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UI/UX Animation Engineer

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Nena Djaja

What We’re Looking For
You love beautiful, well-crafted, perfect interfaces and great user experiences.

We value design. You can see it in all that we do. We approach development with craft and think a lot about form and function. You should feel equally at home talking to developers and designers. You understand that design is a process and that concepts might need multiple iterations before it's just right.

We're building the foundation for Web3 - a new platform for building decentralized applications (dApps) where no corporation has control over data. You must be interested in building world changing tools. We are looking for someone who cares about the quality of the final design as much as we do. You will ensure the final product is high quality and works as intended.

  • Implement beautiful animations and data visualizations in our various user interfaces

  • Work with our Design team to transform ideas and designs into polished UIs while writing clean and readable code

  • Collaborate with the product team to help define new product features

  • Develop, ship, and maintain quality interfaces for our marketing pages

  • Be an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and receptiveness to feedback

Desired skills
  • React components

    Experience building reusable UI components with thoughtful APIs and handling React component state and lifecycle

  • Data Visualization

    Experience with visualization and animations libraries such as D3.js

  • CSS-in-JS

    Theme UI and Emotion. Animations with CSS3

  • Experience with working with data and building data-driven dashboards is desirable

  • NextJS

    Experience with front-end frameworks, such at NextJS or similar is desirable

Include a portfolio in the application with projects that highlight UX, visualizations and animations that you've done.

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