October 13, 2015

From The Rush To Judgment Files: Meet The Black Artist Who Made The So-Called “Nigger Cake”

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See the evil, white, racist, Swedes. Look. White devils, the lot of them – even the one in black face on the horrific “chopping block”. Insensitive ghoulish bastards!

But that’s not the story.

The Internet was abuzz earlier today with news that the Swedes had lost their minds and were eating an horrifying cake, that was made to look like a black woman having her vagina cut apart. Gross, right?!

I tried to warn people off the rush to judgment until more about the story came out (you can see my Twitter stream for that). It’s a habit of some to wait until more facts come out before jumping to conclusions. Unfortunately, it’s a habit for others to jump the gun and scream “RACISM!!!” at the top of their internet lungs the instant they see something framed the way they don’t like. Never forget… the leftist media lies… constantly. However, this was the first story I saw circulating around the social web about the story today, and it came from Breitbart.com:

Swedish Minister of Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth joined in an unthinkably repulsive event on Saturday in which she carved the labia from a cake baked to look like a “stereotypical African woman.”

As the Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reported, “the self-proclaimed ‘anti-racist’ Liljeroth … slices and eats a cake depicting a black African woman with minstrel-esque face.” She was “performing a clitoridectomy (sic) on the cake.” Video of the party shows the cake screaming – the head of the cake was actually a person in blackface under the table – each time someone cuts the cake.

I expect the left to respond this way, because that’s been their historic M.O. However, I don’t expect those on “our side” to keep doing it when they continually end up being shown their folly. See: Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman for a more recent example. But, Breitbart runs with the story and cites “a person in blackface under the table”, and simply stops there with the story. That’s good enough, isn’t it? As if a bunch of white Swedes would be that stupid. Methinks some conservatives should consider traveling more. This is the story that Breitbart.com linked in their piece. Here’s the way the leftists at FriaTider tried to frame it. Screenshot of part of their piece:

Note the caption: “The maimed “corpse” of an African woman has sparked an outcry in social media.” Ffs. Yes, an outcry, because irresponsible and reactionary people with keyboards are allowed access to the Internet, you white boobs (see what I did there?).

Then other stories surfaced described the event as a means to raise awareness about the plight of African women who are routinely the victims of female genital mutilation. A good thing to bring to the world spotlight. It’s a horrible practice that I routinely call out on Twitter. In fact, I Tweeted about it last just 5 days ago.

Then I was finally linked to another story (thanks, @thekelliejane), that had the artist’s name, Makode Linde. This piece included the bit about the artist, stating that this bombast was his idea, because it was his art project! However, even though that particular story mentioned that the artist put on blackface, it still didn’t mention that the artist is a person of color. Behold the evil, racist, black, Swede who started all this (following pics from Makode Linde’s Facebook account):

Kickin’ it at the beach.

Here he wears a hat with the word “nigger” on it. Check out his sidekick “jail bait”. Lovers? Only speculating. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Here Makode’s pretending to be black Hitler. He had some other photos on Facebook where his friends were sporting the Hitler ‘stache – like the one next to him. Must be a popular thing in his circle. Or maybe he’s taking a break to smell his finger.

Maybe this is more “art”. Dunno.

Then finally, the screenshot from Facebook that lays it all out.

Here’s the text, in case some of you writers want to Bogart it to update your posts!

Documentation from my female genital mutilation cake performance earlier today at stockholm moma. This is After getting my vagaga mutilated by the minister of culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth. Before cutting me up she whispered “Your life will be better after this” in my ear.

I wonder what Lena meant by saying, “Your life will be better after this.” Maybe that he’d become more well-known as a result. Damn racist whitey trying to help the poor negro. Appalling.

Thanks, knee-jerk internet reactionaries. I’m guessing that Andrew Breitbart would’ve been embarrassed by what happened with some of his team today. Lest anyone, not even Touré, forget how Andrew felt about knee-jerk charges of racism. Here’s Touré’s account from the eulogy he wrote about AB:

For some reason, Andrew Breitbart loved to hate me. He named himself the executive producer of a fictional TV show he called That Broccoli’s Racist! The show’s host was me. The undergirding idea was to discredit the continuing existence of racism by saying “People like Touré will call anything racist, even a vegetable.”

We all make mistakes, but this one wasn’t sussed in the least. Do better next time, Internet. Remember where political correctness came from, people; Marxists. You’re not going to win the WAR this way. Remember, I’m neither a writer, nor a journalist. I was never here.