October 14, 2015

Scott Walker Victorious in Wisconsin: The Takeaway

Posted on June 6, 2012 by in Opinion

Last night my Governor, Scott Walker, made history by becoming the first Governor in U.S. history to survive a recall election. Not only did he survive it, but he amassed even more votes than he did in the 2010 election. To do so in the state that is the birthplace of the progressive movement and hosts the “Fighting Bob Fest” is beyond impressive. Here are the takeaways:

Conservatives need to be fighters and fighters need to be sufficiently ruthless. “Sufficiently ruthless” is a term coined by Green Bay area talk show host Jerry Bader and it refers to having the will to do what is necessary. It doesn’t mean giving up your principles as the left does. Just do whatever you can legally and in good conscience to defeat the failed policies of Marxism/progressivism wherever you find them. Walker didn’t win because of position papers, he won because of the troops who went head to head with the unions and their minions.

The foundation for success hasn’t changed in over 200 years. Scott Walker reaffirmed this when he began his victory speech by thanking God and the Founders. With faith and wisdom like that, how could he loose?

Conservative politicians need to be aggressive. Walker didn’t wait to enact reforms, he immediately began implementing the changes necessary to return fiscal sanity to the state, and power to the taxpayers. But he didn’t stop there. Walker also signed bills protecting the unborn, providing lawful concealed carry, limiting unnecessary lawsuits, and establishing voter ID. Getting this work done early meant taxpayers started to realize the benefits and the left’s machine couldn’t keep enthusiasm up through the recall.

Push leftists to expose their true identities. When they finally reveal themselves it is not pretty and the average citizen will shy away from them. When feeling threatened, the left resorted to outrageous tactics such as interrupting Special Olympics ceremonies and blood drives dressed as zombies, occupying and trashing the Capitol building, fleeing to Illinois, shouting threats at fellow lawmakers, dumping drinks on politicians, and death threats.

The left is emotionally driven and dumb. They started the recall too soon, backed a loser in the primary, ran on nothing, and wasted millions of dollars. Nothing more than spoiled children having an unfocused temper tantrum. How conservatives ever let this minority group of codependent losers ever establish a power base baffles me. Be smart and be victorious.

The forces of collectivism are on the ropes here in Wisconsin and across the country. Let’s use this victory as a training tool and a springboard. Keep the heat on.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Santa Monica College Protestors Get Pepper-Sprayed… In the Face!

Posted on April 4, 2012 by in Articles

Occupy Visine!

Class, the most important part of this lesson is that leftists hate push-back, especially when pain is involved. The leftist students are protesting a new Board of Trustees proposal, which would eliminate state subsidies for certain classes. I wonder if any of these protesters can tell us what California’s debt is right now

Anyway, cue the pain!

From the video description:

Campus police pepper sprayed as many as 30 Santa Monica College students this evening as they disrupted a meeting of the Board of Trustees, which is moving forward with a controversial plan to offer a second tier of classes not subsidized by the state.

<socialist fist!>

Communist Occupiers Make Pretty Posters!

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Ah, the irony. In case you were unaware, Occupiers are planning a May 1st general strike as some sort of action against The Man. You know…May 1st. May Day, or International Workers Day as the communists of old used to call it.  Described as a “a focal point for demonstrations by various socialistcommunist and anarchist groups”, the irony seems lost when you tell Occupiers and their friends that they’re communists or socialists, even though it’s absolutely apparent that is what their movement’s ultimate aim is.

Regardless, as their 99% Spring approaches, it appears our communist friends over at Occupy have been making some totally rad posters for their Commie Day Celebration on May 1.  Here are some of the more fun ones they’ve cooked up so far:

A poster from Seattle for the Occupy Communist's May Day "General Strike"

Some lovely wording there! “Destroy what destroys you. A injury to the exploiters is a victory for all.” Oh, and “Shut down the city. Revolt for a life worth living!” Such shiny, happy thoughts from our “non-violent” friends, the Occupiers.

A totally awesome “SOCIALIST FIST!” dominates this poster, from an artist in Oakland:


I like this one, because they still insist on thinking they represent the 99 Percent. You just passed your sixth-month anniversary, jackasses, and the masses STILL haven’t risen up. But, whatevs. Keep at it I suppose.

Now we get to some fun Leftist academia times! Awhile back there was a pretty concerted effort by various factions within many of the Occupy camps to drop the name “Occupy” and switch to “De-colonize”, a favored term of the radical left, especially when it comes to Latino/Hispanic studies and whatnot.

Nice blood imagery there. Because, y’know, it’s only white Europeans that have ever exploited and killed other peoples for resources and land.

Finally, we have this VERY communist looking poster from Jakarta, India. Instead of a SOCIALIST FIST!, it’s a SOCIALIST FINGER!

Our STERN FINGERS will bring about the revolution! Just you watch!

Oh, Occupiers. People might actually be interested in you just a little bit more if you were honest about what you are, which is some weird blend of anarchist-communist-socialists. Keep up the good work though, I’m sure the masses will FINALLY join up on May 1.




OWS “PR Firm” Started By Convicted Felon Andy Stepanian Threatens And Covers Up Crime

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With Occupy Wall Street celebrating their sixth month “anniversary” during the weekend of Mar. 16-18,  New York City’s occupiers got especially rowdy. Once more, they mostly made asses out of themselves, and ended up being surprised (once again) by the response of the NYPD. Revolution is a rough game, kids, and you really are lucky you’re trying to play here, in this country, than many other places on Earth where you’d all be riddled with bullets by now.

But I digress.

During the chaos that OWS managed to incite on Saturday night, one protestor was supposedly roughed up by the NYPD and subjected to all sorts of awful horrors. Unfortunately, for those who do a little digging,  Cecily McMillan’s story doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny. However, for once, at least some part of the Occupy team realized the control and flow of information might be an important thing.

Sparrow Media Project (@SparrowMedia) labels itself as “Publicity, PR, and creative direction for grassroots activists. We amplify marginalized voices”, on it’s Twitter profile. Over the weekend, those silly kids at Sparrow realized trying to push McMillan’s story (at least the way they wanted it pushed), would require a fine control of the information being sent out by the hundreds of protestors and thousands of Internet users following the action.

First off, Sparrow suggests the “correct” angle of McMillan’s altercation, and also suggests any non-approved footage be removed immediately:

After that, Sparrow then scolds fellow uploaders about the importance of “security culture” (a favored term of the Anarchist left):

An interesting conversation captured there at the bottom, as well.

Sparrow’s intervention here shows that OWS is certainly hardening up to be a movement of the hardcore political Left. Andy Stepanian, a member of the Sparrow team, is relatively well-known to both the professional activist Left, and to the law as a convicted felon.  Being the featured speaker at an event titled “Subverting Capitalism, Activism and the Media”,  along with being a member of yet another Leftist, “unjustly accused” and imprisoned “number” group (the SHAC 7), Stepanian’s lefty credentials are legitimate. And now, it appears he looks to be taking on the role of Spin Doctor for OWS as their spring “campaign” ramps up.

Here's Andy (front left) in federal prison showing us the "peace" sign - since he's so into peace, love and harmony.

Let this be of note. They realize that those who disagree with them in every manner possible monitor them relentlessly. Stepanian seemingly knows, at least, that the flow of information has to be closely guarded and filtered in order to create the proper narrative for the flagging movement, the correct sense of victimization and feigned righteous indignation to keep them moving forward. Andy’s even threaten to “dox” Brooks Bayne (screenshot below), the founder/editor of The Graph, and he even hints at potential violence. The term dox is typically used to describe criminal means to obtain and post personally identifiable information (PII) about people on the Internet. This would include things like a person’s home address, work address, credit card information, phone number, etc. However, dox information can also be “exploited by criminals to stalk or steal the identity of a person, or to plan a person’s murder or robbery, among other crimes.

Convicted felon, Andrew Stepanian, threatens Brooks Bayne. Probably not the best way to start off your PR business.

They’re getting more savvy. But…that’s alright. Even with an increased awareness of their image, the six months they’ve spent damaging it in fits of pique and rage means most people are already turned off to their message.  But, as we’ve seen before and saw again this weekend, that disconnect with the people they’re trying to influence has never seemingly mattered, a strange phenomena within the group as a whole.

Regardless, we will need to keep a closer eye on them than ever before, to make sure that the most complete picture of this “American Spring” is captured and shared with the world at large.

Good luck with that PR business, Andy. Looks like you’ll need a lot of it!