The Graph Builders Newsletter - October 2023

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gm web3 builders,

Let’s dive into The Graph Builders Newsletter #10 - October 2023 where we share important builder-focused news coming from The Graph ecosystem from the past month.

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Topics for October 2023

  • Upgrade Indexer Announced
    • No Service Gap for subgraph updates on The Graph Network
    • Immediate Publishes
    • New Chains on The Graph Network
  • New Subgraph Features Released!
    • Major performance boost for Substreams-powered subgraphs
    • DataSourceContext in the manifest
    • `endblock` now available in the manifest
  • The Graph @ EthRome
  • Builders Office Hours Workshops
  • Participate in The Graph Ecosystem
    • Join The Graph BuildersDAO
    • Try The Graph Billing Subscription Beta Program

🌅 Upgrade Indexer Announced 🌅

With the announcement of the upgrade Indexer, builders will enjoy even more benefits when building on The Graph Network.

What is the upgrade Indexer?

The upgrade Indexer helps hosted service users upgrade their subgraphs to The Graph Network without experiencing service interruption. This Indexer will help bootstrap new chains onto the network and improve the experience of upgrading subgraphs from the hosted service by ensuring that there is an Indexer ready to serve queries right after a subgraph (or a new subgraph version) is published to the network.

Here are 3 key benefits for builders from the soon-to-be-available upgrade Indexer:

  • No Service Gap when Updating a Subgraph on The Graph Network

Previously, when a subgraph developer wanted to update their subgraph on The Graph Network, the updated subgraph needed time to index. While the new subgraph was being indexed, the deprecated subgraph would not have Indexers assigned to it, causing a gap in service. With the upgrade Indexer, any gaps in service will be removed because the upgrade Indexer keeps the old and new version synced.

  • Immediate Sync of Published Subgraphs is Possible

Before the upgrade Indexer, when a subgraph was published to The Graph Network, it would take some time to index on The Graph Network because the indexing responsibility transitioned from centralized infrastructure to decentralized infrastructure. That process is no more! The upgrade Indexer will pre-sync subgraphs deployed in Subgraph Studio, which means that when a subgraph is fully indexed in Subgraph Studio, it will also be fully indexed the second it is published to The Graph Network!

  • New Chains on The Graph Network

Today, the hosted service supports 40+ blockchain networks. The upgrade Indexer will expedite the integration of these chains from the hosted service onto The Graph Network. However, new chains supported by the upgrade Indexer will not immediately be eligible for indexing rewards. To enable indexing rewards, each chain must undergo governance via the Chain Integration Process.

Stay tuned for more announcements surrounding the upgrade Indexer.

🔼 New Subgraph Features 🔼

`graph-node 0.33.0` has a long list of new features that are now live on The Graph Network!

Here are a few exciting features for subgraph developers:

`DataSourceContext` In The Subgraph Manifest

Passing data from one handler to another handler while templating was previously possible in our subgraphs mappings through using Data Source Context, but now this feature is available in our `subgraph.yaml`!

This feature will be useful for templating chain-specific data in subgraphs that use the same codebase across multiple chains. Check it out!

name: Factory
network: mainnet
type: Bool
data: true
type: Int8
data: 64
type: BigDecimal
data: 10.99
type: Bytes
data: \"0x68656c6c6f\"
type: List
- type: Int
data: 1
- type: Int
data: 2
- type: Int
data: 3
type: BigInt
data: \"1000000000000000000000000\"
type: String
data: bar
data: \"bar\"
type: Int
data: 42

`endBlock` Defined in `subgraph.yaml`

When building a subgraph, we define the `startBlock` from which the subgraph begins its indexing. Now, we also have `endBlock` to refine our subgraphs focus to only a specific set of blocks! Give it a try once `graph-node` is updated in the `subgraph.yaml`!

address: '0x...'
abi: Contract
startBlock: 1000000
endBlock: 1500000

Major performance boost incoming Substreams-powered subgraphs

Significant performance improvements have been achieved for substreams-based subgraphs by moving substreams processing to the block.

Substreams-powered subgraphs published to The Graph Network are a key part improving the speed and unbreakable nature of decentralized indexing. Try building a Substreams-powered subgraph, then publish that Substreams-powered subgraph to The Graph Network to ensure your data pipeline is decentralized!

🏗️ The Graph @EthRome 🏗️

Builders assembled and built some incredible projects in Italy. Congratulations to the winners, and check out their submissions!

Best New Subgraph/Substream

🥇 Sharknado

🥈 Zola

🥉 Quo- Roma and GM ID

Best Use of Existing Subgraph/Substream

🥇 CarbonarAI

🥈 Bounty Arena

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The Graph Builders Office Hours - Thursdays 5pm UTC

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