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Repressive Tolerance Alert! Arby’s Responds to the Left, Ignores and Blocks the Right

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Oh, repressive tolerance. You crafty minx you. The idea that allows and accepts movements from the political Left (and therefore excuses any bad behavior BY the Left), while simultaneously decrying and deriding any simliar movement from the Right. Awhile back, it was Rush Limbaugh and his comments over Sandra Fluke, which was construed as a massive act of misogyny and so on and so forth, even though the men of the Left are arguably, much more misogynistic (SEE : Bill Maher).

This week’s Repressive Tolerance Alert comes to us from Arby’s, those peddlers of mildly edible food. On April 4, they responded to pressure from the Left to disassociate themselves once again, from Rush Limbaugh. Here’s how Arby’s responded to the Left’s concerns over the “evil” Rush Limbaugh:


Funny that! Four tweets and they’re all over it, trying to reassure our lovely friends on the Left that in no way do they associate themselves with Limbaugh. But when the Right takes the time to criticize Arby’s, instead of interaction, Arby’s blocks it’s critics from the Right. Here’s a tweet that I sent to Arby’s, without receiving a response, but instead, a block :

Here are a few other people from the Right who wanted to share their disapproval of Arby’s apparent cave to some annoying Lefties.

A response from user Yank in Georgia, who's tweet can be seen above

So there you have it my friends. Whiny lefties are deserving of a response, while critical folks from the Right are blocked. I think it’s safe to say A LOT less people will be enjoying Arby’s supposedly “Good Mood Food” in the foreseeable future. Whoops!


Double Standards

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Huffington Post and Bill Maher Attack Herman Cain… In Error

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The Huffington Post, and the Politically Inept… oops… I mean, er… Incorrect, Bill Maher, both attacked Herman Cain’s intelligence regarding Cain’s statement that he’d sign a constitutional amendment to make abortion illegal if he were President.

While the President doesn’t have a constitutional role in amending the Constitution, former Presidents, starting with Johnson, ironically, a Democrat, started signing constitutional amendments ceremonially. From the National Archives, the entity responsible for administering the ratification process:

In recent history, the signing of the certification has become a ceremonial function attended by various dignitaries, which may include the President. President Johnson signed the certifications for the 24th and 25th Amendments as a witness, and President Nixon similarly witnessed the certification of the 26th Amendment along with three young scholars. On May 18, 1992, the Archivist performed the duties of the certifying official for the first time to recognize the ratification of the 27th Amendment, and the Director of the Federal Register signed the certification as a witness.

Someone might wanna clue-in these errant leftists. A lot of us 53%’ers actually know the history of how things work here in America.

Leftists Take to Twitter To Blame/Threaten Beck, Palin and Tea Party For AZ Shooting

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This behavior isn’t new. I’ve written about the hatred that the left employs online, especially on Twitter, here and here. You’ll see that this situation is no different. For the record, I do see a distinction between centrist Democrats and the far left/professional left in America. I don’t want it to seem as though I’m “targeting” anyone unnecessarily.

Jared-Lee-LoughnerHere’s a tragedy in which suspect Jared Lee Loughner is now charged with murder and attempted murder. The police say he opened fire at an open political event, killing and wounding innocent Americans. U.S. District Judge John Roll was among the 6 killed, and U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords was among those wounded, critically, in her case.

We only knew that people were shot at first, but my oh my, how the left wanted so desperately to quickly prop up the narrative that the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, or anyone else who doesn’t subscribe to leftist ideology, was behind it. However, within minutes of the shooter’s name being released, a swarm of people, from all over the social web, quickly picked through the pertinent details of his social media profiles to dispel this false narrative from the left. The writers raked it all in and started connecting the dots.  Here are a few samples:

Jim Hoft: Flag-Burning, Anti-Religious, Marx Supporter Kills Bush-Appointed Judge… The Left Blames Tea Party & Sarah Palin
Andrew Marcus: Arizona Massacre Exposes: Tea Party Is Afforded Less Benefit Of The Doubt Than Radical Islam!
Byron York: Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings
Anthony Martin: Who Is Jared Lee Loughner?
Bill Hennessy: FLASHBACKS: Media Blame Tea Party for Leftist Crimes

There were many people, literally thousands on Twitter, who contributed to seeking the truth about the motivation of the person accused of this shooting. I was among them, first to tweet Jared’s anti-God claim contained at the end of one of his YouTube videos, “No! I won’t trust in God!” Additionally, my initial tweet about this tragedy had a much different tone than the leftists highlighted in this blog post –> praying for everyone affected by the az shooting. ppl can be so horrible.

Why were we quick to uncover the truth about Loughner when his name was released, and why were we so vocal about it? We seek the truth. That’s how we’re wired.

The remainder of this blog post contains examples of what the left contributed to this tragedy, and precisely what we were reacting to. These leftist responses were in stark contrast to my tweets and everyone else’s tweets with whom I associate. People of my persuasion do not give tacit approval to the things mentioned below by being passive or silent in the face of such evil dishonesty and cowardly threats. The left doesn’t get to control the narrative any longer.

Social media has changed the political playing field forever. These are not the days of rabbit ears, 3 major networks, and a local indie station. No, we’ve chosen to do our own news gathering today, because it’s obvious the leftist media won’t do it. They’d have you believe that the shooter was a Right-wing Nazi, inspired by Palin, who moonlighted as a Randian objectivist – utter nonsense. This dark situation is a prime example of why the leftist media outlets like the New York Times, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc. have all lost viewers and readers to the point where they’ve had to file bankruptcy, or trail so far behind in the ratings as to be on par, ironically, with The Cartoon Network.

These are among the most disgusting words and irresponsible accusations in modern political discourse. Proceed at your own risk from here.

Here’s what the mouthpiece for Media Matters (a neo-Marxist, non-think tank in D.C.) had to say yesterday about the tragedy.


Piers Morgan, A CNN on-air personality (maybe some insight here as to why CNN’s ratings keep going down):


The person who started the neo-Marxist blog, The Daily Kos, impressed everyone with this brilliant accusation (many in the neo-Marxist circles refer to patriotic Americans as “The American Taliban”):


Jane Fonda, the Communist sympathizer, need I say more:


Bill Maher, the far left atheist:


And lastly, The D-List celebrity Kathy Griffin’s sophomoric tweet asking Sarah Palin if she’s happy about murder. Interesting to note that Kathy’s tweet had more retweets than the others above. A commentary about the collective conscience of the left? Perhaps.


The king of leftist propaganda himself, Keith Olbermann, chimed in with this video while completely ignoring the shooter’s own words. As if some 22 year old is really going to be motivated by crosshairs on a year old political map. <shaking my head> Keith might want to focus on people who hate god, love the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf, and those who support flag burning. Yes, that’s the real profile of Jared Lee Loughner. My people do not subscribe to ANY of these things, but we know the left does. Therefore, Keith will ignore the truth.

And finally, the comments from the Twittersphere (this is a small sampling of Tweets below, there were literally thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of these comments on Twitter), who are influenced by the ignorant and irresponsible people above (Keith said in his video that his viewers are sober and peaceful – one cannot tell from their remarks on Twitter). Without one shred of evidence, in this specific case, to support their claims, and quite a bit of evidence to the contrary, people tweeted these remarkably stupid, hateful, and violent things:

birthday__girl: Kill every single #tcot member. Shoot every single one in the head. Kill their children. #teaparty
kathygriffin (Kathy Griffin D list celebrity in Los Angeles CA): Watching the news? Congresswoman in AZ,who is ON Sarah Palin’s crosshairs map was SHOT in the head 2day. Happy now Sarah?
pigeon_assassin: Tea Party = American Taliban
danylkalinz (Danyl Kalinz): sara palin is largely responsible for this spread of tea-bagger-party lunatic movement- and for this mass killing
Bobusurp: Why does no one ever shoot Rush Limbaugh? Or Glenn Beck? Only the good die young. And fat bigots live forever
Badalaladab: Fuck Glenn Beck. And fuck Sarah Palin.
JoeMyGod (anonymous troll claiming to live in NY): And the teabaggers score their first literal assassination.
rickerje (Jeffrey Ricker, St. Louis MO): Maybe Sarah Palin should change her name to Lady Macbeth. Good luck washing the blood off your hands, lady.
JoeMyGod: Congratulations, .@SarahPalinUSA. Your rifle crosshairs totally worked. #TeaParty #AmericanTaliban.#TCOT #P2
MWM4444 (Mary Matthews, St. Petersburg FL): Guns don’t kill people. #TeaBigots who believe the lies they hear from Palin, Angle, Beck, Limbaugh, & Co. kill people. #p2
azarus0530 (Dan Engle): Plane and simple I dislike anyone in the #teaparty preach your hate. And hide. Hide behind the flag you say you love.
ryder_bike: @Janefonda @SarahPalinUSA that’s all right wing fuck nuts do all day is spew hatred.rush hamburg beck etc.
lisamarieblaski (Lisa Marie Blaskie, Palm Springs CA): Right wing hate mongers kill 5 people Inc Dem State Senator Extremists fueled by Limbaugh & Tea Party
LovelyDame6 (makeup artist): I really don’t like to use the word HATE but I hate #SarahPalin #teaparty ignorant fucks!!!!!! If you were just offended by my tweet , Good!
garak99: @truth4at @glennbeck Fuck Beck he as responsible as Palin & Angle for this shooting said this will lead to violence he was right.
DrunkMacGyver: @SarahPalinUSA YOUR violent rhetoric is to blame for shootings like you and Beck. Both should be locked the fuck up! #palin #p2 #gopfail
agoraphobeblog: @autopsy4 Fuck you. Not only is Palin to blame, but Michele Bachmann Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh. All of you can kiss my fat black ass
Zoeytrope: Trying to keep a nuanced view, but it’s getting harder by the second. Fuck you Palin, fuck you Beck, fuck you Angle, and fuck you gunman.
TheBoyWhoLived7 (Mark Jackson): I hate the #teaparty
GeniusDeferred: Kill. Bang. Marry. => Rush Limbaugh. Tucker Carlson. Michael Steele.
Taboo1099 (Eileen): I am so afraid that there are more angry troubled ppl out there who listen to @GlennBeck, Limbaugh & @SarahPalinUSA who are ready to kill.
Dreamer9177: If Charles Manson can be proven guilty of convincing others to kill as a legal precedent, can that be applied to Palin, Beck, Limbaugh???
Chaapai: Sarah Palin sends her condolences to Congwmn Giffords. Fuck you Sarah Palin. Fuck you Glenn Beck and the rest of the Reich Wingers!
dcmoon3001 (D.C. Moon, Alabama): Fox & Palin are responsible for the massacre in Arizona. Tea Party racist assholes will do even more damage in the future.
Ryanberit: Sickening we live in a country where quasi Journalists like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck instill such fear people kill the opposing view
edpnyc (Ed Fish, NYC): @foxnews YOUR ORGANIZATION and message of hate and intoleranceI are RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS TRAGEDY. YOU HAPPY?
SikkCaden: I want to take an opportunity to say fuck Glenn Beck & Fuck Sarah Palin. You have blood on your hands and I hope karma kisses your forehead.
connecticutbob (Bob, CT): Sarah Palin and FoxNews just as responsible for the assassination as the shooter.
tylerwarren (Tyler Warren, Bethalto, IL): It’s sad that we have to see this, but this is the inevitable outcome of #TeaParty hate. R.I.P. #RepGiffords.
Abungle: RT @thecoalthief arrest beck,limbaugh and koch brothers as accessories #giffords//fuck arrest i want there heads
paulfreed: Watch the pussy Glenn Beck try to weasel out of any responsibility! FUCK HIM!!#tcot #teaparty #p21 #p2 #palin #progressive
TheFreshBrew: Conservative and Teabagger rhetoric finally results in a mass shooting. Fuck You, @SarahPalinUSA , Glenn Beck and #tcot
MrXex: EVERYBODY – and I mean EVERYONE says “I would have killed Hitler…” How the FUCK is Glenn Beck still standing much less on TV?
dufus: I’d fuck George Soros if he could kill Glenn Beck!
JonRSantiago (Jon Santiago, Anaheim CA): Guns, People. Both are responsible for the attempted harm and murder of people. Get that through your mindless tea party head Rand Paul
seminolesteve: @kgun9 Kyl, Palin, Bachmann, Boehner, McConnel, Beck, Hannity, et al are responsible. All guilty, pushing the buttons of the foxnews drones
ArkCowboy: Why do the good ones die young and the assholes like Beck, Limbaugh and Cheney get to live into old age? (via @SopranoAlison) good question!
BrianFinifter: Fuck you, Tea Party. Fuck you, Sarah Palin. Fuck you, Glenn Beck. Fuck you, NRA.
Halibutron (Hal, Toronto CA): YOU @SarahPalinUSA @GlennBeck @FoxNews #teaparty ARE responsible for #Giffords #assassination attempt YES YOU ARE #hate
PaulHarperUK: @billmaher Palin should be charged with incitement to murder, Beck and Limbaugh as accessories.
public_uni: @leninology @alphabetofbeing The Tea Party have to held responsible for the climate of fear and hatred being generated across the States
Shoq (Matt Edelstein, Arlington VA): So now cops are seeking a white male in his 50s who might have been an accomplice? How old is Glenn Beck? #p2
jpmorex: @Rep_Giffords From STGO CHI my better desires recovery your health after fascist attempt of murder committed by Tea Party fanatical follower
JamesPMorrison: Violent, hateful rhetoric is all in a day’s work for Palin, Limbaugh et al until people die then it’s just all in a days work.
wshanese (Shanese W., San Diego CA): 22 year old murder says he is inspired by the Tea Party and Sarah Palin #nuffsaid
tonybalogna (Anthony Kraljic, Knoxville TN): If anyone doubt the Tea Party is a group of anti-American traitorous slime, they can dismiss it today with the murder of Judge John Roll.
glovedbabycubb (Phillip Bozarth, Portland OR): Agreat moment in history is now a moment in terror and murder thanks Tea Party Republican assholes
LawyerBetty: SOOO @sarahpalinusa how do u feel now that your Tea Party nut jobs have committed murder?? Your nothing but a new age Hitler!
JulesAGray (Julia Gray, Chicago IL): RT @Symbolman: Dear GOP, this Blood in on Your Hands. You created, promoted, groomed this Tea Party. Burn in Hell.
Double_Olv7: This sound like a Killer mission and you kill the killer so he don’t talk. Another failed mission by the TeaParty
derekbradley (Derek Bradley, Adelaide): US Republican #teaparty extremists are terrorists and murderers exactly the same as the Taliban and other savages
Varuka: Was looking forward to tweeting some good things that happened today. Thanks #teaparty Fucking happy now you fucking MURDERERS!
Kdiddy757 (krystal smith): the #teaparty has added to their resumes..racist,prejudice,and now MURDERERS
whisper1111: guns don’t kill, teapartiers do
ckarami: @RANKIS How many more more are going to die before #FOX and the #TEAPARTY stops their hate speech

Who or what is behind this history of unfounded leftist vitriol? Is it a lack of God in their lives? Are most of these people just lemmings? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.