October 6, 2015

The PR Princess of SKDKnickerbocker: Emily Lenzner

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The Graph took it in our silly heads to really take a look at the people behind the high-powered PR firm, SKDKnickerbocker. In Part One of our exposé, we explored the connections of SKDKnickerbocker’s Karen Olick, a prominent media strategist and propagandist for all things Democrat Party related.  This time out, we’ll turn our eyes to SKDKnickerbocker’s PR Princess, Emily Lenzner.

The PR Princess herself

It’s hard to know where to start with Lenzner, because, for all intents and purposes, she’s been everywhere and done everything one can do in the PR world. According to her bio at SKDKnickerbocker,  Lenzner has “served as the Executive Director of Communications for ABC News in Washington, where she was responsible for all public and media relations for This Week with George StephanopoulosNightline, and ABC’s Washington Bureau. As the PR representative for the two news programs, Emily served as the primary publicist for ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, (and) Christiane Amanpour.”

Ho ho ho. Stephanopoulous even? You mean that same George Stehpanopoulous who posed this unusual question about contraception at one of the GOP debates in the fall, which is now being considered the first salvo from the Left in their manufactured “War On Women” meme? And, as has already been pointed out, SKDKnickerbocker represents Sandra Fluke, the professional activist who’s testimony ratcheted up that same, fake, manufactured meme. And don’t forget Lenzner’s colleague, Hilary Rosen, who added her own little contribution to the “War On Women” garbage when she derided Ann Romney as having never worked a day in her life.

Lenzner’s connection to Stephanopoulous shouldn’t be surprising, because again, even on her bio page at SKDKnickerbocker, it’s a proud badge of honor for the firm’s PR princess:

Emily’s first experience in politics was in the White House as a staff assistant to George Stephanopoulos, when he was senior advisor to President Bill Clinton (1993-1994).

‘Nuff said.

In her time at ABC, Lenzner had her fair share of fires to put out. Chief among them was outrage over Nightline dedicating a whole broadcast to reading the names of dead soldiers killed in action in Iraq. Here’s the Poynter Institute’s breakdown of that decision, with a nice, dispassionate statement regarding that broadcast from Lenzner herself. A bit more of that spat can be read about here, as well.

We see Lenzner projecting that air of elitist superiority so common to the Professional Left in this blog post. The post describes the envy (surprise surprise!) that many news organizations felt over ABC’s garnering of so many White House officials to sit at their table for the annual Correspondent’s Dinner in 2009. Elitist Lenzner comes through in full glory with this quote :

“‘That rumor needs to be ‘shot through the heart,’ but the only guest George (Stephanopoulos) booked for this White House Correspondents Dinner was Jon Bon Jovi, and to quote the singer, we weren’t exactly ‘livin’ on a prayer’ booking guests. We started earlier, worked harder, and these are the results,” said ABC News spokeswoman Emily Lenzner.”

See what she did there? Cute, ain’t it.

Lenzner took a brief break from ABC to manage media relations for NPR, as mentioned above. And, accordingly, her name is attached to some awesomely Leftist and kooky stories NPR ran. This post discusses the terrible price of solitary confinement on poor prisoners! Cause, you know, they wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for this unjust and unfair system.  Lenzner also acted as PR contact for an event in 2003 in New York City, aimed at repealing “unfair” drug laws in that state.  Among the luminaries for that 2003 event were activist multi-millionaire Russell Simmons and Sean “P-Diddy” (at that time) Combs.

So, an advocacy for Lefist causes seems to be an M.O. of Lenzner, and that assertion is confirmed even more when one comes across this document from MoveOn.org. This time out, Lenzner was representing ManBearPig theorist Al Gore, and his staunch anti-war stance following the U.S. taking action in Iraq. The release also notes the country’s favorite ManBearPig advocate will “address economic and environmental challenges facing the country”.

Lenzner’s Leftist activist credentials don’t stop there. At this site, she’s listed as a “Fellow” of the Impact Center’s “Woman’s Leadership Program”. The Impact Center, oddly enough, or maybe not, has it’s own “Manifesto“.  Just… click the link. Trust me, it’s good for a laugh.

Lenzner At a Brooks Brother party!

We get a rare glimpse of Lenzner not necessarily in PR mode with this 2009 article about how PR professionals approach the media. Lenzner shares some tips on how to correctly feed information to the media.

“Lenzner says that working the media is sometimes a daunting task because you have to deal with so many individual personalities. She doesn’t like to cold call or pitch stories. ‘I like to keep people informed about what my client is doing and hope that one day they’ll come calling me looking for news,’ she said.”

She continues with the nuggets of PR goodness:

“Lenzner said she researches journalists and caters pitches to their needs. She says that when she was in the media she felt she was too nice to public relations departments and that gave them an open door to send blanket pitches. ‘It takes more time and energy, but it’s worth it in the end to really target the press that you’re trying to reach,’ she said.”

Shorter her: Manipulate the media!


And with an attitude like that regarding the media, it’s easy to see why the White House turns to SKDKnickerbocker. As has been illustrated elsewhere, the aforementioned Rosen has visited the White House 35 times since Obama took office.  There’s Dunn, Fluke and so on.

Lenzner has also been associated with the Obama administration since she became a part of SKDKnickerbocker. Here, in this 2011 schedule for White House dignitaries, Lenzner appears as the contact for an event with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Clinton spoke at an awards ceremony for Vital Voices, an activist NGO aimed at “identify(ing), invest(ing) in and bring(ing) visibility to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities.”

Another fun fact, and yes,  Peter Cherukuri, we made this connection, don’t worry, is the fact of who Lenzner’s father is. Here, in this NYT write-up of Lenzner’s wedding, it briefly mentions Lenzner’s dad, Terry Falk Lenzner. (The aforementioned Cherukuri is her husband).

Do a search on the elder Lenzner and ALL sorts of fun results pop up, but foremost among them is a website for the Investigative Group International. And as you can see by clicking on that link, the elder Lenzner was also closely associated with the Clinton White House, where he was the “assistant chief counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee.”

And, just for shits and giggles, here’s a 1998 post regarding the elder Lenzner’s alleged CIA connections. Looks like Emily really IS a chip off the old block at manipulating information and people, just like dear old Dad.

There can be no doubt about it, folks. The group that’s assembled at SDKKnickerbocker are, for all intents and purposes, the Seal Team Six of the Left and Far Left’s messaging machinery.  And so far, we’ve only given a glimpse of two of them. I wonder what’s in store next?

Stay tuned.