Graph Day

June 2, 2022San Francisco
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Change is in the air

Join the world’s brightest dreamers & doers for a full day focused on web3, dapps, protocols, and the future of the internet. Hear from leading protocol and dapp developers as they showcase how the web3 community is pioneering brand new forms of human coordination. Inspiration from action-oriented talks will follow you all day long into an energetic evening of celebration, as the future of the web3 stack is unveiled at the historic Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

June 2, 2022
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Graph Hack

A three-day hackathon will follow immediately afterwards, channeling Graph Day into action, as hackers collaborate to shape the future of web3.

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  • Photo of Alison McCauley

    Alison McCauley

    Chief Advocacy Officer Unfinished

  • Photo of Brandon Ramirez

    Brandon Ramirez

    Co-Founder of The Graph, Head of Research and Product, Edge & Node

  • Photo of Camila Ramos

    Camila Ramos

    Founder of STEMTank, DevRel Engineer, Edge & Node

  • Photo of Chjango


    Ecosystem Builder, Cosmos, dWeb Foundation

  • Photo of Chris Ewing

    Chris Ewing

    Graph Delegator & Graphtronauts Admin

  • Photo of Chris Wessels

    Chris Wessels

    Founder GraphOps

  • Photo of Derek Meyer

    Derek Meyer

    Founder DataNexus

  • Photo of Diana Chen

    Diana Chen

    Content Rehash DAO

  • Photo of Eric Tang

    Eric Tang

    Co-Founder & CTO Livepeer

  • Photo of Eva Beylin

    Eva Beylin

    Director The Graph Foundation

  • Photo of Jannis Pohlmann

    Jannis Pohlmann

    Co-Founder & Head of Engineering, Edge & Node

  • Photo of Jake Brukhman

    Jake Brukhman

    Founder & CEO CoinFund

  • Photo of Jeff Morris Jr

    Jeff Morris Jr

    Founder & Managing Partner, Chapter One

  • Photo of Joseph Al-Chami

    Joseph Al-Chami

    Product Manager Figment

  • Photo of Kevin Owocki

    Kevin Owocki

    Founder Gitcoin

  • Photo of Matt Leising

    Matt Leising

    Co-Founder DeCential Media

  • Photo of Mike Sall

    Mike Sall

    Co-Founder Goldfinch

  • Photo of Owen Fernau

    Owen Fernau

    Staff Reporter The Defiant

  • Photo of Rhys Lindmark

    Rhys Lindmark

    Founder Roote

  • Photo of Roneil Rumburg

    Roneil Rumburg

    Co-Founder & CEO Audius

  • Photo of Sam Green

    Sam Green

    Co-Founder & Head of Research, Semiotic Labs

  • Photo of Sam Kessler

    Sam Kessler

    Reporter Coindesk

  • Photo of Sara Reynolds

    Sara Reynolds

    Integrations Engineer Uniswap

  • Photo of Sebastian Siemssen

    Sebastian Siemssen

    Reporter Avantgarde Finance

  • Photo of Shira Lazar

    Shira Lazar

    CEO + On Camera Host What’s Trending

  • Photo of Tegan Kline

    Tegan Kline

    Co-Founder & Head of Business, Edge & Node

  • Photo of Uri Goldshtein

    Uri Goldshtein

    Founder The Guild

  • Photo of Zhen Cao

    Zhen Cao

    Partner Republic

  • Photo of Yaniv Tal

    Yaniv Tal

    Co-Founder of The Graph, CEO, Edge & Node

  • Photo of Zac Burns

    Zac Burns

    Research Lead Edge & Node


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