Scalable queries for a decentralized future

Discover subgraphs by the leading projects in the Web3 ecosystem. All this data is immediately available for querying using GraphQL.

Getting Data Off
Blockchains is hard

dApps need a way to get and transform data from underlying data sources. IPFS provides cheap storage and Ethereum enables atomic transactions but data is rarely stored in a format you can consume directly in your applications.



  • What are the token balances for this wallet address?

  • Who is looking for credit matching my desired risk profile?

  • Who owns land in my VR district and how much did they pay?

Today, getting data like this requires you to write your own indexing server that you have to run and operate on centralized infrastructure.

The Flexibility of GraphQL

The Graph uses GraphQL, a query language developed and open-sourced by
Facebook. It provides a powerful API to get exactly the data you need in a
single request, seamlessly traversing and combining data sources.

  • Fast

    Build dApps that load lightning fast. Your users will appreciate not having to look at spinners.

  • Broad Support

    Popular with web and mobile developers with existing libraries for React, React Native, and Angular.

  • Composable

    Create shareable and composable UI components that load data automatically inside any application.


  • Filters

    With boolean expressions

  • Pagination

    First, last, and skip

  • Sorting

    Asc or desc

  • Subscriptions


  • Block Reorgs



The Team

A Future Free From Data Silos

We're building The Graph because we've seen the challenges in getting data off blockchains. We envision The Graph as a truly decentralized ecosystem where the community can collaborate on curating quality data sources available to all. Together we can build a new generation of the web free from data silos and monopolies.

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