand-up comic, Adam “Cutie Pants” Mutterperl, in this video audition he submitted to a “reality” show:

Cutie pants? This guy the epitome of what everyone thought Sandra Fluke’s boyfriend would be. Maybe Adam could produce a biopic titled, “Beta Males and the Progressive Chicks Who Dig Them”.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Sandra and Adam frolicking in typical ghetto places like Spain and Italy:

The caption that Adam added to one of the Barcelona pics, “Pretty drunk”. Is this the part where I’m supposed to pay for your condoms, Adam? You know, because traveling between L.A., D.C., and New York, and vacationing in Barcelona, Italy, etc., is pretty darned expensive. I get it. Did you piss off your uber-wealthy parents to get cut off from your trust fund? You and Sandra must need some government subsidies. Idea: mock hearing. Brilliant!

Awesome that Adam is so happy about Sandra making “the big time” (h/t to SooperMexican for this particular screenshot). 

Bill and Nancy Mutterperl, Adam’s parents. Love the color of your hat, Bill. It’s reflective of your ideals.

Anyway, on to Adam’s “typical Democrat family”. The term BIll O’Reilly used to describe Bill Mutterperl is “Democratic stalwart”. However, as soon as I heard his name in a story about Sandra Fluke, I almost choked, due to my sudden epiphany. Why? Because anyone familiar with Boston and New York political history knows about the wealthy Mutterperl family’s long tradition of supporting the traditional Jewish variant of socialism. Bill Mutterperl’s family are much more than Democratic stalwarts.

I’ll let Woody Allen give you the basic overview (if Woody introduces left-wing, Jewish socialism, it’s not anti-Semitic, AMIRIGHT?!):

(Transcript of the video clip: “What’s your name… Allison… You’re like New York Jewish, left-wing, intellectual, Central Park West, Brandeis University, socialist summer camps and the father with the Ben Shahn drawings, really strike-oriented. Stop me before I make a complete imbecile of myself… No, that was wonderful! I love being reduced to a cultural stereotype.”)

Allen’s description probably describes Adam’s childhood, right down to the Ben Shahn drawings. I wonder if Adam has ever been to a kibbutz.

The Mutterperl family, via Adam’s great grandfather Sol’s handbag fortune, established the “Mutterperl Scholarship Endowment Fund” in 1951 for Brandeis University. This school, as some people call it, is named for Louis Brandeis, a secular Jew, Zionist, and United States Supreme Court Justice appointed by Woodrow Wilson. Brandeis was a self-proclaimed socialistHerbert Marcuse, the famous Frankfurt School Marxist, came to Brandeis in 1954, three years after the Mutterperl fund was created. Brandeis University is one of the nation’s leading petri dishes for anti-American and neo-Marxist thought. Here’s the statement from the Brandeis bulletin about the Mutterperl fund:

Traditions of charity inculcated in their children by a New York couple, who recently celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary, are being perpetuated in their honor by the children who have established a Sol and Susanne Mutterperl Scholarship Endowment Fund at Brandeis University.

Honoring the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Sol Mutterperl, the endowment fund has been established by means  of a substantial initial grant which will be augmented from time to time.

The initial grant was made by the children through the Mutterperl Foundation, Inc., which was organized in December, 1951, by Raphael Mutterperl: his brother, Martin Mutterperl, and their sister’s husband, Ludwig S. Buckhardt. for the purpose of fostering the philanthropic ideals of their parents.

President of the Foundation is Raphael Mutterperl, prominent New Bedford (Mass.) manufacturer.

Since Sol is credited with creating the women’s handbag market, and was a wealthy manufacturer and proprietor of those goods, he and his wife, Susanne, lived at 22 Central Park West in Manhattan for a time, and then at 350 Central Park West. Not too shabby, Mutterperl! Sol was also supportive of unions and was the Director of the United Jewish Appeal (now The Jewish Federations of North America) a Jewish “social” organization. From the JFNA website:

The Federation movement, collectively among the top 10 charities on the continent, protects and enhances the well-being of Jews worldwide through the values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), tzedakah (charity and social justice) and Torah (Jewish learning).

There’s that “social justice” code word again. Jewish Socialism is linked to a very progressive concept of the above tikkun olam. New Bedford, MA, where Raphael Mutterperl ran the family’s manufacturing arm, was a hotbed of  Marxist trade-unionism in early 20th century America. Why? It was easy to “sell” radical trade-unionism to a whole people group who were brought up in the lap of Weimar Marxian ideology, because New Bedford had many new eastern-European Jewish immigrants living there at the time, including, of course, the Mutterperl family.

For some added historical context, two popular Marxists, Samuel Gompers and Daniel De Leon, agitated in New Bedford, and were instrumental in fomenting strikes amongst the workers of the textile mills there. As I wrote before, Gompers was the founder of what is now the largest Marxist union organization in America, the AFL-CIO.

In addition to the Mutterperl’s extensive history within the Jewish socialist activist/political world, and their generational wealth, they’re still doing what they can to help the 99%. An excerpt from Bill’s current Reed Smith LLP (one of the 15 largest law firms in the world) bio:

Bill is a partner in Reed Smith’s Financial Industry Group. He specializes in providing high level counseling to CEO’s, General Counsel, Boards of Directors and members of senior management of major financial institutions.

As the former Vice Chairman of The PNC Financial Services Group, he held management responsibilities for certain PNC staff functions, including legal, compliance, legislative affairs and media relations, and he was responsible for implementing best practices for corporate governance. He served on several senior management committees, including Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Re-Engineering and Consumer affairs, and also served as management liaison to a special ad hoc committee of the Board of Directors dealing with regulatory affairs and corporate governance. He also served as a PNC representative on the Board of Directors of BlackRock Investment Management, one of the largest investment management firms in the world.

Bill also had a distinguished 25-year career at FleetBoston Financial Corp. where he served as its Executive Vice President and General Counsel world-wide, responsible for all legal affairs of the company.

In addition, Bill served as Executive Director of the Independent Oversight Board for Arthur Andersen, headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker. The other members of the Independent Oversight Board included current and former CEO’s of major U.S. companies. Bill advised the Board on proposed best corporate governance practices to be adopted by Andresen in the wake of governmental investigations and criticisms of that firm.

In private practice, Bill was a partner in the business law division of Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels in Boston, specializing in corporate governance issues. He began his legal career at the law firm of Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP.

You’ll recall that Paul Volcker, mentioned in Bill’s bio, was Obama’s bank bailout architect, advisor, and appointee. I know! Random, right?

Bill has also made nearly $90,000 in personal donations to Dems and their allies in the past 10 years, according to OpenSecrets.org. Check out the awesome Daddy Warbucks screenshots:

Adam’s mother is Nancy Mutterperl. According to the  California Secretary of State, she’s involved with a company operating in Beverly Hills, CA as Charlotte Lu, LLC. They specialize in jewelry that runs from $300, to nearly $4000. Their website has a brief bio of Nancy, listing her role as “Business Development and Display“:

Raised in West Haven, Connecticut, Nancy Mutterperl enjoyed studying art history in college, but it was her love of jewelry that led to her earning certificates from the Gemological Institute of America. While she was a stay-at-home mom, Nancy began creating her own jewelry pieces that were sold in retail stores and catalogs. Nancy’s experience with gemstones gives her the edge for selecting beautiful stones for Charlotte Lu. Nancy is married, has two sons and resides in both Manhattan and Beverly Hills.

Stay-at-home mom, indeed. You know, typical, bi-coastal, “stalwarty” kind of stuff in the Mutterperl family. I wonder if Adam lives with mom here in Beverly Hills. From the looks of Adam’s audition video above, it’s safe to assume that mom imparted some of the “art history” stuff that she enjoyed in college, unto her son.

In summary (with bold for emphatic inflection): Sandra Fluke is a 30 year old leftist activist, attending Georgetown University, whom the Dems tried to inject, via non-sequitur, into Issa’s hearing about Obamacare’s encroachment upon religious freedoms, protected by the Establishment Clause in the 1st Amendment. Her boyfriend, Adam Mutterperl, is the son of one of the most well-connected leftist Jewish families on the East Coast (add the West Coast to that, apparently), with ties to neo-Marxist Brandeis University as decades old donors… and whose father, Bill Mutterperl, worked directly for Paul Volcker, one of Obama’s pals, advisors, and Keynesian “stimulus” bill architects. Yet, we’re supposed to believe that this just boils down to a poor girl needing us to “subsidize” her birth control. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

We’re talking Sgt. Schultz levels of ignorance and avoidance if you buy that load of schmutz.

Some have claimed that Sandra’s reps (Anita Dunn’s PR firm – Anita’s the Mao lover, and former Obama Communications Director) are lying about the Mutterperl “boyfriend”. I’ve posted the Facebook photos, above, of them, that are dated, and go back a few years – but you never see them kiss in their photos. To me, it’s obvious that she’s in bed with him, literally, or figuratively. Either way, Sandra’s connection to this particular Jewish-American socialist dynasty is a “little” secret that they don’t want you to know. Which begs the question… if you’re so connected to the Mutterperl family, Sandra, why not go to Brandeis, a school much more aligned with your worldview, instead of Georgetown University, a Catholic Jesuit school? Are you admitting that a Christian school is better than a neo-Marxist school, or is there some other agenda? Now *that’s* funny when you think about it.

Based on all this random connectedness, I’d love it if Miss Fluke would sue Georgetown for “subsidized” birth control. The Georgetown lawyers would have a field day with discovery. Do it, Sandra. I dare you.

Oh, as a complete aside, check out Adam’s grandpappy, Martin Mutterperl, hanging out with Cass Sunstein’s, (another Obama appointee, Regulatory Czarina, and overall radical leftist) great-uncle, Alexander Cass Sunstein, and Samuel “Subway Sam” Rosoff, the guy who killed one of his detractors over a labor union spat, in Palm Beach back in 1965, at the Ambassador Hotel (see: photo below). Purely coincidence, I’m sure, since they’re all associated with Marxists, socialists, and trade-unionists of Eastern-European, Jewish, descent. There are some other interesting names in this list. Can you spot them?! Just kidding. Move along. Nothing to see here, hobbits.

cass sunstein's folks palling around with adam mutterperl's folks in palm beach