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Tegan Kline

What We’re Looking For
You are passionate about Web3 and are familiar with The Graph. You are savvy about blockchains and APIs, with knowledge of subgraphs. You are driven and committed to developing optimal experiences for engineers and users. You excel in client-facing roles and are ready to work with the best Web3 projects globally. You are fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, and able to offer tech support to our communities in the China timezone. You work as a customer advocate to ensure we're offering the best support for our developers and users in China and the broader Asia region.
  • Review all of the external channels for The Graph and be extremely present and responsive

  • Being helpful to all users of The Graph and ensuring each has a positive experience

  • Actively answer queries on WeChat and Discord and identify issues and bugs and ensure applications have seamless experiences with The Graph

  • If the requests are more complex, narrow down the problem a bit, reproduce and write a proper ticket so that the other engineers can take it from there

  • Support the Asia business team in meetings, as needed. Manage relationships with potential users and subgraph implementers

  • Support the Asia business team to identify new leads for integrations or partnerships

  • Provide technical support and answer questions during hackathons, technical workshops and other inbounds from community events; help developers build the best subgraphs during the events

  • Collaborate with the business development and community teams to support subgraph developers, users, and network participants

  • Support end-to-end process of subgraph integrations and deployments

  • Support the bug bounty program and protocol testing in China/Asia

  • Recommend best practices to accelerate user on boarding and integration for China/Asia users

  • Technical translation and writing, including docs, write-ups, guides and tutorials

  • Lead technical workshops and attend events in China, as necessary

  • Provide technical support for Chinese users, Identify opportunities to help customers expand their use of The Graph

Desired skills
  • Being present on all channels

  • Providing fast responses

  • Excellent communication skills in English

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to take initiative and drive meetings and engagements with potential users

  • Experience with Customer Success and providing solutions for engineering products is preferred

  • Experience with Github and other developer tooling

  • TypeScript (intermediate skill level)

  • GraphQL (intermediate skill level)

  • Knowledge about The Graph, blockchain and Web3

  • 1+ year experience in Technical Support, Customer Success or similar

  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related practical experience

  • Knowledge about Cryptocurrency and the web3 community

About The Team
Edge & Node is a globally distributed team. We work hard, but our remote-first team affords a high degree of autonomy and flexibility. Our few scheduled meetings tend to be in the morning, pacific standard time (PST). Most of our team, even at the individual contributor level, has started companies or led large teams and it shows in the way that people manage their own productivity. We’re mission-oriented, and hold one another accountable with results rather than vanity metrics like time spent at your desk. If you need to book a vacation, or make a doctor’s appointment, go for an afternoon run, or even just get some fresh air, we trust you to use your time effectively.

Despite being remote-first, our team is fairly tight-knit and often feels like a family. You can expect quarterly offsites (once Covid permits) in different parts of the world, where we strategize as a team, brainstorm around a whiteboard, go on team outings, have spirited and varied conversations over wine, coffee, or kombucha, and get to know each other on a personal level. We value diversity and bringing your whole self to work, including your weird hobbies, unique life experiences, cultural traditions, obscure music tastes, and whatever else makes you *you*. In addition to offsites, you’ll have the option to travel to conferences and meetups around the world, where you’ll get to know individual teammates on a more personal level and also build relationships with our users and community.

The Business team has horsepower to support a growing global ecosystem. We develop and execute on business strategy, create communications, manage partnerships and support network participants.

You will be working closely with our Business, Community and Engineering teams to execute end-to-end support. We work remotely with current team members located in the US, Germany, Argentina and Asia; and meet in person several times a year (unless there’s a pandemic).

We pay competitive salaries to all team members, based on level of contribution and country of residence, and offer generous health benefits to U.S. based employees.
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