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The 10 Biggest “Non-Story” Stories of 2010

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No doubt, 2010 was a historic year. While it’s not unusual for Big Media’s undeniable bias to lead them to miss if not intentionally ignore certain stories, in terms of volume 2010 seems to have offered a banner crop.

Albeit, no single story in 2010 compares to the biggie they missed in 2009; the ascendancy of the “Tea Party” movement. After the better part of a year the mainstream press finally caught up in 2010. Oh sure, they’re still miscasting and criticizing the phenomenon but they no longer deny its existence or impact.

The delightful irony in Big Media’s year-long exercise of ignoring and misrepresenting the Tea Party is that it ultimately served to grow and embolden the rebellious movement.

Millions of people, for the first time in their lives were directly participating in the story, they were making the news. While taking part in Tea Parties and town hall events, citizens were witnessing for themselves what took place, only to find Big Media report something other than what they had just experienced first-hand.

For many, it was a stark means of confirming their own long held suspicions of media bias. In a way, citizens were now directly on the receiving end of the misrepresentations, ultimately serving to strengthen their resolve in having their voices heard.

Perhaps the influx of “non-story” stories this year reflects a turning point, or at least a sharp curve in the long developing descent of once reputable press sources. By all appearances, the dis-connect between the American people and those who make a living informing them has grown so large that the trend may be irreversible.

So on to the list for 2010, presented in no particular order of importance. In some instances, Big Media offered plenty of coverage but missed the story. In others, they were nowhere to be found.
1) Obamacare – Hailed as a great and historical legislative achievement, the media first overlooked the rather predictable consequences of the government’s shoving it down America’s throat, a massive electoral backlash. More importantly, they reported the last hectic weeks framed in the typical Democrat vs. Republican fashion, largely ignoring Congress’ abandonment of rules and procedures such as the reconciliation process, as well as the whole mess being funded with a blatantly unconstitutional provision that forces Americans to purchase health insurance.

2) Support for Arizona’s SB1070 – The press spent the better part of the year demonizing Arizona’s legislature and Governor Jan Brewer over SB1070. They enthusiastically promoted boycotts of the state and anti-SB1070 rallies as indicators that Americans were against SB1070, though all the polling data suggested otherwise. Worse, they presented SB1070’s opposition as a cross-section of everyday Americans, ignoring the astroturf efforts of groups like SEIU, as well as Communist, Socialist and anarchist front groups working behind the scenes. To wrap matters up, the national press didn’t bother to report that the people of Arizona rewarded Brewer and the GOP in the November elections.

3) No Federal Budget – Big Media ignored the complete lack of responsibility by the Pelosi-Reid 111th Congress in fulfilling its basic constitutional duties. Not only did the Congress fail to pass a budget they barely made an effort to even adopt one, never passing a single one of the 13 necessary appropriations bills to fund government. Oh well, ho-hum!

4) Infiltration of radical Islam and Shariah Law in U.S. – Thanks to persistent souls such as Pamela Geller, the Ground Zero Mosque controversy finally put the issue of America’s aversion to radical Islam on the national radar scope. We have a serious problem on multiple fronts; our border is compromised, there our terrorist organization cells set-up throughout America and it’s reported that up to 30% of American mosques are preaching jihad. Americans are rightly concerned. The press, when giving the matter any attention at all, calls it Islamophobia.

5) Dominance of racial identity politics is waning – The dominance of ethnic minorities by Democrats is beginning to fade but you would never know it by Big Media’s 2010 election coverage. Names like Marco Rubio and Allen West headed up a record number of minority Republican candidates. The GOP grabbed several of the congressional border districts that were previously the exclusive territory of Democrats. Texas sent two conservative Hispanics to the U.S. House and seven ethnic minority GOP members to the state house where none previously existed. New Mexico elected the nation’s first female Hispanic executive, a Republican. The dirty little secret is that white conservatives have no problem voting for minority candidates.

6) The JournoList scandal – In July, a group of some 400 liberal journalist and academics, led by Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, was exposed by The Daily Caller as having collaborated to de-rail Sarah Palin and diffuse the Reverend Jeremiah Wright controversy during the 2008 presidential campaign. The group maintained a private e-mail server to share information and strategies, often collaborating with political operatives. How novel; a media conspiracy ignored by the media.

7) Local law enforcement assists SEIU thugs – In May, hundreds of SEIU protesters were bused to the home of a Bank of America executive in Montgomery County, Maryland. Protestors were on this family’s front porch chanting and waving signs as a scared 14-yr old was home alone. Not only did the county authorities look on without objection, the DC police escorted the entourage of protestors to within blocks of the location. A relatively small incident but one with big and very troubling implications.

8) Global warming sham further exposed – This is a holdover and certainly the number two story ignored in2009. The trouble continued for the whole Al Gore climate change crowd throughout 2010. Though exposed in late 2009, the East Anglia e-mail scandal unfolded into 2010. By the end of the year, the climate conference in Cancun, Mexico seemed much ado about nothing and U.S Physicist Hal Lewis resigned from his post of 38 years at UC-Santa Barbara, calling the scientific community corrupted and global warming a scam.

9) Feds shutdown Gulf drilling industry – Though the 6-month moratorium in response to the BP oil spill was lifted in November, a de-facto ban remains in place. Also unreported is the work stoppage in shallow-water due to ever evolving regulations and bureaucracy. Tens of thousands of jobs are on the line but even in this economy the press cares not.

10) The Resurgence of State’s Rights – Somewhat supported by the “Tea Party” movement, and certainly related to ObamaCare and Arizona’s immigration battles, the broad issue of state rights in the context of constitutional government is garnering interest among Americans perhaps like never before. The 10th Amendment is being championed on an increasing number of fronts and even the concept of “nullification” has returned to our modern dialog. Big Media really isn’t into the whole Constitution thing. It would never occur to them that Washington is less than omnipotent.

Mosques in U.S. Raise Money For Terrorists

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Well, it’s been  months and all the major news networks have still ignored the YouTube posting from jmarkcampbell last August showing evidence that some mosques do in fact raise money for terrorists in the United States. They even turned their backs to one of their own. The letter from Democrat Brad Sherman of California was also dismissed.

Here is his letter written December 1, 2009 :

“Dear Attorney General Holder:

As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade, it has been brought to my attention that an organization known as Viva Palestina USA, headed by George Galloway, may be soliciting funds for Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization made several trips to the United States to solicit funds for Viva Palestina USA.

Clearly, this allegation is most serious, and I request that you investigate immediately.

Brad Sherman
Member of Congress”

The investigative report by Jerry Gordon of the New English Review wrote:

“On June 14, 2009 a special investigative unit infiltrated the Al-Rahman Mosque in Orlando, FL – a Muslim Brotherhood (founder of Hamas) Front Organization.”

“What they uncovered was an international conspiracy to fund Islamic terrorism from within the U.S. via George Galloway, Imam Mahdi Bray, and Imam Mohammed Musri.”

“One year later, Federal , State, and local authorities have granted permission to release this video.”

Gordon was a former intelligence officer during the Vietnam era. His website is here.

Tom Trento of IPT (Investigative Project on Terrorism) , reports in this video that clearly shows proof that these Muslims in America support Hamas financially while they shout praises to President Obama.

As you can see, Hamas wants to destroy Israel. Since America supports Israel, America must go too.

Viva Palestina was founded by nutcase George Galloway. They supposedly try to give “humanitarian” relief to the Gaza Strip. Now we have proof Galloway and his group are also involved in terrorism. IPT reports on this.

Imam Mahdi Bray is the Executive Director of the Muslim American Society’s Freedom Foundation (MAS Freedom). They support religious leaders who have already been arrested in America.

That’s not the first time this has happened. In July 2005 , Laura Mansfield wrote, “Muslim Jihad Comes To Small Town, USA. .She wrote her experiences and that indeed Mosques can be nursing Jihadists.

Another researcher, Marshall Frank, has written, “Militant Islam In America“. He has over 30 years of working in law enforcement in Florida. From his website, “Under the unwatchful eye of the U.S. government, the non-peaceful side of Islam is using money, political influence and the protection of our Bill of Rights to conquer and create the Islamic Republic Of America before the end of this century”.

Jihad Watch is a website that also acknowledges that the media ignores the Jihadists. They provide current news regarding Jihadists and who finances them. They explain in detail the Jihad theology.

As mentioned above, IPT is Investigative Project on Terrorism. They have the coolest website and they chronicle all the Jihadists all over the world.

A strange thing that has been happening in all American airports and flights to America is the groping of crotches and breasts. Scanners are sometimes used but they reveal much as you can see here:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) reminded Muslim women who wear a hijab that they should tell the TSA officer that they may be searched only around the head and neck. It is their religious right they said.

Wow, that’s great! They can search old ladies and nuns but not a Muslim woman. That makes a lot of sense. I’m sure we all feel safer now.

Please keep in mind there are good Muslims everywhere and this article is not a call to destroy them. I have good Islamic friends I have spoken with and we share the same morals. We agree about the social degradation and immorality that is in America. We agree America was founded on a strong faith. Faithful Christians can easily find a strong ally when we share these moral beliefs with other Muslims.

Three questions remain.

The first question is why does the mainstream media ignore obvious proof that Jihadists are trying to kill Americans in their own backyard?

The mainstream media still slightly favors Obama and this would make him look bad. Even if the press had film of Obama murdering their own Mothers they would never show it. Obama could torture Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann and they would only scream and cry, “Thank you Mr. President!”.

Second, why is Homeland Security moving so slow?

Don’t hold your breath. Since Attorney General Holder is not securing America’s border and fighting the drug cartels he certainly will not fight terrorism. I think his real job is to read the teleprompter just like Obama. Watch Holder’s ineptitude here.

Third, how many people will call it “racism” even after exposing these terrorists on video?

At least as many people who voted for Obama. Did Obama dance on 911? Maybe he should be called, “Oh bomb ya!

Xavier Lerma