October 9, 2015

Santa Monica College Protestors Get Pepper-Sprayed… In the Face!

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Occupy Visine!

Class, the most important part of this lesson is that leftists hate push-back, especially when pain is involved. The leftist students are protesting a new Board of Trustees proposal, which would eliminate state subsidies for certain classes. I wonder if any of these protesters can tell us what California’s debt is right now

Anyway, cue the pain!

From the video description:

Campus police pepper sprayed as many as 30 Santa Monica College students this evening as they disrupted a meeting of the Board of Trustees, which is moving forward with a controversial plan to offer a second tier of classes not subsidized by the state.

<socialist fist!>

Ayers and Dohrn – America’s First Couple of Domestic Terrorism Visits with Occupy

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Like any good generals, it appears that domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn are making the rounds to various Occupy camps, trying to lift flagging spirits, and re-ignite the spark in the dwindling Occupy camps around the country.  On March 30, the Ward and June Cleaver of the Hardcore Left found their way to Union Square in New York City, to give a lovely little chat with the kids there.

With the look of a middle aged woman high on hormones and drugs, Dorhn started off doing a little recruitment for a protest aimed at a NATO summit to be held in Chicago in May.

Go away, you haggard crazy person!

“So we want to come here, and we want you to come there, but at least to tell them that NATO has to dissolve, and is really a threat to the planet,” Dorhn said.

Dohrn launched off into a lovely little tirade against NATO, calling it the “military force of the global one percent”, created only to help the “very rich and plunder the resources of the world.”

Ayers also hinted at the planned demonstration against NATO in May, saying it’s something that people who are organizing with them have trepidation over, considering Chicago’s history with mass demonstrations.

“Bernadine has been talking about, we’re organizing this NATO demonstration in Chicago. One of the things they’re saying is ‘It’s too dangerous. Don’t come.”…All of that is weakness speaking, we have to be clear about that,” Ayers said.

Outside of their shadowy references to their planned NATO demonstration in May, Ayers and Dohrn also touched on a polarizing figure from the recent past, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Wright was President Barack Obama’s pastor in his South Side Chicago church, and came to light when it was discovered the mostly anti-American message Wright preaches from the pulpit.

According to Ayers and Dohrn, a man who screams “GOD DAMN AMERICA” from the pulpit is really a lovely individual, who was simply the target of a (presumably evil) “Texas billionaire”.

“Just take Reverend Jeremiah Wright,” Dohrn said. “An incredible guy.”

“A lovely man,” Ayers chipped in.

“He’s self-educated, has a PhD, written a book, he’s literary, traveled the world, he took his congregation to South Africa to fight apartheid and fight racism at home,” Dohrn continued. “And what happens to him? He has this young couple come to his church, and they get involved in his church…He’s had this absolutely exemplary life. He’s demonized in a nano-second. Boom! Like that. He belonged to a very big community, and he’s a deep and fabulous guy.”

“So invite him to speak,” Dohrn added.

Frighteningly enough, their captive audience lapped all of this up. Ayers took the spotlight for a short time as well, saying that Occupy and the Far Left truly represent the “American Majority”.

“I’m convinced, and have been for a lot of years, and a lot of people, including Bernadine, think I’m delusional. But I’ve always believed we’re in the majority. I’ve always believed that. I think two-thirds of Americans want out of Iraq today, but what are the power ful doing? Talking about bombing Iran. Two-thirds of Americans want us out of Afghanistan, and yet permanent talk of war is everywhere,” he said.

Apparently, the Far Left worldview encompasses every American, according to Ayers.

“We are the majority on the issue of war. On gun violence. We are the majority on queer rights, women’s rights and human rights. We’re in the majority,” he said.

Dohrn chimed in on Ayers point, saying as the Left always does, education (see: indoctrination) is the key.

“I think part of the talking is education. Education lights up the truth, and what Occupy has done, by educating in it’s non-violent, beautiful, imaginative way, is to teach by by shifting the frame, really, by re-imagining what’s possible.”

Whatever she’s on, I want some. Because for anyone who’s followed Occupy closely, “non-violent, beautiful and imaginative” are certainly not terms that come to mind.  This footage from January 28th from Occupy Oakland shows those lovely kids advancing with a homemade barricade towards an unflinching police line. And, as always, it was somehow the police’s fault in that instance.

Or the photo below, of one of the “beautiful and imaginative” Occupiers taking a dump on a police car.

The now famous "Occupooper".

Outside of that bit of delusional perspective, Ayers also exhorted some of the young women who were in attendance to rise to the level of Dohrn, who J. Edgar Hoover once considered the most dangerous woman in the country.

“Which one of you young people will be called the most dangerous woman in America? I hope it’s you!,” he said to the delight of the crowd.

For the sake of brevity, just a few more points on these two and their insanity. At one point, Dohrn touched on the uprisings in Cairo, Egypt, and the focal point of those uprisings, Tahrir Square.

“Your generation has never seen a country with that much power and force, not go down, but at least the head got decapitated, right? A lot of the head got decapitated. That’s by popular power, literally by millions of people (claiming) a public space. And there’s still endless struggle to be had in Egypt, but nonetheless, that was popular power revealing the tremendous rot in the system, and that’s what we have here too.”

Pssst! Bernadine! Ask the Coptic Christians how they’ve liked Egypt since the monster got “beheaded”. Ask the regular citizens how it’s treated them, as even a year later, violence and disruption occurs in that country on a daily basis.

And much like the CrimethInc Anarchists recently argued,  Ayers says the key to Occupiers truly being an effective force is essentially expanding their horizons.

“The question is, ‘What’s the best way?’ No answer. We’ll see what works, but we have to keep trying. The arts opens up the imagination. We have to imagine a world without war, without prisons, without borders. And that’s a hard thing for people to imagine. People have often said we can imagine the end of the world because we’ve seen it on TV and in the movies, but we can’t imagine the end of capitalism. What the fuck would that look like? But, actually, I can imagine. And I want you to imagine it.”

Thanks Papa Ayers and Mama Bernadine, but no thanks. You failed the last time around, and you’ll fail this time around too. But, keep trying, assholes.

We’ll see you there.


Communist Occupiers Make Pretty Posters!

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Ah, the irony. In case you were unaware, Occupiers are planning a May 1st general strike as some sort of action against The Man. You know…May 1st. May Day, or International Workers Day as the communists of old used to call it.  Described as a “a focal point for demonstrations by various socialistcommunist and anarchist groups”, the irony seems lost when you tell Occupiers and their friends that they’re communists or socialists, even though it’s absolutely apparent that is what their movement’s ultimate aim is.

Regardless, as their 99% Spring approaches, it appears our communist friends over at Occupy have been making some totally rad posters for their Commie Day Celebration on May 1.  Here are some of the more fun ones they’ve cooked up so far:

A poster from Seattle for the Occupy Communist's May Day "General Strike"

Some lovely wording there! “Destroy what destroys you. A injury to the exploiters is a victory for all.” Oh, and “Shut down the city. Revolt for a life worth living!” Such shiny, happy thoughts from our “non-violent” friends, the Occupiers.

A totally awesome “SOCIALIST FIST!” dominates this poster, from an artist in Oakland:


I like this one, because they still insist on thinking they represent the 99 Percent. You just passed your sixth-month anniversary, jackasses, and the masses STILL haven’t risen up. But, whatevs. Keep at it I suppose.

Now we get to some fun Leftist academia times! Awhile back there was a pretty concerted effort by various factions within many of the Occupy camps to drop the name “Occupy” and switch to “De-colonize”, a favored term of the radical left, especially when it comes to Latino/Hispanic studies and whatnot.

Nice blood imagery there. Because, y’know, it’s only white Europeans that have ever exploited and killed other peoples for resources and land.

Finally, we have this VERY communist looking poster from Jakarta, India. Instead of a SOCIALIST FIST!, it’s a SOCIALIST FINGER!

Our STERN FINGERS will bring about the revolution! Just you watch!

Oh, Occupiers. People might actually be interested in you just a little bit more if you were honest about what you are, which is some weird blend of anarchist-communist-socialists. Keep up the good work though, I’m sure the masses will FINALLY join up on May 1.




The Educator’s Educator Likes To Call Women He Disagrees With “Conservadouche”

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too bad shaun's name isn't richard.

What does an assistant professor call a woman with whom he disagrees? A “conservadouche” (I was nice and corrected the professor’s typo). At least that’s what one assistant professor of education at Towson University called Dana Loesch, a radio talk show host, award winning editor for BigJournalism.com, and conservative contributor for CNN. His name is Shaun Johnson, and from his blog, At The Chalk Face, he states that he’s providing, “An education from an educator about education, in several ways [my emphasis]”. This latest engagement with Mrs. Loesch, a wife and mother, must be an education for Dana via one of these uncited “several ways“.

Here’s how our good teacher, @thechalkface, comported himself last night in response to a Twitter conversation Dana was having with a couple other women about her piece on Virginia’s new sonogram law:

shaun johnson

Shaun has since deleted that tweet and a few others because he knows that this behavior is in violation with his employer’s code of conduct, and could get him fired. In part: “The President [of the university] may terminate the appointment of a tenured or tenure-track appointee for moral turpitude, professional or scholarly misconduct, incompetence, or willful neglect of duty, provided that the charges be stated in writing…”

Earlier today, I spoke with Shaun’s supervisor, Karen Robertson, the chair of his department, after I spoke with someone in the Towson University Provost’s office about this matter. I told Ms. Robinson about the incident, and her first words were, “Oh dear, this is very unfortunate”, and she asked me if there was any proof of the profs purposely pitiful poltroonery. I told her that Shaun had deleted his tweet, but I had anticipated such, and had taken a screenshot of it. She asked me to email the screenshot to her and I did. Ms. Robertson has since responded via email stating, “I have passed your information and email on to the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Ray Lorion.  He is working with upper administrators at Towson to determine the next steps in this situation.  I will keep you posted about what transpires and how this situation is settled.” 

Why would a teacher be so concerned about what a political talk show host and commentator thinks? Well, it seems Mr. Johnson is a bit of a political activist. He’s one of the administrators of “Occupy DOE“, another Marxist “equal outcomes” group that pledges to, “end the reign of fear and terror promoted by the high stakes testing agenda” (I believe we call statements like this hyperbole… and moronic). I don’t believe anyone is surprised that someone, who claims that tests are terrifying, would feel he needs to take a sexist swipe at a woman. Also, Occupy DOE touts that they’re “In solidarity with Occupy Movements everywhere”. Yes, the same Occupy movement engaging in rape, murder, illegal drug use, assault, and destruction of property. Of course, these Occupy rapes are the latest crimes against women to escape proper scrutiny and rejection by the supporters of Occupy. This turn-a-blind-eye support of Occupy rapes is another reason I can see for why a man would attack a woman, being “in solidarity with Occupy” and all. Let’s hope that Assistant Professor Shaun Johnson, or any other members of Occupy DOE, don’t actually rape women in said Occupy solidarity.

Ironically, Shaun has this statement posted in his bio on the Occupy DOE website: “He earned his PhD from Indiana University and researches and publishes on elementary social studies and masculinity in education, particularly the lack of male teachers…” I hope that didn’t cause your head to explode.

Here is Shaun’s “demand” for the Occupy movement (those evil terrorist tests again):

Professors and teachers who push this type of namby pamby nonsense are precisely why many, like this author, homeschool their children.

In my opinion, there’s good reason that women are called the “better half”, the “fairer sex”, and even the “weaker sex”. This is to drill a sense of care for women into men’s brains – a “handle with care” sign, if you will. Men are dumb, and we need instruction when dealing with things more fragile than ourselves. In the bible, Peter instructs men thusly, “Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel…” In fact, our own military prohibits women from serving in frontline combat infantry positions. Men should be protectors of women, not assaulters of women, verbally, or otherwise, and especially not one who claims to be a teacher of teachers. A woman’s frame may be more fragile than a man’s, but that’s where the male advantage usually ends.

I’ll freely admit that the people I’ve known with the strongest fortitude, and the strongest character were, and are, women. One of the greatest minds in history would agree with me. Socrates taught Plato, and he’s often referred to as the teacher’s teacher, but what would Socrates have been without his own teachers, Diotima, Pythia, and Asphasia? That’s right, the teacher’s teachers were women. Socrates wrote, “Woman once made equal to man becomes his superior”, and this makes me wonder what lesson, Shaun Johnson, the educator’s educator, will learn from the woman, Dana, he interacted with in this situation. Although, since Shaun has lived his life terrorized by tests, and Socrates, one of the world’s best teachers, had issued such an ominous warning about women, maybe this just isn’t Shaun’s fault.