The Graph at ETH Denver

Eva Beylin
February 5, 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

With the devs, busy hacking

Vying for financial backing,

working on bounties with cheer.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's that time of year again, Happy ETHDenver!

It's truly the most wonderful time of the year and The Graph is happy to be back at the 3rd ETHDenver, Feb 14-16 in Denver, Colorado.

ETH Denver is one of the most important and largest Ethereum events of the year because of the diversity of projects and developer calibre. The hackathon also falls on Denver Blockchain Week and is visited by hundreds of hackers from around the globe.

Some of the most used dApps were incepted or launched at ETHDenvers past, like PoolTogether, MolochDAO and Fortmatic. It has also been a testing ground for various products like Burner Wallet integrated with an xDAI chain for scalable point-of-sale payments to food trucks. The event also boasts excellent speakers like Andreas Antonopoulos, technical and cultural like those held at the MakerSpace and so much more.

The Graph at ETHDenver

ETHDenver matters to The Graph because it's where we meet our subgraph creators, help hackers improve their developer experience and build performant UIs, and share our vision for Web3.

This year we have a few goals to help developers get more familiar with subgraphs and better understand the value of a decentralized indexing and querying layer for dApp development. We're excited to support the dApp ecosystem to make it easier to build high-quality dApps on Ethereum.

Curation, Curation, Curation!

We at The Graph believe that The Path to Web3 includes creating products for communities to organize data collectively. Specifically, we're excited about curating registries of Projects, People, Blogs, Jobs and Events as these use cases are relevant to the crypto community today. For Web3 to be useful, we have to have real work coordinated on-chain. This means knowing what jobs need to be done, what skills are required to do them, and who has accomplished what in the past. The future of work may be built at hackathons like these.

If you're looking to build a curation dApp at ETHDenver, consider using a subgraph and working with us on it.

Build Subgraphs

Subgraphs make querying blockchain data more efficient, UIs more performant and devs teams more productive. By building and deploying a subgraph, you can define the data you'd like to index from Ethereum - instead of building a centralized server and indexer to manage your dApp's blockchain data. Subgraphs are useful for any dApps that need to query data, such as dashboards, registries, content apps, trading apps, wallets and more.

Learn about how to deploy a subgraph or run a Graph node by reading our docs.

Use Existing Subgraphs

Uniswap, Sablier, Betoken, Melonport and other DeFi apps have already deployed subgraphs that are being used natively to run their apps. There are over 1,000 community subgraphs that are open source and can be used by any dApp developer to query blockchain data.


If you're looking to build a dApp that integrates with existing Web3 protocols, check out Graph Explorer to find an existing subgraph that could be useful for your project. (...but if it's not there, build one! )

Stay in Touch

We'd love to hear from you throughout the hackathon!

Stop by The Graph booth at ETHDenver to learn more about how to build a subgraph, meet members of our team and to get some swag! Yaniv Tal, Eva Beylin, Martin Tellechea and Dave Kajpust will be around ETHDenver if you have questions about building subgraphs!

You can also join our community on Discord to chat with our engineers and learn more about The Graph. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates on our protocol development and partnerships.

We're Hiring!

If you're interested in contributing to The Graph, please reach out to us on our Discord or apply one of our open positions below:

  • UI Engineer
  • Smart Contract Engineer
  • Developer Relations

We're excited to continue building for Web3 and hope you can join us for the ride!