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Firehose is a new technology developed by StreamingFast working with The Graph Foundation. The product provides previously unseen capabilities and speeds for indexing blockchain data using a files-based and streaming-first approach.

The Graph merges into Go Ethereum/geth with the adoption of Live Tracer with v1.14.0 release.

Firehose extracts, transforms and saves blockchain data in a highly performant file-based strategy. Blockchain developers can then access data extracted by Firehose through binary data streams. Firehose is intended to stand as a replacement for The Graph’s original blockchain data extraction layer.

Firehose Documentation

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The Firehose documentation is currently maintained by the StreamingFast team on the StreamingFast website.

Getting Started

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  • Read this Firehose introduction to get an overview of what it is and why it was built.
  • Learn about the Prerequisites to install and deploy Firehose.

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Integrating New Networks
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