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Supported Networks

The Graph's Decentralized NetworkLink to this section

The following networks are supported on The Graph's Decentralized Network:

  • mainnet (Ethereum)
  • goerli*
  • optimism*
  • chapel*
  • gnosis*
  • matic*
  • fantom*
  • zksync2-testnet*
  • optimism-goerli*
  • clover*
  • fantom-testnet*
  • arbitrum-one*
  • arbitrum-goerli*
  • celo*
  • fuji*
  • avalanche*
  • celo-alfajores*
  • mumbai*
  • aurora-testnet*
  • base-testnet*
  • polygon-zkevm*
  • zksync-era*
  • sepolia*
  • near-testnet*
  • theta-testnet-001*
  • osmo-test-4*

*In beta.

Hosted ServiceLink to this section

The hosted service relies on the stability and reliability of the underlying technologies, namely the provided JSON RPC endpoints.

The following networks are supported in beta on the Hosted Service:

  • bsc
  • poa-sokol
  • poa-core
  • fuse
  • boba
  • moonbeam
  • moonriver
  • mbase
  • aurora
  • harmony
  • near-mainnet
  • cosmoshub-4
  • osmosis-1
  • arweave-mainnet

You will not be able to publish a subgraph that indexes a non-mainnet network to the decentralized Graph Network in Subgraph Studio.

Ropsten, Rinkeby and Kovan are being deprecated. Read more on the Ethereum Foundation Blog. As of Feb 25th 2023, Ropsten, Rinkeby and Kovan are no longer supported by the Hosted Service. Goerli will be maintained by client developers post-merge, and is also supported by the Hosted Service. Developers who currently use Ropsten, Rinkeby or Kovan as their staging/testing environment are encouraged to migrate to Goerli.

Subgraphs indexing Gnosis Chain can now be deployed with the gnosis network identifier. xdai is still supported for existing hosted service subgraphs.

For a full list of which features are supported on the decentralized network, see this page.

Graph NodeLink to this section

If your preferred network isn't support on The Graph's decentralized network, you can run your own Graph Node to index any EVM-compatible network. Make sure that the version you are using supports the network and you have the needed configuration.

Graph Node can also index other protocols, via a Firehose integration. Firehose integrations have been created for NEAR, Arweave and Cosmos-based networks.

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