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Welcome to the decentralized world

We're on a mission to make open data easily accessible.

We've chosen to work on decentralization because we want to radically reshape how humans cooperate and organize.

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Our code of culture

Ideas Always Win

The best ideas can come from anywhere. We have a collaborative culture where we discuss things openly and everyone has a voice. Areas of ownership ensure that each person understands how to participate and how decisions are made.

We Value Wellbeing

We're building a world changing protocol but not at the expense of our health and wellbeing. At The Graph you can work from anywhere and still have time for family and friends. By valuing our people we hope to keep the team together and productive for years to come.

Learn at Lightspeed

Great people optimize for learning and growth above all else. We’re working at the cutting edge of decentralization and no matter where you’re starting from, you will be learning everyday as we help push the industry forward.

Open positions





Smart Contracts1


Product Engineering2

Research & Product1


  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Ecosystem.svg
    Ecosystem Manager
  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Business.svg
    Solutions Engineer
  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Community.svg
    Developer Relations
  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Community.svg
    Community Development
  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Smart-Contracts.svg
    Smart Contracts
    Solidity Engineer
  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Engineering.svg
    Rust Engineer
  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Engineering.svg
    Distributed Systems Engineer
  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Product-Engineering.svg
    Product Engineering
    Frontend Engineer
  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Product-Engineering.svg
    Product Engineering
    UI Engineer
  • job-cell-/images/jobs/Research-Product.svg
    Research & Product
    Technical Program Manager
  • About The Graph

    The Graph takes a new approach to open data with the first decentralized indexing protocol. The Graph is a protocol for organizing blockchain data that is already powering many DeFi and Web3 applications today. With the use of subgraphs (open APIs), developers can easily access blockchain data and serve data to their users.

    What Google does for web, The Graph does for blockchains. A community of over 5k developers have built 3.4k+ subgraphs for applications like Uniswap, Aragon, Synthetix, KnownOrigin and many more.

    With the mainnet launch of The Graph Network in December 2020, serverless applications are made possible. Indexers, Curators and Delegators contribute to the network to index data and process queries in a decentralized manner, mitigating central points of failure and redundant development work.