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The Graph grants program is a gateway for contributing to web3. Grants are awarded for protocol, tooling, subgraph and dapp development, and growth initiatives. Check out past efforts funded by the community treasury.

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  • Protocol

    Advance The Graph Network with R&D efforts on smart contracts, network operations, Graph Node, cryptography and other core development.

  • Tooling

    Support subgraph and Indexer tooling to improve developer experience, expand features, help users engage with the network and simplify network operations.

  • Data Services

    Create and use subgraphs and Substreams to build new data services, dapps, and dashboards that contribute to the network of open source data.

  • Community

    Empower The Graph community to grow the network, subgraph usage and web3 knowledge with education, content, events, developer support and more.

Graph Grantees

Grants are distributed to individuals, projects and initiatives that are open source and contribute to the growth of The Graph ecosystem. You don’t have to be technical to receive a grant! Take a look at the past efforts funded by the community treasury.

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  • Wave 4

    Semiotic AI

    Core developer grant.

  • Wave 3


    Core developer grant.

  • Wave 4

    The Guild

    Core developer grant.

  • Photo of Cambrian Protocol

    Wave 5

    Cambrian Protocol

    An open-source Web3 future of work project.

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There are ongoing requests for proposal (RFPs) from teams that want to contribute to building The Graph. Check out these RFPs that have been requested by core contributors and the community and receive a grant for your efforts!

There are no open RFPs at this time

The grants program is overseen by The Graph Foundation and The Graph Council, with support from community domain experts and core contributors.