The Graph Network’s Multichain Expansion: 40+ Chains Are Now Supported on The Network!

The Graph Network’s multichain expansion is here. Subgraph support on The Graph Network now includes over 40 of the most widely used blockchains. Thanks to recent technical improvements such as the upgrade Indexer, The Graph Network now supports widely-used chains and layer-2s including Base, Near, Scroll, and zkSync, while making it easier than ever for developers to upgrade subgraphs on previously supported chains such as Arbitrum, Avalanche Celo, Ethereum, Fantom, Gnosis, Optimism, Polygon, and more. Tens of thousands of developers building on the aforementioned chains can now leverage The Graph’s decentralized network for lower costs and speedy syncing times, joining the likes of prominent dapps Vela, Loopring, Snapshot, Art Blocks, and many others.

Leading Chains Now Supported: 40+ Total

As part of the Sunrise of Decentralized Data, support for new chains on the network is a major milestone in bringing the multichain vision of web3 to life. Newly-enabled chains across web3 are collaborating in support of The Graph ecosystem including:

  • Base: Incubated by Coinbase, Base is a Layer 2 solution designed to simplify development on Ethereum, making it more accessible for developers to scale their dapps. Start building subgraphs on Base.
  • NEAR: NEAR is the first non-EVM compatible chain supported on The Graph Network, paving the way for more to come in the future! Start building subgraphs on NEAR.
  • Scroll: Focused on delivering an efficient Ethereum Layer 2 experience, Scroll is known for high-speed transactions and cost reductions. Start building subgraphs on Scroll.
  • zkSync: Utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, zkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution that focuses on privacy and security, optimizing Ethereum transactions. Start building subgraphs on zkSync.

Existing chain ecosystems on The Graph Network have also collaborated in supporting the network’s multichain expansion. Developers across these chains can now begin querying The Graph Network virtually immediately after upgrading from the hosted service including:

  • Arbitrum: Enhancing Ethereum's capabilities with its Layer 2 scaling solution, Arbitrum focuses on low fees and high throughput while maintaining security. Start building subgraphs on Arbitrum.
  • Avalanche: Notable for its rapid transactions and eco-friendly approach, Avalanche is making strides in DeFi and enterprise blockchain solutions. Start building subgraphs on Avalanche.
  • Celo: Celo stands out with its mobile-first approach, aiming to increase accessibility and enhance user experiences in the digital economy. Start building subgraphs on Celo.
  • Fantom: Fantom distinguishes itself with a high-speed consensus mechanism, providing exceptional transaction speed and efficiency in dapp development. Start building subgraphs on Fantom.
  • Gnosis: Specializing in predictive market mechanisms, Gnosis offers a secure platform for a range of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Start building subgraphs on Gnosis.
  • OP Mainnet: Optimism serves as a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, offering swift transactions and reduced fees, ideal for scaling Ethereum applications. Start building subgraphs on OP Mainnet.
  • Polygon PoS: Offering Ethereum compatibility and enhanced scalability, Polygon PoS provides a versatile and developer-friendly multi-chain ecosystem. Start building subgraphs on Polygon PoS.

Builders across web3 are powering their dapps with subgraphs on The Graph (see full list of supported chains), gaining access to benefits including speedy syncing times, competitive quality of service, and the reliability of decentralized physical infrastructure. The Graph Network supports production-grade traffic for all chains – even those without indexing rewards enabled, thanks to the upgrade Indexer. Increased redundancy & even better quality of service for newly-enabled chains will be rendered by many more Indexers around the world by means of the Chain Integration Process (CIP).

Upgrade Your Subgraph Today

Join the forefront of decentralizing the web's data by building your subgraph on The Graph Network, now supporting over 40 leading chains like Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Polygon PoS. This is a unique opportunity to innovate, scale your dapp, and access blockchain data using a resilient and fault-tolerant system, capable of maintaining high-quality service without the common pitfalls of centralized systems. This offers many benefits for developers including speedy sync times, an impressive quality of service, and access to decentralized physical infrastructure!

Start building your subgraph or upgrade an existing one to be a pioneer at the forefront of the internet of the future.

Stay tuned for more upcoming releases elevating The Graph Network experience, such as a free query plan, an upgrade wizard, and more as part of the Sunrise of Decentralized Data.

About The Graph

The Graph is the source of data and information for the decentralized internet. As the original decentralized data marketplace that introduced and standardized subgraphs, The Graph has become web3’s method of indexing and accessing blockchain data. Since its launch in 2018, tens of thousands of developers have built subgraphs for dapps across 55+ blockchains - including  Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Polygon, Celo, Fantom, Gnosis, and Avalanche.

As demand for data in web3 continues to grow, The Graph enters a New Era with a more expansive vision including new data services and query languages, ensuring the decentralized protocol can serve any use case - now and into the future.

Discover more about how The Graph is shaping the future of decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) and stay connected with the community. Follow The Graph on X, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Medium. Join the community on The Graph’s Telegram, join technical discussions on The Graph’s Discord.

The Graph Foundation oversees The Graph Network. The Graph Foundation is overseen by the Technical Council. Edge & Node, StreamingFast, Semiotic Labs, The Guild, Messari, GraphOps, Pinax and Geo are eight of the many organizations within The Graph ecosystem.

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March 14, 2024

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