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Learn about The Graph, a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains.

Network Roles

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Learn about The Graph’s network roles.

  • Developer

    Create a subgraph or use existing subgraphs in a dapp

  • Indexer

    Operate a node to index data and serve queries

  • Curator

    Organize data by signaling on subgraphs

  • Delegator

    Secure the network by delegating GRT to Indexers

  • Subgraph Studio

    Create, manage and publish subgraphs and API keys

  • Graph Explorer

    Explore subgraphs and interact with the protocol

  • Hosted Service

    Create and explore subgraphs on the Hosted Service

Supported Networks

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The Graph supports the following networks on The Graph Network and the Hosted Service.

The Graph Network & Hosted Service

Hosted Service

  • Near*

*In beta.

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