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Is @AG_Conservative (Allen Ginzburg) a Bigot? Here is the Evidence, You can Decide

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Allen Ginzburg, a recent law school graduate who goes by the Twitter handle “@AG_Conservative,” penned a clumsy hit piece last week titled “Is @Brooksbayne a bigot? Here is the evidence, you can decide.” (Sorry Al, no link love for you.) In it, Ginzburg accuses The Graph founder Brooks Bayne of being an anti-Semitic bigot while making the worst attempt at feigning impartiality I think I’ve ever seen. I mean seriously, Al would make Andrea Mitchell blush.

Ginzburg’s title itself is a thinly veiled shot at Brooks that should remind us that there are no saints on Twitter. Everyone has a dog in some fight, somewhere. In this case Ginzburg has an axe to grind with Brooks, both for himself, and on behalf of his eunuchorn homies. Let’s see who our pal Al likes to hang with:

Fascinating. It looks like at least three of his #TCOT buddies also dislike Brooks tremendously and have had issues with him long before any of this “anti-Semite” nonsense ever occurred. Nothing like a little payback.

One might also come to the conclusion that there’s an agenda because Ginzburg clearly stated there was. Here he vows to squelch Brooks’ free speech and run him out of Dodge so to speak.






Interesting. Though I remember Ginzburg posting that tweet, it seems to have been deleted and only exists as RT’s. Hmm. Now we can leave the “concerned citizen alerting us to a potential threat” bullshit and move on to his further loathsome libel.

Al states in his article “Now that I have set up the background, here are some of the highlights of other things Brooks has said in the last few months that many would consider anti-Semitic along with some context for each…” I don’t know who “many” is and the larger problem here is that Ginzburg doesn’t post any context! The only thing that follows his cherry-picked excerpts is his own commentary on them. That’s not context, that’s improper characterization of evidence, Perry Mason. Context would be providing the entire conversation so readers can make their own decision, but that wouldn’t fit his narrative.

In the boldest of hypocrisy, Ginzburg lays this one on us:

Another irony is most of the people that Brooksbayne cited as his friends that prove he isn’t anti-Semitic are now some of the loudest voices regarding his offensive statements (see @JIDF…

So here we’re supposed to believe that the good, upstanding Jewish persons that once were fooled by Brooks have now seen the light and left his side. The problem is Ginzburg can’t identify anyone in this fictitious exodus so he chooses @JIDF who is a nutjob and Ginzburg knows it:

Holy deceiving dissembler Batman! First Al states that @JIDF “lies” and is “crazy” and “calls everyone an antisemite.” Then he writes about @JIDF’s loony behavior and defends Glenn Beck from charges of antisemitism in an article for RedState. Next, Ginzburg throws out every argument he just used to defend Beck and falsely attacks Brooks as an antisemite… using the EXACT same tactics he skewered @JIDF for. Finally, when Brooks jettisons the lying, crazy @JIDF from his own timeline, Ginzburg uses it as an example of antisemitism! What a casuist.

The lying and misleading continues with unsupported nonsense like this:

…you can just imagine how much more there is in his history.

…happened to several people I can think of.

…he is prone to make stuff up

(I can’t find this tweet now, and unfortunately it is the only one that I did not screencap.. but several witnesses were sent the tweet at the time and can attest to it.

Wow Ginzburg. That sloppy drivel would be called “assumes facts in evidence, hearsay, calls for speculation, and lack of foundation” Matlock.

Apparently Ginzburg also missed (during his lengthy due diligence) the post from Brooks’ Jewish friend Yaron Mordfin titled If Brooks Bayne Is An Anti-Semite, I’ll Eat My Kippah. Here’s a short excerpt:

Now, Brooks may be a lot of things, but I can say one thing for certain: he is not, and never has been, an anti-Semite. In fact, in my many debates about Israel with our mutual friends on the left, he has always been my friend. He even went out of his way to consult with a Rabbi so that he could better accommodate me and my strictly kosher diet (at the time) when I visited him for a few days.

Amazing. He consulted with a Rabbi to accommodate his Jewish friend’s kosher diet. What a monster.

I know Ginzburg read Brooks’ recent blog post because he refers to a few, very selective excerpts in his post. And although he may have read it, his comprehension is apparently lacking because he missed the following:

To my Jewish friends, and those in the community who’ve been observing these developments, I’m sorry if my referencing Kevin MacDonald’s book made you uncomfortable or offended. That was not my intention. However, I’m not going to give my detractors a reason to invent a false wedge of “anti-Semitism” between me and the Jewish community at-large.

Gee, sounds pretty heartfelt and sincere. Might have been good material for Ginzburg to include in his post so his readers could “take this evidence into consideration.” Oh wait, that pesky narrative is wrong again. Al wants Brooks to be a one-dimensional He-Man Jew-hater. Truth be damned.

Brooks doesn’t hate anyone because of their religion or ethnicity. He does despise identity politics and using minority status to play the victim.

Wow. What a bigot. “Be individuals.” Stone him!

What would happen if Ginzburg actually read what Brooks writes, regularly, with context, and without a chip on his shoulder? He should be out defending him instead of trying to vilify him. Let’s take some of Al’s Redstate post and modify it a bit for illustration:

Yes eight of the people happened to be Jews, but ALL of them were liberals playing the victim. More importantly they were involved with modern progressivism identity politics either now or its start and several of them have renounced their religion. JIDF Allen Ginzburg of course is either unaware or ignores all of these facts. He refuses to consider that maybe Beck Brooks really does go after people he believes are hurting America, or Progressives Eunuchorns. So is Beck Brooks not supposed to mention these people or his ideas if they happen to be Jewish.. this is like the Al Sharpton theory of anti-Semitism. It is hard to overplay the anti-Semite card because so much of it out there, but that is exactly what is being done in this case.

Oh the irony. Congratulations Allen Ginzburg! You are the Al Sharpton of faux anti-Semitism and @bethanyshondark is your Tawana Brawley. You make a lovely playing-the-victim-card pair.

Ultimately Ginzburg’s article that was supposedly written to expose Brooks as a bigot devolves into a tirade about pretty much anything Brooks says that Al doesn’t like.

Brooks has some very silly ideas about conservatism and the founders, most of which are untrue or very picky.

Brooks has attacked David Limbaugh several times now solely because Limbaugh has said some positive things about Romney once he had secured the nomination.

Brooks apparently doesn’t think much of bloggers

Brooksbayne also complained that neither the Obama eating dog story nor the attack on Ann Romney, two of our biggest messaging victories should be real topics.

Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, blah, blah, blah… It sounds like Al is arguing with his significant other and forgot what the fight was even about. And how dare Brooks disagree with David Limbaugh and harbor his own silly ideas. That’s Un-American! Obey!

So what does one call an individual who is prejudiced and uses falsehoods to malign people who they either don’t understand or don’t like? Hmm. I’ve got it! Allen Ginzburg is a b-b-b-bigot! In fact, Ginsburg is the worst kind of cowardly bigot. He wouldn’t have the testicular fortitude to make these baseless accusations in person so he hides behind his keyboard and tries to gun people down.

I have some advice for you Al if you’re reading this. There are a lot of differing opinions on Twitter and I will defend your right to say nearly anything you want. You can love Brooks Bayne or hate him. It doesn’t really matter to me and I’m sure it doesn’t bother Brooks either way. He can be a polarizing individual for numerous reasons but he is not in any way, shape or form a bigoted anti-Semite. Making such unfounded accusations is a tool of the left, and unbecoming of you. I suggest you publicly apologize and remove your smear post.

Friday Lunch Break Rant (#FLBR) – June 15th, 2012

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You’ll have to begin reading from the bottom. (It is a Twitter timeline after all)

Scott Walker Victorious in Wisconsin: The Takeaway

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Last night my Governor, Scott Walker, made history by becoming the first Governor in U.S. history to survive a recall election. Not only did he survive it, but he amassed even more votes than he did in the 2010 election. To do so in the state that is the birthplace of the progressive movement and hosts the “Fighting Bob Fest” is beyond impressive. Here are the takeaways:

Conservatives need to be fighters and fighters need to be sufficiently ruthless. “Sufficiently ruthless” is a term coined by Green Bay area talk show host Jerry Bader and it refers to having the will to do what is necessary. It doesn’t mean giving up your principles as the left does. Just do whatever you can legally and in good conscience to defeat the failed policies of Marxism/progressivism wherever you find them. Walker didn’t win because of position papers, he won because of the troops who went head to head with the unions and their minions.

The foundation for success hasn’t changed in over 200 years. Scott Walker reaffirmed this when he began his victory speech by thanking God and the Founders. With faith and wisdom like that, how could he loose?

Conservative politicians need to be aggressive. Walker didn’t wait to enact reforms, he immediately began implementing the changes necessary to return fiscal sanity to the state, and power to the taxpayers. But he didn’t stop there. Walker also signed bills protecting the unborn, providing lawful concealed carry, limiting unnecessary lawsuits, and establishing voter ID. Getting this work done early meant taxpayers started to realize the benefits and the left’s machine couldn’t keep enthusiasm up through the recall.

Push leftists to expose their true identities. When they finally reveal themselves it is not pretty and the average citizen will shy away from them. When feeling threatened, the left resorted to outrageous tactics such as interrupting Special Olympics ceremonies and blood drives dressed as zombies, occupying and trashing the Capitol building, fleeing to Illinois, shouting threats at fellow lawmakers, dumping drinks on politicians, and death threats.

The left is emotionally driven and dumb. They started the recall too soon, backed a loser in the primary, ran on nothing, and wasted millions of dollars. Nothing more than spoiled children having an unfocused temper tantrum. How conservatives ever let this minority group of codependent losers ever establish a power base baffles me. Be smart and be victorious.

The forces of collectivism are on the ropes here in Wisconsin and across the country. Let’s use this victory as a training tool and a springboard. Keep the heat on.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

SKDKnickerbocker’s O-Bots : Jill Zuckman and Rachel Racusen

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Clearly, Rachel Racusen, in pink, is the typical 99%'er.

Apparently, for some, the collusion between high powered PR firm SKDKnickerbocker and the Obama White House still hasn’t been illustrated clearly enough. Cause, y’know, Hilary Rosen’s 35 trips to the White House, or Fluke’s connection, prove nothing, apparently.

Well. Okay then.

Funnily enough, TWO of SKDKnickerbocker’s higher-ups have been members of Obama’s federal government. The first is journalist sell-out Jill Zuckman, who took a communications director role with the Department of Transportation (DOT) under Ray LaHood back in 2009. The second is Rachel Racusen, who was the mouthpiece of FEMA under Obama for the last couple of years.

Now color me silly if it makes sense that having two people high up in your executive structure who used to work for the current administration means something, but I might just be old-fashioned. Who knows?

Jill Zuckman

Zuckman is an interesting case, in that it appears she was actually a journalist who believed in trying to be objective for much of her career. From covering Capitol Hill to being ride-along reporter for John McCain’s campaign in 2008, and all points in-between, Zuckman seemed to have forged a reputation for herself of being that rarest of creatures in the media anymore: a non-biased reporter.

In this 2009 post from Politico, Zuckman talks about her decision to take a job with Obama’s DOT, and acknowledged how the move would make people perceive her:

That’s included some friends saying that they now know where she stands politically.  But Zuckman, a registered independent, said that when beginning a job search last month, she “did not set out to go in the administration.” With critics throwing around the “in-the-tank” label, Zuckman noted that when she covered McCain in 2008, “lots of people were convinced I was a Republican.” And it’s harder to make the claim about Zuckman when even the McCain press team talked up her fairness, while granting her Palin’s first newspaper interview.

Unfortunately for Zuckman, it doesn’t appear that her rationalization worked for most, with even crazy leftist blogger Wonkette questioning her motives.  And this blog post gives a rare insight into Zuckman’s time at the DOT, showing the former reporter to be full of snark when dealing with her former colleagues:

Now this gets interesting. Halsey actually included the email from Jill Zuckman, the Director of Public Affairs at the Department of Transportation, who wrote to Halsey: So, we put out actual news yesterday, and you decide to a) not show up, b) not call, and c) focus on the non-news. Very odd.

Curious way for a Director of Public Affairs to communicate, but again, maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

While she was able to play up the objective idea for awhile, it appears, by Zuckman’s own words herself, that she’s all-in for Obama now. With Zuckman active on Twitter, a few fun ones popped out in The Graph’s research.  See for yourself :

Tis funny, that the once self-described “independent” now seems all-in for Obama. Perhaps most telling is the tweet you see featured to the left about going on Mr. “Tingles Up My Leg for Obama” Chris Matthews’ show to talk about “birth control and the highway bill.” Because, curiously enough, Zuckman’s colleague, Emily Lenzner, has close ties to George Stephanopoulos, who most now believe was responsible for firing the first shot in the Left’s manufactured “War On Women” meme. Must be some kind of strange alignment of circumstances that made that happen!

Now, on to Zuckman’s colleague, the aforementioned Racusen.

Rachel Racusen 


Listed as a Vice-President on SKDKnickerbocker’s website, Racusen is a capitol hill insider. Working on the Hill since ’06, Racusen topped off her time by being the Director of Public Affairs for FEMA under Obama, and had to deal with Hurricane Irene, the Texas wildfires and a bevy of other incidents.

While most of search results come back from her time at FEMA, a few interesting bio’s of her pop up as well. In this bio, it makes note of the fact that she “developed and executed the press and communication strategies for key pieces of legislation…including the  Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act…(and) the historic health reform law signed by President Obama in early 2010. ”

Oh really?

This bio notes much of the same information as the one above, with one fun little addition:

“She has also done press work on several campaigns, including the Obama presidential campaign, as well as Senate and House races.”

Curiouser and curiouser. The Seal Team Six of Democrat/Lefty messaging has a vice-president that helped develop the messaging for ObamaCare and other silly pieces of legislation, PLUS did work for the Obama campaign before the President was elected?

Nothing to see here folks. These aren’t the Professional Leftists you were looking for who are completely in the tank for the current administration. *waves hand*

Alright. Time for a quick recap. So far, we know one of SKDKnickerbocker’s executive directors, Karen Olick, headed up a fun and shady 501c4 called Americans United for Change, and has been friends with MoveOn.org for quite some time now and other various Leftist causes. Emily Lenzner, as mentioned already, has close connections to George Stephanopoulos and other parts of the Clinton White House machinery still existant today. And now, we have Zuckman and Racusen, who have both worked under the Obama administration.

And we haven’t even gotten to the two managing directors of SKDKnickerbocker who once claimed how proud they were to put an Obama-connected disgraced governor into office!

As Sun-Tzu once said, “Know thy enemy.”

This is WAR!









Another White Man Critically Beaten: 20 Black Racist Thugs Assaulted Him Citing “Justice For Trayvon”

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Here’s Matthew Owens in the hospital after the attack:

Justice for Trayvon?

That’s makes 4 attacks that we know of so far related to blacks engaging in lynch mob mentality to attack whites because they feel “justified”. Thanks Critical Race Theory! The first attack was in Toledo. The second attack was in Baltimore. The third was in Chicago. And now this one in Mobile, Alabama.

He was beaten by 20 blacks using pipes, brass knuckles, chairs, and paint cans. Really? To beat ONE white man! Hate crime? By the left’s standards, hell yeah.

“Justice for Trayvon”? More like “Tyranny for Trayvon”, you criminalistic self-entitled bastards. For more real-time black racism regarding this case, see the #TeamDueProcess hashtag on Twitter.

MOBILE, Alabama – WKRG

Mobile police need your help to catch a mob that beat Matthew Owens so badly that he’s in critical condition.

According to police, Owens fussed at some kids playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive about 8:30 Saturday night. They say the kids left and a group of adults returned, armed with everything but the kitchen sink.

Police tell News 5 the suspects used chairs, pipes and paint cans to beat Owens.

Owens’ sister, Ashley Parker, saw the attack. “It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.” Parker says 20 people, all African American, attacked her brother on the front porch of his home, using “brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on.”

Police will only say “multiple people” are involved.

What Parker says happened next could make the fallout from the brutal beating even worse. As the attackers walked away, leaving Owen bleeding on the ground, Parker says one of them said “Now thats justice for Trayvon.” Trayvon Martin is the unarmed teenager police say was shot and killed February 26 by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida.

Police canvassed the area, but did not find any suspects. They’re asking anyone with information to call them at 251-208-7211, Crime Stoppers at 251-208-7000, or text a tip to 274637 and include the keyword CRIME 411.

Of course, Touré (black race-baiter who works for hard-left MSNBC), Piers Morgan (the Brit CNN guy who won’t provide all the evidence of the Zimmerman case on his “show”, while blustering about being a “real journalist”), Think Progress/Judd Legum (the leftists who started the hysteria by publishing lies “white shooter” and half-truths about the story), Brian Williams (the guy responsible for NBC’s fraudulently edited 911 tape), etc. won’t cover these stories. Anti-American frauds, all of them. They’re fomenting and enabling this behavior by NOT reporting all the facts of the case and using lies to promote their leftist anti-gun agenda.

Obama and Holder, you’re also culpable in this regarding your actions due to your anti-gun agenda. Know this. Still no arrests for the New Black Panther Party’s bounty on Zimmernan’s head, Eric? No calls to the black community to tell them to stand down, Barack? Still ignoring the calls to riot over the Zimmerman case that we uncovered weeks ago?  Who’s “acting stupidly” now?

And some on “our side” refuse to allow us to have an open dialog about racism. You’ll be called out soon enough for your cowardice and ignorance too.

The PR Princess of SKDKnickerbocker: Emily Lenzner

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The Graph took it in our silly heads to really take a look at the people behind the high-powered PR firm, SKDKnickerbocker. In Part One of our exposé, we explored the connections of SKDKnickerbocker’s Karen Olick, a prominent media strategist and propagandist for all things Democrat Party related.  This time out, we’ll turn our eyes to SKDKnickerbocker’s PR Princess, Emily Lenzner.

The PR Princess herself

It’s hard to know where to start with Lenzner, because, for all intents and purposes, she’s been everywhere and done everything one can do in the PR world. According to her bio at SKDKnickerbocker,  Lenzner has “served as the Executive Director of Communications for ABC News in Washington, where she was responsible for all public and media relations for This Week with George StephanopoulosNightline, and ABC’s Washington Bureau. As the PR representative for the two news programs, Emily served as the primary publicist for ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, (and) Christiane Amanpour.”

Ho ho ho. Stephanopoulous even? You mean that same George Stehpanopoulous who posed this unusual question about contraception at one of the GOP debates in the fall, which is now being considered the first salvo from the Left in their manufactured “War On Women” meme? And, as has already been pointed out, SKDKnickerbocker represents Sandra Fluke, the professional activist who’s testimony ratcheted up that same, fake, manufactured meme. And don’t forget Lenzner’s colleague, Hilary Rosen, who added her own little contribution to the “War On Women” garbage when she derided Ann Romney as having never worked a day in her life.

Lenzner’s connection to Stephanopoulous shouldn’t be surprising, because again, even on her bio page at SKDKnickerbocker, it’s a proud badge of honor for the firm’s PR princess:

Emily’s first experience in politics was in the White House as a staff assistant to George Stephanopoulos, when he was senior advisor to President Bill Clinton (1993-1994).

‘Nuff said.

In her time at ABC, Lenzner had her fair share of fires to put out. Chief among them was outrage over Nightline dedicating a whole broadcast to reading the names of dead soldiers killed in action in Iraq. Here’s the Poynter Institute’s breakdown of that decision, with a nice, dispassionate statement regarding that broadcast from Lenzner herself. A bit more of that spat can be read about here, as well.

We see Lenzner projecting that air of elitist superiority so common to the Professional Left in this blog post. The post describes the envy (surprise surprise!) that many news organizations felt over ABC’s garnering of so many White House officials to sit at their table for the annual Correspondent’s Dinner in 2009. Elitist Lenzner comes through in full glory with this quote :

“‘That rumor needs to be ‘shot through the heart,’ but the only guest George (Stephanopoulos) booked for this White House Correspondents Dinner was Jon Bon Jovi, and to quote the singer, we weren’t exactly ‘livin’ on a prayer’ booking guests. We started earlier, worked harder, and these are the results,” said ABC News spokeswoman Emily Lenzner.”

See what she did there? Cute, ain’t it.

Lenzner took a brief break from ABC to manage media relations for NPR, as mentioned above. And, accordingly, her name is attached to some awesomely Leftist and kooky stories NPR ran. This post discusses the terrible price of solitary confinement on poor prisoners! Cause, you know, they wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for this unjust and unfair system.  Lenzner also acted as PR contact for an event in 2003 in New York City, aimed at repealing “unfair” drug laws in that state.  Among the luminaries for that 2003 event were activist multi-millionaire Russell Simmons and Sean “P-Diddy” (at that time) Combs.

So, an advocacy for Lefist causes seems to be an M.O. of Lenzner, and that assertion is confirmed even more when one comes across this document from MoveOn.org. This time out, Lenzner was representing ManBearPig theorist Al Gore, and his staunch anti-war stance following the U.S. taking action in Iraq. The release also notes the country’s favorite ManBearPig advocate will “address economic and environmental challenges facing the country”.

Lenzner’s Leftist activist credentials don’t stop there. At this site, she’s listed as a “Fellow” of the Impact Center’s “Woman’s Leadership Program”. The Impact Center, oddly enough, or maybe not, has it’s own “Manifesto“.  Just… click the link. Trust me, it’s good for a laugh.

Lenzner At a Brooks Brother party!

We get a rare glimpse of Lenzner not necessarily in PR mode with this 2009 article about how PR professionals approach the media. Lenzner shares some tips on how to correctly feed information to the media.

“Lenzner says that working the media is sometimes a daunting task because you have to deal with so many individual personalities. She doesn’t like to cold call or pitch stories. ‘I like to keep people informed about what my client is doing and hope that one day they’ll come calling me looking for news,’ she said.”

She continues with the nuggets of PR goodness:

“Lenzner said she researches journalists and caters pitches to their needs. She says that when she was in the media she felt she was too nice to public relations departments and that gave them an open door to send blanket pitches. ‘It takes more time and energy, but it’s worth it in the end to really target the press that you’re trying to reach,’ she said.”

Shorter her: Manipulate the media!


And with an attitude like that regarding the media, it’s easy to see why the White House turns to SKDKnickerbocker. As has been illustrated elsewhere, the aforementioned Rosen has visited the White House 35 times since Obama took office.  There’s Dunn, Fluke and so on.

Lenzner has also been associated with the Obama administration since she became a part of SKDKnickerbocker. Here, in this 2011 schedule for White House dignitaries, Lenzner appears as the contact for an event with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Clinton spoke at an awards ceremony for Vital Voices, an activist NGO aimed at “identify(ing), invest(ing) in and bring(ing) visibility to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities.”

Another fun fact, and yes,  Peter Cherukuri, we made this connection, don’t worry, is the fact of who Lenzner’s father is. Here, in this NYT write-up of Lenzner’s wedding, it briefly mentions Lenzner’s dad, Terry Falk Lenzner. (The aforementioned Cherukuri is her husband).

Do a search on the elder Lenzner and ALL sorts of fun results pop up, but foremost among them is a website for the Investigative Group International. And as you can see by clicking on that link, the elder Lenzner was also closely associated with the Clinton White House, where he was the “assistant chief counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee.”

And, just for shits and giggles, here’s a 1998 post regarding the elder Lenzner’s alleged CIA connections. Looks like Emily really IS a chip off the old block at manipulating information and people, just like dear old Dad.

There can be no doubt about it, folks. The group that’s assembled at SDKKnickerbocker are, for all intents and purposes, the Seal Team Six of the Left and Far Left’s messaging machinery.  And so far, we’ve only given a glimpse of two of them. I wonder what’s in store next?

Stay tuned.





Meet the SKDKnickerFockers, Pt 1!

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(Editor’s note: this is the first in a series which we decided to undertake during the post-mortem phase of the Sandra Fluke piece we presented. SKDKnickerbocker is a central figure in the left’s “War On Women” strawman attack on American federalism. The WAR is underway…)

By now, most in the conservative world know, at least superficially, of SKDKnickerbocker, the high-powered PR firm that first gave us Sandra Fluke, and more recently, Hilary Rosen. While Media Matters for America and Daily Kos are the Left’s fascist shock troops, it’s safe to say that the folks at SKDKnickerbocker are the Left’s highly placed and highly influential propagandists.

Think Josef Goebbels, but with a 21st century flair.

Among those listed as an SKDKnickerbocker “managing director” is Karen Olick. Her bio there references a few interesting connections, chief among them her time as the Chief of Staff for California Senator Barbara Boxer, and also her time in charge of an organization called “Americans United for Change”. While it appears Frau Olick’s time with Boxer’s office was relatively unremarkable,  a search did turn up this curious document, an apparent debriefing on a waste disposal project meant for California and surrounding states. In that document it’s reported that a meeting regarding this project took place in California, with a lot of high level Hollywood liberal types in attendance.

According to the document, “U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s office helped scrub the invited guest list,”. At that time, Olick was still part of Boxer’s team, and the citation for the above statement reads “June 5, 1998 facsimile message from Karen Olick to Tom Epstein”.  For someone used to cleaning up guest lists, it’s funny that Frau Olick didn’t coordinate with someone at the White House recently, in order to make sure that the connection between the Administration and Frau Olick’s colleague at SKDKnickerbocker, Hilary Rosen, was scrubbed from existence.

Can’t get to them all, I suppose, eh Frau Olick?

Frau Olick appears in this 1998 article from the San Francisco Gate, being the ever loyal lapdog to Senator Boxer. The article blasts Boxer for being a typical Leftist, crying “wolf” over something she herself did, in this instance, negative campaigning.

Hell, you can feel the contempt wafting off of Frau Olick’s own words in that article:

“And while Boxer denies that her campaign had anything to do with the smear, her chief of staff Karen Olick told the New Republic in 1994, Herschensohn was running as “a right-winger, a moralist. We were just pointing out the contradictions. And it worked’.”

I’ll take Alinsky Tactics for $1,000 Alec!

The Fascist Left truly makes an appearance in Frau Olick’s career with her involvement in Americans United for Change (AUC). Originally named Americans United to Protect Social Security, and meant to combat President George W. Bush’s proposed Social Security reforms, AUC rebranded itself in 2006, and became an “all-around” 501c4 organization, used to push the policies and agendas of the Left.

In the linked article above, the “new” AUC’s mission became much broader with its rebranding, meant to target “public corruption, education, health and energy costs, economic prosperity and such”.  And where does AUC get it’s money? Well, as a 501c4, it’s not required to disclose it’s donors, although the above linked article mentions that one of it’s biggest benefactors following it’s rebranding was… you guessed it. Big Labor.

“The group has received initial support from organized labor, including the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME),” the article notes.

Just a quick side note, in the article linked above, Olick is quoted as saying AUC is not “liberal or conservative. We’re going to talk about mainstream issues that people care about.”

Beautiful double speak there Frau Olick! Just like when the Nazi’s told the Jews they were going to nice camps where food and shelter would be provided for them. Herr Goebbels would be proud!

Okay, so back to AUC’s funding sources. So far we have AFSCME as one of the financiers of Frau Olick’s AUC. In this 2005 article, even more of the 501c4’s financiers are revealed.

“While the group will not have to disclose any of its donors because of its nonprofit status, the primary funders for Americans United will include MoveOn.org and a host of big unions,” the article notes. “The final pact on Americans United, which has been several months in the making, was sealed Friday evening in the AFSCME headquarters that included (AFSCME legislative director) Chuck Loveless, and representatives of at least three other unions : the National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers, and the AFL-CIO. The Service Employees International Union is also expected to join the effort, as are a number of smaller unions later on.”

Hot damn! Two of the sneakiest and most powerful labor unions in the country, plus the education unions! Isn’t that special. Oh, and Frau Olick is so chummy with MoveOn.org, that in 2006, she even garnered her own spot in a Thank You roll call here.

That same 2005 article further illustrates Frau Olick’s history of moving among the elite and powerful of fascistic Progressive power brokers within the country.

“Loveless, McCue (Susan McCue, chief of staff for Harry Reid at the time), and others noted that Olick was the perfect fit for the executive director position, having run several of Boxer’s statewide campaigns in California. In addition to knowing how to manage large campaigns, Olick could provide instant access to some of the large donors in California.”

So here we have Olick running AUC, an organization which even has it’s own dedicated page over at DiscoverTheNetworks.org (DTN). DTN notes that AUC specifically advocates “increasing the minimum wage”, “improving access to affordable healthcare for all Americans”, “making college more affordable”, and “creating a responsible energy policy.”

DTN also notes that Frau Olick’s AUC “candidly seeks to amplify the progressive message” and to “contribute to a grass roots groundswell for progressive policies”.

Just to make sure that AUC’s fascist street cred is FULLY established, here’s a November 2011 release from AUC pressuring Major League Baseball to pull it’s software from Glenn Beck’s GBTV.com website.  Cause, y’know, nothing says “freedom!” and “liberty!” like pressuring people to drop, and in effect, silence, those that AUC disagrees with. And even though Frau Olick’s involvement with AUC was over by the time of this release and campaign to stop Beck, it’s easy to see what kind of organization, and what kind of lovely thinking, she left as her legacy there.

In the finest tradition of fascism, Frau Olick's Americans United for Change is ALL about silencing the opposition! Yay!


While pointing out that streams of socialist thought have infiltrated, well, almost every major religion, will get you labeled an anti-religious bigot, apparently, it is important to note Frau Olick’s involvement as a member of the Advocacy Board for Jewish Women’s International (JWI). The executive director for JWI, Loribeth Weinstein, included JWI in what’s known as the HERvotes Coalition. And while it pains us here at The Graph to link to a Daily Kos article, this pretty much sums up what that supposed coalition is supposed to be aimed against. Namely, that damnable “War on Women” the Right has apparently been waging of late.

And gee, didn’t that War on Women really kick off when Lil Miss Fluke showed up, and Frau Olick and Co. were on hand to represent her when the shit really hit the fan? Funny, that.

Frau Olick is just ONE of 11 “managing directors” currently listed by SKDKnickerbocker for their D.C. offices. A little legwork was all it took to uncover Frau Olick’s long associations with the fascist Left. SKDKnickerbocker represents the finest minds in Leftist propaganda, the hardcore veterans who have fought and won many battles in taking our country towards a Utopian socialist nightmare.


Stay tuned as The Graph works to shine some more light on our fascist friends over at SKDKnickerbocker.




Zimmerman Charged; Twitter Goes Full “id” in Reaction

Posted on April 11, 2012 by in Articles

Today it was announced that George Zimmerman would be charged with 2nd Degree Murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin. The tweets below are just a sampling of Twitter users reactions to the news, with most not believing it’s enough.

Stuttering Fool Van Jones Awkwardly Walks Back His Bigotry Against Libertarians

Posted on April 10, 2012 by in Articles

If Libertarians are as aligned with far-right ideology as Van Jones says, how would that make Libertarians hate people of color. Perhaps Van needs a little refresher course on who freed the slaves, who passed the 14th Amendment (while zero Dems voted for it), and who proposed the first civil rights legislation in this country.

Sadly, too  many people with a national political voice in America are just as ignorant as Van Jones. Watch the stuttering fool who used to work for Obama:

Twitter Predicts Riots If Zimmerman/Martin Case Goes Wrong Way

Posted on April 9, 2012 by in Articles

Earlier this morning, it was announced that a Grand Jury would not be called in the divisive George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. With that announcement, some on Twitter predicted riots would ensue if Zimmerman is not charged or convicted in the death of Martin. These are just a few samples:




One of the things Twitter has been touted for being able to do is give people a real-time sense of what’s on people’s minds. The things they’re talking about, the shows they’re watching, the food they’re eating. In this case, hopefully someone is watching, and will be anticipating that it looks like people will want to burn it all down if the outcome of Zimmerman/Martin is not the one they sought.

Good luck to us all, if that’s the case.