The Graph Builders Newsletter #11

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gm web3 builders,

Welcome to The Graph Builders Newsletter #11 - November 2023 where we share important builder-focused news coming from The Graph ecosystem from the past month.

Topics for November 2023

  • Hackathon Highlights
    • Previewing EthIndia
    • EthGlobal Online
    • EthGlobal Istanbul
  • New Releases
    • Discover and Manage Substreams with
  • Learning Corner
    • Graph Client’s Subgraph Composition
    • Scaffold-Eth2 Builder Challenges and The Graph
    • Builders Office Hours Workshops
  • The Graph @ IRL Events
    • DevConnect and DataPalooza
  • Participate
    • Join The Graph BuildersDAO

Hackathon Highlights

November was a busy month for builders worldwide! Check out the preview for EthIndia and gather some inspiration-fuel for your building by checking out the winners of The Graph bounties from two huge hackathons!

Previewing EthIndia (Dec 8th-10th)

Are you attending the biggest hackathon of the year in Bengaluru and looking to connect with other builders working on The Graph? You can stop by our booth to say hi and wish good luck to fellow hackers.

Also, you are invited to join a private lunch hosted by Edge & Node Developer Relations Engineer and host of Web3KiDuniya, Pranav Maheshwari!

To secure your seat, kindly reach out to Pranav on Telegram and confirm your RSVP. Please note that RSVPs are limited, so don’t hesitate to book your spot.

EthGlobal Istanbul Hackathon Winners

Best New Subgraph:

🥇 zkmap: A proof-of-location system with versatile use cases like event attendance verification, legal & security uses, emergency service integrity, & more.

🥈GenieAI: An AI marketplace offering private, anonymous access to a variety of AI assistants for diverse needs, like healthcare services.

Best Use of a Subgraph:

🥇CanaryBay: Built an on-chain registry of warrant canaries, which are a type of notice surrounding user privacy.

🥈Degen Drink: A multi-chain drink dispenser authenticated using on-chain payments indexed by The Graph, along with NFC wristbands, perfect for web3-friendly events!

Best Use of Substreams:

🥇Nazar: Explore & visualizes the nuances of ERC-4337 transactions, supporting developers & enthusiasts alike.

EthGlobal Online Hackathon Winners

Best New Subgraph:

🥇Show Up: An RSVP and Event management protocol that aligns the incentives between event organizers and attendees. Increasing participation rates by requesting a registration fee for attendees. Active participants get rewarded by splitting the fees from those who didn't show up!

🥈Enigma: Enigma introduces the Secret NFTs standard: a unique dual URI approach. Each NFT showcases a public and a private layer. Only owners have full access. From art to memberships, prioritizing privacy in the digital domain is paramount

🥉Careerzen: Authenticate builders’ careers reliably and permanently. Builders no longer need to waste time filling their resumes with big words every time. They can simply design, code, and plan to enjoy hacking, expose their automatically stacked NFT achievement credentials, and get the right job offers.

Best Use of a Subgraph:

🥇Refiq: A decentralized social media platform where users create unique NFT topics and set their own moderation policies. Users can engage by creating posts, commenting, and rewarding contents with Eth. It allows content creators and moderators to monetize their contributions.

🥈Shout Protocol: A social media platform that lets user boost their content reach with yield. Users can raise the exposure of their posts by depositing assets on the platform. The deposited assets are then supplied to yield generating platforms. The generated yields are then split between the platform and the post authors.

🥉DashBid: Marketplace for data analysts. Through a unique reverse auction mechanism, businesses set dashboard prices while analysts bid, ensuring quality analytics at the best rate.

New Releases

Discover and Manage Substreams with

StreamingFast released to assist developers with their Substreams experience. At, we can build Substreams collaboratively in an environment similar to popular package management solutions. With over 50 Substreams packages already available and more added daily, the platform is set to become the main hub for all Substreams development!

Read the release announcement for an in-depth look at how is paving the way for a new era in blockchain data intelligence.

Learning Corner

Graph Client’s Subgraph Composition

Graph Client is a powerful library built by The Guild that is designed to improve the experience of querying a subgraph.

The features of Graph Client are extensive, so it's best to learn one at a time. Lucky for us, Edge & Node’s Simon Emanuel Schmid built a workshop taking us through Graph Clients’s Subgraph Composition feature which allows us to query various subgraphs that index different chains all at once!

Check out the workshop’s repo and jump into Graph Client with Simon!

Scaffold-Eth2 Builder Challenges and The Graph

Builders learn by doing, and Scaffold-Eth2 is the fast way to ‘do` any building in crypto!

If you haven’t heard of Scaffold-Eth2, it's a builders framework that makes iterating your web3 ideas super easy!

And now, with Edge & Node Developer Relations Engineer Kevin Jones and his Scaffold-Eth2 Challenges Repo, we can challenge ourselves to iterate fast with subgraphs too!

If you’re looking for an excuse to finally try out Scaffold-Eth, this is your sign!

Once you complete the challenges, dive into another challenge by checking out another workshop by Kevin Jones on building a full-stack web3 dapp using Scaffold-Eth2 and The Graph!

The Graph Builders Office Hours - Thursdays 5pm UTC

Jump into The Graph Builders Office Hours every Thursday at 5pm UTC hosted by Edge & Node Developer Relations Engineer Kevin Jones in The Graph Discord. Each session includes live workshops and Q&A discussions with developers who are building in The Graph Ecosystem.

Start building fast with previous The Graph Builders Office Hours workshops!

Not seeing a topic you want to be covered?

Request a topic for an upcoming The Graph Builders Office Hours episode and we will make it happen!

The Graph @ IRL Events

DevConnect and DataPalooza

Vitalik and hundreds of attendees at DevConnect came together for an incredible event laying out the various initiatives in and around The Graph ecosystem at DataPalooza!

Watch the video playlist from all of the DataPalooza speakers to see what the future holds for The Graph.


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Join The Graph BuildersDAO!

The Graph BuildersDAO is a community of collaborative developers who provide their building services to dapps and protocols.

This collaborative community is looking for builders with various levels of experience in smart contracts, Rust, frontend frameworks, DevOps, subgraphs and Substreams to join and participate on a variety of projects.

Also, if there’s a project that needs some builder-power, The Graph BuildersDAO is a great resource that can build a custom subgraph or Substream! Get in touch!

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Marcus Rein
November 30, 2023

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