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Build faster
100% less servers

Create groundbreaking applications without needing to run your own data server, build indexing infrastructure, or parse through raw data.

Spend less
60-98% less per month

Cut down on costs and time spent running expensive infrastructure by tapping into The Graph’s competitive data market.

Increase resilience
99.99%+ uptime

Ensure your application’s uptime and keep its data flowing 24/7 with a globally distributed network of contributors.

Industry-standard data access

Subgraphs are open APIs on The Graph that organize and serve blockchain data to applications. Using subgraphs, developers and data consumers alike benefit from speedy access to indexed data.

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Powered by subgraphs

Tens of thousands of developers rely on The Graph to create best-in-class user experiences. Explore a rich ecosystem of community-created subgraphs or build your own with The Graph.

Indexer Nodes

On The Graph Network

1.26 trillion+
Queries Served

On The Graph Network
& hosted service


On The Graph Network
& hosted service

Supported Networks

Anyone can use subgraphs to power applications across 50+ networks and counting.

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On The Graph Network & hosted service

How to use a subgraph

With The Graph, it’s easy to access blockchain data using subgraphs and GraphQL queries. Join a growing number of trailblazers creating fast, responsive applications with data that loads in milliseconds.

Step 1Discover

Create a subgraph to organize smart contract data, or use an existing one.

Premia Mainnet SubgraphView the subgraph

Step 2Query

Easily access organized data with simple GraphQL queries.

{ pools (first: 10) { address annualPercentageReturn utilizationRate netSize netSizeInUsd pairName } }
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Step 3Serve

Effortlessly load queried data into your application.

Screenshot of Premia FinanceView the dapp

Globally distributed
Decentralized infrastructure

What makes The Graph so resilient? Enter The Graph Network, a decentralized data market powered by distributed participants: Indexers, Curators, Delegators, and Subgraph Developers.

Join the ecosystem
Transform the internet

The Graph ecosystem welcomes you — regardless of where you are in the world, what your level of technical expertise is, or your familiarity with blockchains. Learn about all the roles in which you can choose to participate!

A new era is upon us

The Graph Roadmap

World of Data Services
Developer Empowerment
Optimized Indexer Performance
Interconnected Graph of Data
Protocol Evolution & Resiliency
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The Graph enables innovators of all backgrounds to plug into a collaborative ecosystem. Learn more about how The Graph community can serve you.


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