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Managing your API keys

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Regardless of whether you’re a dapp developer or a subgraph developer, you’ll need to manage your API keys. This is important for you to be able to query subgraphs because API keys make sure the connections between application services are valid and authorized. This includes authenticating the end user and the device using the application.

The "API keys" table lists out existing API keys, which will give you the ability to manage or delete them. For each key, you can see its status, the cost for the current period, the spending limit for the current period, as well as total query numbers. You can click the "three dots" menu to edit a given API key:

  • Rename API key
  • Regenerate API key
  • Delete API key
  • Manage spending limit: this is an optional monthly spending limit for a given API key, in USD. This limit is per billing period (calendar month).

You can click on an individual API key to view the Details page:

  1. The Overview section will allow you to:
    • Edit your key name
    • Regenerate API keys
    • View the current usage of the API key with stats:
      • Number of queries
      • Amount of GRT spent
  2. Under Security, you’ll be able to opt into security settings depending on the level of control you’d like to have over your API keys. In this section, you can:
    • View and manage the domain names authorized to use your API key
    • Assign subgraphs that can be queried with your API key
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