August 28, 2015

They Were Wrong Then and They’re Wrong Now

Posted on December 23, 2010 by in Video

The surge in nostalgia for President Reagan (and Coolidge for that matter) over the past two years is no surprise.  When the American people are faced with tyrannical government, arrogant leadership, and failed policies, they tend to cling to good memories (along with their guns and religion).  They also tend to take action, hence the Tea Party movement and the 2010 revolution.

But why the reverence for Reagan?  Well, watch this clip from 1982 and remember:

Reagan’s unwavering commitment to personal freedom, his innate mistrust of government, his bedrock discernment between right and wrong, and his dogged dedication to the Founders’ vision are just some of the qualities that make Reagan an American icon.  Contrasted with our current President – who longs to transform America into a Marxist Utopia – it’s no wonder we look back to happier times.

But taking inspiration from President Reagan’s optimism and recent changes in the political landscape, we have much to give us hope.

The Sacred Fire of Liberty burns on.  Better days are ahead.