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Quantitative Analyst

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Tegan Kline

What We’re Looking For
You are an original thinker and can thrive in a dynamic environment. You are passionate about Web3 and are familiar with The Graph. You have been in Finance in Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, as a quantitive analyst, or in machine learning for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Risk assessment, management and modelling

  • Assume a leadership position in meeting various trading and risk management needs through generating trading strategies/algorithms

  • Participate in all the stages of the development of new algorithms

  • Responsible for trading strategies ideation, back-testing, and stress-testing

  • Develop tools & metrics to measure the performance of a wide variety of algos, and provide dynamic feedback mechanisms and models calibrations.

  • Post testing, implementing the strategies smoothly

  • Crypto yield management (lending/borrowing/AMMs/perpetuals)

  • Managing Venture Fund's CRM

  • Predicting future financial trends and providing advice on how the company and future business decisions might be impacted

  • Developing both short-term and long-term business plans

  • Reviewing, monitoring, and managing budgets

  • Perform venture analysis / due diligence

  • Developing strategies that work to minimise the financial risk of specific trades/event and overall portfolio

  • Quarterly reporting

  • Accounting and Tax optimisation

  • Price GRT financial instruments

  • Contribute on the research team

Desired skills
  • Proven experience as a Financial Manager or Analyst

  • Quantitative research and analysis

  • Able to use quantitative methods with risk assessment, asset evaluation, detect/forecast market changes and help make business and financial decisions.

  • A solid understanding of financial statistics and accounting principles with working knowledge of all statutory legislation and regulations

  • An analytical mind and advanced Excel abilities

  • Familiar with common financial models used in corporate finance such as Three statement Model, DCF Model, Budget model, Option Pricing Model, etc

  • Commercial and business awareness

  • Have an extensive understanding of financial trends both within the company, general market (macro/micro) and crypto patterns

  • Able to manage, guide and lead employees to ensure appropriate financial processes are being used

  • Negotiation skills and the ability to develop strong working relationships

  • BS/MA degree in Finance, Accounting, Mathmatics or Economics

  • Professional qualification such as CFA/CPA or similar will be considered a plus

  • Excellent analysis and writing skills

  • Great communication skills

About The Team
The Business team has horsepower to support a growing global ecosystem. We develop and execute on business strategy, create communications, manage partnerships and support network participants. We create operational methodologies to support our goals and seek to be legally compliant in all efforts.

You will be working closely with our Business team and The Graph Foundation to support operations in the best interest of The Graph ecosystem. We work remotely with current team members located in the US, Argentina and China; and meet in person several times a year (unless there's a pandemic).
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