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Brandon Ramirez

What We’re Looking For
Edge & Node (E&N) is looking for a Data Scientist/ Analyst to help drive strategic decisions for its various platforms. E&N is the team behind The Graph, a recently launched decentralized protocol for querying open datasets, which already has thousands of users and multiple billions of dollars in tokens participating in the protocol. Our previously launched hosted service currently powers the most prominent applications in the Ethereum ecosystem, serving billions of queries per month and growing exponentially. We have an energized and vibrant community of users that are passionate about what we’re building
  • Produce compelling data-driven narratives that describe what is happening in The Graph and why.

  • Evangelize the use of data to support improved decision-making throughout E&N and The Graph’s ecosystem.

  • Design and run experiments, such as A/B tests, to increase the growth, retention, and success of users of The Graph.

  • Apply domain knowledge of relevant topics, such as blockchain, crypto, decentralized finance (DeFi), databases, etc. to identify salient trends and patterns while exploring data sets.

  • Work with data engineers to define requirements for ETL and data pipelines to produce and automate new data sets to support your analysis.

  • Analyze The Graph metrics (eg. network data, developer growth, subgraph usage), to track engagement, KPIs and assess industry-wide trends.

  • Develop analytical and financial models to forecast usage behavior (eg. dapp adoption, network usage).

Desired skills
  • Analytical

    You effectively break down complex topics and explore new problems from principles.

  • Curious

    You have a growth mindset when it comes to acquiring new knowledge. You enjoy pulling on a thread and seeing where it leads. You see exploring data as a creative as much as an analytical process.

  • Self-directed

    You are able to operate independently in a remote environment and proactively identify the most important tasks to maximize your contribution. You apply domain knowledge to prioritize data-driven investigations that will have the greatest impact on strategic and technical goals.

  • Expert communicator

    You understand that to be effective, presenting your results and recommendations clearly is as important as the analysis itself. You leverage a combination of media, including written reports, blog posts, data visualizations, spreadsheets, analytical notebooks (i.e. Jupyter, Sage, ObservableHQ), dashboards, mathematical writing (i.e. LaTeX), slide decks, and live presentations, choosing the ones most suited for the ideas being communicated.

  • Team player

    People love working with you and your teammates value the way you introduce data-driven insights into conversations to help the team be more effective.

  • Query Data

    You are adept at writing SQL queries and as a bonus are also familiar with GraphQL.

Strongly Recommended
  • Crypto Native

    You have already "fallen down the crypto rabbit hole." You are familiar with, if not an expert in, concepts like blockchain, distributed systems, bonding curves, decentralized finance (DeFi), consensus, Web3, etc

  • Data Engineer & Visualization

    You can write Python or Javascript to post-process data, create interactive notebooks and rich data visualizations or animations. You are proficient in Excel.

About The Team
Edge & Node is a globally distributed team. We work hard, but our remote-first team affords a high degree of autonomy and flexibility. Our few scheduled meetings tend to be in the morning, pacific standard time (PST). Most of our team, even at the individual contributor level, has started companies or led large teams and it shows in the way that people manage their own productivity. We’re mission-oriented, and hold one another accountable with results rather than vanity metrics like time spent at your desk. If you need to book a vacation, or make a doctor’s appointment, go for an afternoon run, or even just get some fresh air, we trust you to use your time effectively.

Despite being remote-first, our team is fairly tight-knit and often feels like a family. You can expect quarterly offsites (once Covid permits) in different parts of the world, where we strategize as a team, brainstorm around a whiteboard, go on team outings, have spirited and varied conversations over wine, coffee, or kombucha, and get to know each other on a personal level. We value diversity and bringing your whole self to work, including your weird hobbies, unique life experiences, cultural traditions, obscure music tastes, and whatever else makes you *you*. In addition to offsites, you’ll have the option to travel to conferences and meetups around the world, where you’ll get to know individual teammates on a more personal level and also build relationships with our users and community.

We pay competitive salaries to all team members, based on level of contribution and country of residence, and offer generous health benefits to U.S. based employees.
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