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Querying The Graph

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When a subgraph is published to The Graph Network, you can visit its subgraph details page on Graph Explorer and use the "Playground" tab to explore the deployed GraphQL API for the subgraph, issuing queries and viewing the schema.

Please see the Query API for a complete reference on how to query the subgraph's entities. You can learn about GraphQL querying best practices here

Note: If you encounter 405 errors with a GET request to the Graph Explorer URL, please switch to a POST request instead.

Each subgraph published to The Graph Network has a unique query URL in Graph Explorer for making direct queries that you can find by navigating to the subgraph details page and clicking on the "Query" button on the top right corner.

Query Subgraph Pane

Learn more about querying from an application here.

As you can notice, this query URL must use a unique API key. You can create and manage your API keys in Subgraph Studio, in the "API Keys" section. Learn more about how to use Subgraph Studio here.

Subgraph Studio users start on a Free Plan, which allows them to make 100,000 queries per month. Additional queries are available on the Growth Plan, which offers usage based pricing for additional queries, payable by credit card, or GRT on Arbitrum. You can learn more about billing here.

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