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Everest: The Inception of Project Identities

Eva Beylin
May 14, 2020

Two weeks ago we launched our first decentralized application built on The Graph, Everest: a universal registry for crypto projects.

Everest was incepted by members of the MetaCartel community out of a need to better track crypto projects to use, support and fund. The vision for Everest is to prove that useful applications can be curated in a decentralized manner and to showcase the power of subgraphs as open APIs, that can be integrated with other applications.

The registry aims to be the go-to source for information about projects, their categories and an updated view of the crypto landscape. Anyone can add a project and vote or challenge other projects on behalf of their project, if it’s details are inaccurate or it’s being misrepresented. Check out the Everest Charter for more thorough guidelines on voting and challenging projects.


Everest is chain-agnostic and supports the listing of all projects that in a broad sense are working towards the Web3 vision of decentralization; including dApps, DAOs, funds, non-profits, research organizations and more! Currently there are over 200 projects listed on Everest, searchable across 19 high-level categories.

Major use cases for the Everest app include:

  • Sourcing deal flow - funds and investors can refer to Everest for potential investments

  • Discovering new products, dApps & orgs - think product hunt for crypto projects

  • Finding accurate project details & links - use Everest to find accurate project details and official links, especially if the project was verified by an employee or contributor!

  • Curation experiments - test how active members are in curating the registry (without a token incentive!)

We’re excited to see Everest grow in utility as more projects are added and with new features. The Everest Reserve Bank will be used to fund bounties for new feature development and Everest will be community maintained.

Everest Subgraph

Every project on Everest has an ERC-1056 identity and all project identities and their metadata are captured in the Everest subgraph that you can query today. Subgraphs facilitate composability between applications, so others can reference the Everest subgraph and build on top of the existing data set: the list of projects and their details.

We envision dApps leveraging the Everest subgraph to build useful applications such as:

  • Work applications - link a project’s Everest identity with skills, worker profiles, job postings and more

  • Events & Meetups - integrate events, meetups and streaming apps with the Everest subgraph so events can be tracked by project ID.

  • News & Blogs - create project-specific blogs and profiles or tag news with project IDs, there’s so much Everest to ascend!

Since subgraphs are open source, any developer can query the Everest subgraph for project metadata. The Graph is also busy building out subgraph composition which will allow for easier integration of various subgraphs - eg. if Gitcoin integrated the Everest subgraph referencing project IDs and also built a subgraph tracking bounties and bounty fulfiller by project.

Everest is also highly useful for finding the distribution of projects by category or industry. Here’s a breakdown of projects by category today (note: projects can have multiple categories):


So far DeFi, Software, Business Services, Entertainment and Governance projects are dominating Everest. Although this isn't an exhaustive view of the whole crypto ecosystem, this can still give us an idea of category penetration and where we need more building!

Within the DeFi category specifically, exchanges, wallets, payments and lending projects make up the majority. Breakdown of DeFi projects by sub-category:


You can also play around with the Graph Playground to see specific project and category data, and make example queries to the Everest subgraph. Here we’re querying for the 5 most recent projects added to the DeFi category, in order of recency: Mooni, DeFi Prime, Opyn, Airswap, and Bitfish. Add yours!

Get Involved - Climb Everest with us!

At The Graph we recognize that before we can bring the rest of the world into Web3 and DeFi, we need to create value from our own products and meet the needs of the crypto ecosystem today. There's no better place to start than in our own community. By using tools like Everest, we'll be able to iterate faster and build useful products for broader users. Join us in our mission to expand the use cases for Web3 technologies!

Everest is maintained by the community for the community. If you haven’t already, make sure to add your project (or any project!) to the registry. It takes ~5 minutes and can bring real user exposure to your project and future interoperability, as the Everest registry and subgraph gain utility.

The Everest code (front-end and subgraph) are also open source so you can submit PRs, give us feedback or fulfill a development bounty!

We look forward to collaborating with the Web3 community to bring the Everest mission to life. Follow us or join our community:

Website: https://thegraph.com

Blog: https://thegraph.com/blog/

Telegram: https://t.me/GraphProtocol

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/vtvv7FP

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thegraph/

Everest: https://everest.link