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Nena Djaja

What We’re Looking For
You love beautiful, well-crafted, pixel-perfect interfaces. We value design. You can see it in all that we do. We approach development with craft and think a lot about form and function. You should feel equally at home talking to developers and designers. We're building the foundation for Web3 - a new platform for building decentralized applications (dApps) where no corporation has control over data. Experience with Ethereum is a plus. You must be interested in building world changing tools.
  • Develop, ship, and maintain a suite of dApps built on top of The Graph's decentralized network using web3 technologies

  • Develop, ship, and maintain high quality interfaces for our marketing pages

  • Work with our Design team to transform ideas and designs into modern, clean, and readable code

  • Implement robust engineering solutions with thoughtful designs across the full-stack

  • Be an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and receptiveness to feedback

Desired skills
  • React components

    Experience building reusable UI components with thoughtful APIs and handling React component state and lifecycle.

  • GraphQL + Apollo

    We're building a GraphQL layer for Web3. You should know and love GraphQL :)

  • Ethers

    We use Ethers.js library for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Some familiarity would be desirable.

  • NextJS

    Experience with front-end frameworks, such at NextJS or similar.

  • TypeScript

    Experience with Typescript highly desirable.

  • CSS-in-JS

    Theme UI and Emotion.

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